Consciousness Transfer or False Light Reality

Time is drawn through a system that stitches the consciousness of both sides of the equation together as one.

The human consciousness is capable of maintaining awareness through a nexus point that is the pinnacle center of an 8 pointed triangulation system acting as an informational relay for the consciousness that is ankered on Earth.

This is a process that must be completed otherwise the result is not a half stitched together soul fabric of reality and time, it’s nothing complete like half-born consciousness. In other words, this may be the fight for life over death, for those who don’t complete the full coming to self-awareness by overcoming all obstacles on the boundary of the true self may never because they may not have another chance such as this unique situation here.

In another way it’s as if humanity has entered into a selective reincarnation and system-wide resurrection system which matches consciousness memories from holographic storage systems and quantum decoders and the soul transferred through a gateway. The only way to be properly read by that system is to tell the truth in life. If you share accountability or choose to not accept full accountability and control over your reality, then this will introduce into the system the error that something else is operating as your primary controlling factor. In essence, that is delusional, from a healthy point of view and that error is not capable of transferring one’s information into a quantum relay that is bridging one frame of reference to the next.

This is non-linear transition, this occurs when the conscious mind of the mortal body gains access to the superconsciousness of the non-linear accrual of information on the soul-layer or quantum layer. The soul is the bio-mind and a set of memories stored in a holographic information format. The coherency of the memory in storage depends on the consistency and clarity of the medium the information is stored on.

This means there is no loss, but there is only one try. It’s confusing at first but the nature of life here operates as a quantum function. You could travel to the future before you get there, try out a bunch of options that may or may not work and ascertain real information that could increase your chances of success. Essentially, the system can be cheated and mapped if you will. However this is not the point or the result of the process. The system feels as real as a reality is, however there are glitches and there were detrimental glitches at first which shaped the nature of this reality as a result of our level of consciousness advancement and misuse of technology and manipulation.

The edges of reality, the parts that are reflective of the extremes do not ever actually exist. They are not for experience. They are the invisible confines or parameters of consciousness that must theoretically be possible in order for the spectral middle ground to come about, but could actually have a purpose in the system because the power of that one characteristic extreme would overshadow everything else.

What can happen is that the entire system increases in power-levels and now what would be inconceivable at a previous level is common in the level above. Apparently there are 7 power levels and energy separations that occur within the modified system itself and these are like ascending or descending gateways into or out of virtual time space and the physical Earth reality. An interesting note is that this can potentially parallel and communicate by reading or interacting with the non-physical Earth reality of souls and organically stored consciousness. The two systems are compatible for the time being but this will change when the next energy level increases and the two systems will move out of phase permanently. One system is not advancing fast enough to stay in synchronization. It is not clear whether it will fall out of sync into oblivion, whether the ‘secret groups’ are using this as a ploy to enter the people into a false reality (if they would need permission), or whether this is just the removal of the false reality and the unveiling of the single true reality.

The whole system becomes life then, there is no concept of death because it’s experienced, on each side, as the transfer of one’s self to the other side. If this requires technology that is fallible then this may be doomed to failure or loss of soul congruence. If this is a natural process that is taking place due to one or more environmental and primarily consciousness (through a quantum temporal grid-structure) variables changing in a way to initiate a system-wide increase in self-awareness then this is the return of what people considered to be advanced beings, god-women and men, instantaneous schools of higher consciousness forming as sub-cultures do, advanced technology and so on.

There is something important to think of in regards to ancient soul experiments, the truth of manipulation, genetic destruction and soul-sealing, the “War of Heaven and Earth”, the fallen DNA templates and hybrid races, the dark practices and energy and consciousness harvesting and so on. I have written of these in previous texts.

4 thoughts on “Consciousness Transfer or False Light Reality

  1. bravo bravo.Ciò significa che non c’è perdita, ma c’è solo una prova.non tu oggi decidi di non riforniti di caffe’ cioccolato o altro(la vostra economia energetica invertita che io non ho per esempio essendo autosufficente ma spugnato) solo il tuo corpo ne soffre ma il risultato il fattore non cambia il totale :tu evolvi comunque su energie magnetiche pure.bravo ,spettacolo.non consiglio :l’inversione umana va correta dopo la morte.per gli angelici e’ diverso.l’entropia e’ la prima falsita’ raccontata, modo di dire su alcyone


  2. When you have a doubt, when that second voice inside tries to lead you away from why you’re here and what you’re doing…use the inner fire and push through. Wyatt Earp “Tell them I’m coming, and Hell is coming with me!”

    I Didn’t Come This Far To Only Come This Far (Motivational Video)


  3. Was anchored intentionally misspelled as ankered? Reminds me of the ankh. Ankh being like an unraveled 8. 8 has been my favourite number and I have all 8s in my birthday. A nexus of realities. Makes sense as to why I’ve felt drawn to it. “And the truth shall set you free”. The truth vibration. I haven’t lied in many years. It does come off that people don’t like what I say and get “offended” but I enjoy that. No guilt in my heart. Only the pain of what has happened here.


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