Transdimensional Relay and Inverted Time-Space

The farthest reach of this civilization, although technically not this civilization, could live one universe at a time, a whole one every time and one for all of time.

What if we have time perceptually inverted and outside this reality is before the beginning of now. What if each society extends from a parallel and highly advanced universal level society of minds that are streaming through a quantum relay to project themselves into a virtual system that either resets at the end of the pathway or 5-D prints into history as the ancestral component of a communal memory and collective experience system upon completion of the process.

Imagine this could all be done because the information can be accrued from time as genetic entanglement and dimensional lensing within an artificial neural network however this still requires a conscious soul to power the program and play out the events as a reality while holding consistent frequency to maintain coherence on the other side of the envelope that closes out that bubble of distorted time.

The temporal inversion is possible if there is a relay system that is filtering and reordering perceptions and feeding us only the ‘inverted’ face of the stream while using that momentarily delay between the relay system and our awareness to quickly invert, distort, encrypt or blend information to generate a parallel stream that takes place in what we consider a specific ‘order’. For this to occur, the entire stream would have to be altered at once and so this is possible with a quantum method to entrain the mind to only perceive the shifted and flipped version so that backwards and edited seems like continuous, albeit wavy (fast and slow, up and down emotively) different moments happening one after another.

The eventual conclusion is that de ja vu is the natural state of reality and the distortion is the fact that we don’t naturally remember the future, even though each moment is a reflection of the future and the past combined. That side of the processing function, that hidden memory is partially genetic memory of each of the major events that shaped the civilization as well as functions of the mind that operate on hidden biology that is capable of interacting on a quantum information matrix and so the amount of information and the source of the information can seemingly reflect aspects of every other aspect of it’s reality. On that level, DNA contains the information of experiences of each being on that branch. This is accessible to the user through phenomenal yet entirely controllable means of emotional resonance, however I won’t advise trusting anything at this point. With technology, the future experiences of that system can be ascertained by relaying the information to and from a non-local field to map it’s trajectory in real-time, across time.

2 thoughts on “Transdimensional Relay and Inverted Time-Space

  1. To understand the nature of what your talking about, it’s impossible to separate civilizations by anything other than next generations because everything is is. The only difference between the perception of it and the perception of perception of it and controlled roles of perception that can be used to control perception of experiences which is the controlled experiences that creates controlled experiences and controllable behaviors and thought processes by restructuring how we think about things, other wise the experiences generated from the discernment is catalysted into chaotic states which one is able to be controlled more easily by malleable states of being . The awareness of how it looks to be controlled and how it is as actuality to be controlled is what will paradoxically save us from being controlled by this method

    The now does not exist the the mind or perception fractal breaks as thought process are because of perception being altered based on free will and the now moment being disguised as perception or intentional traps to create the perception of channeled energy and experiences directly from within the mind to trap and confine one to control them by these methods in sequencing processes that are our perception


    1. Correction: time only exists to create by definition generational relationships between time and experiences of perception of time

      Next generations are not the only way but yet our perception of time can be considered self perceived by our reality measured with time
      That changes the perception experiences as mind

      I apologize for any confusion


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