The Quantum (Non)Creation Experiment and Inverted Time

The farthest reach of this civilization, although technically not this civilization, could live one universe at a time, a whole one every time and one for all of time.

What if we have time perceptually inverted and outside this reality is before the beginning of now. What if each society extends from a parallel and highly advanced universal level society of minds that are streaming through a quantum relay to project themselves into a virtual system that either resets at the end of the pathway or 5-D prints into history as the ancestral component of a communal memory and collective experience system upon completion of the process.

Imagine this could all be done because the information can be accrued from time as genetic entanglement and dimensional lensing within an artificial neural network however this still requires a conscious soul to power the program and play out the events as a reality while holding consistent frequency to maintain coherence on the other side of the envelope that closes out that bubble of distorted time.

The temporal inversion is possible if there is a relay system that is filtering and reordering perceptions and feeding us only the ‘inverted’ face of the stream while using that momentarily delay between the relay system and our awareness to quickly invert, distort, encrypt or blend information to generate a parallel stream that takes place in what we consider a specific ‘order’. For this to occur, the entire stream would have to be altered at once and so this is possible with a quantum method to entrain the mind to only perceive the shifted and flipped version so that backwards and edited seems like continuous, albeit wavy (fast and slow, up and down emotively) different moments happening one after another.

The eventual conclusion is that de ja vu is the natural state of reality and the distortion is the fact that we don’t naturally remember the future, even though each moment is a reflection of the future and the past combined. That side of the processing function, that hidden memory is partially genetic memory of each of the major events that shaped the civilization as well as functions of the mind that operate on hidden biology that is capable of interacting on a quantum information matrix and so the amount of information and the source of the information can seemingly reflect aspects of every other aspect of it’s reality. On that level, DNA contains the information of experiences of each being on that branch. This is accessible to the user through phenomenal yet entirely controllable means of emotional resonance, however I won’t advise trusting anything at this point. With technology, the future experiences of that system can be ascertained by relaying the information to and from a non-local field to map it’s trajectory in real-time, across time.

10 thoughts on “The Quantum (Non)Creation Experiment and Inverted Time

  1. The fall of Atlantis was no different. As the same dark shadows overshadow and possess more and more people the divide between true and false light humans here and demonic/alien/extradimensional controllers will widen until it’ll lead to a major “civil war”…civil war only because the shells are human, but the ones driving the shells can be many. It’s an expression of the war from above as En.Ki Lucifer’s army lowers themselves down and takes on host shells to hide in as they flee the fire. More and more like scenes out of “the Twilight Zone” show. This world is falling apart…major natural and man made catastrophes and it’s only getting worse. The death rate will increase as the clearing intensifies. Even True light beings will not leave without leaving the shell behind first.


    1. Emerald Tablets

      Speak I of Ancient Atlantis,
      speak of the days
      of the Kingdom of Shadows,
      speak of the coming
      of the children of shadows.
      Out of the great deep were they called
      by the wisdom of earth-men,
      called for the purpose of gaining great power.
      Far in the past before Atlantis existed,
      men there were who delved into darkness,
      using dark magic, calling up beings
      from the great deep below us.
      Forth came they into this cycle.
      Formless were they of another vibration,
      existing unseen by the children of earth-men.
      Only through blood could they have formed being.
      Only through man could they live in the world.
      In ages past were they conquered by Masters,
      driven below to the place whence they came.
      But some there were who remained,
      hidden in spaces and planes unknown to man.
      Lived they in Atlantis as shadows,
      but at times they appeared among men.
      Aye, when the blood was offered,
      for they came they to dwell among men.
      In the form of man they amongst us,
      but only to sight were they as are men.
      Serpent-headed when the glamour was lifted
      but appearing to man as men among men.
      Crept they into the Councils,
      taking forms that were like unto men.
      Slaying by their arts
      the chiefs of the kingdoms,
      taking their form and ruling o’er man.
      Only by magic could they be discovered.
      Only by sound could their faces be seen.
      Sought they from the Kingdom of shadows
      to destroy man and rule in his place.
      But, know ye, the Masters were mighty in magic,
      able to lift the Veil from the face of the serpent,
      able to send him back to his place.
      Came they to man and taught him the secret,
      the WORD that only a man can pronounce.
      Swift then they lifted the Veil from the serpent
      and cast him forth from the place among men.
      Yet, beware, the serpent still liveth
      in a place that is open at times to the world.
      Unseen they walk among thee
      in places where the rites have been said.
      Again as time passes onward
      shall they take the semblance of men.


  2. Take note of the recent mention I gave in which Lujan Matus is speaking about ” Dark Matter.”
    This will be Correlative as all my intel on all matters…..
    [audio src="" /]


  3. A video for my fellow warriors of the one True Light. Look beyond the music and let the words speak to the fire within. Focus. Raise your energy.

    Disturbed – What Are You Waiting For

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  4. I was thinking. What if it’s not the human shell that is the limitation to see the 4% universe and not the other 96%…but the limitation of the spaceship EArth we are travelling in that has the limitation to produce anything beyond the 4% spectrum and when we do see beyond it is due to faulty glitches and/or tapping into our hidden inner divine self. Everyone always assumes that we see what is projected to us from the outside, but as we project the trap from our inner beliefs, like a star trek holo deck, the limitations of what we project is only to those frequency ranges allowed by the program or it can only handle those ranges as it itself is a limited false construct. As you said, the energy barrier is really just the wall of the containment grid. This holo deck derives the power source from our inner spirit and spark as we creatively keep it going forward by input and it’s not powered by the machine itself. In essence if everyone woke up tomorrow and reconnected with their inner higher selves they’d be free. As they’re being stubborn and as the holo creatures/false beings keep trying to stop the awakening…this place will be unplugged by force.

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  5. Hello Aug, another soft-disclosure about us being in a “virtual reality” system is the tv series “Reverie.” People who go into this highly advanced virtual reality simulation, get lost and have to be “retrieved.” But, the retrieval has to be the “lost” persons decision when found to exit the “Matrix.” Emotional, mental, and psychological issues surface during these simulations. It will wake people up to the possibilities of “what if.”


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