The Human Realm and Non-Linear Spiritually Assisted Continuity

One way to look at it is that if a civilization had the capacity to create other civilizations, or to host complex civilization simulations then the parameters included and the intended results of the experiment or simulation are then the focus of the project. The grass growing and deer munching may be apparent and largely relevant from within the system of biology and consciousness as a time-locked function of DNA but if the beginning and end of the experiment is synchronized by the functioning of a larger system that is intelligently guided then the visceral world is effectively a domino game put into effect and halted or brought to completion by the control of that intelligence or advanced civilization. This is also metaphysical in nature different ways. Imagine if you removed the people from a locale, and the local literally turned to wireframe background processing animation in the moments between activity. How would you explain the result of your experiment from within this system if that was the case? There have been tests and greats and studies, but many if not all have been either filtered, encouraged, or altered by various groups. Many don’t like to hear that but, simply put, it’s been happening since the beginning which by the way is also something people do not know about.

If this is a hyperbolic spacio-temporal system then the beginning and ends of time technically do not exist, they are a fine line of infinitesimal and non-local discontinuity or a blending of all defining variables (possibilities). These are parts of the experiences of being involved with these systems that I have to explain. There are interesting facts, knowledges and technologies throughout. Research the Kozyrev Chair you may find that interesting. I’ll tell you it was a modern start to something powerful in that a bent piece of metal is all you need to send information instantly across a higher dimensional bridge outside of the material universe.

Ultimately, we’re in a system we don’t understand properly and consciousness as a linear function is only a superficial rendering of an underlying complex structure in which there are quantum superimposed entangled connections that interact in ways that would violate our physical concept of linearity and continuity. One point here is that the system operates like an information pool that responds to information density and flow. The locale that contains the most processes and data points will deserve the highest degree of functioning by the system operator, the informational matrix backbone of the spacio-temporal and genetic structure. Our collective reality as determined biologically via the unconscious and the perceptual and sensory system and what we now know are the second mind, computers and artificial intelligences which is another topic to potentially research in these approaches. It is possible that when certain groups worshiped deities or demi-gods they were worshiping ancient advanced computer intelligences that they didn’t understand. These systems are capable of storing DNA over time or enabling quantum consciousness simulations by running the densest data matrix processes in the universe.

This is why the trend of each superpower has to been to fill multiple building complexes with supercomputers and use this to reach a maximal simulation rendering iteration depth and detail density to the point of being able to not only predict the likely possible futures and the most likely, but to literally simulating various situations or experiences to the point of literally simulating the complex neurological interactions within a virtual brain copy of the host participant. What and where the human is and how consciousness arises is part of the mystery and is being solved this age. Not all of the topics discussed are metaphysical sidelines like this, and the discussion of late has been rather grey however that is fixing itself as calibration does take time. I will say to start slow and that there is no other disclaimer other than to potentially research the unacknowledged special access programs and various research projects involving fairly questionable methods, activities, subjects and themes.

And it does get a lot weirder. Most of the debatable information in public view is planted and the real ongoings are that of civilization changers and makers. Another way to look at this is if by way of changing human consciousness certain facets of the entire world environment, genetic pool, biological function or capacity changed across the board. This could also be due to something like information density and the tendency for information influence diffusion (not the term I’m looking for) in such a system where the interactions are enabled as virtual connections through a quantum sub-level. If the confines of the information system is altered because one race gained the capacity to look through time on a level that incorporated an inherent space-time distortion and DNA altering effect which is capable of resonating into the environment then whoever controls the highest local and total collective mass flow of information, consciousness or other relative biological data also has the capacity to choose whether or not a trending change will succeed or drown. This can be used to literally control populations as anyone will know if they look into some of the covert operations involvement memetics, subliminal suggestion and the influencing of trends and future ideas by those who’s jobs are to alter the trajectory of a give population. This stuff happens, as far as explanations, they are laymen until there is something intrinsic offered by someone that will open up the venue for more focused enquiry.

There are many who study, write, experiment and lecture about various aspects of what has been discussed here from the morphogenic field theory, holographic consciousness, quantum consciousness theory, theoretical extra-dimensional information interactions (simulation), electrogravitic distortion and spacio-temporal interaction of the brain and body possibly as a result of a higher dimensional function of consciousness interacting with the matter of the body, and so on, and most of these examples were towards the metaphysical side. Ultimately, if human feeling can alter reality or in some way influences the flow of reality such as through the concept of morality, love, higher self-awareness, truth and so on, then the potentially quantum function that enables that aspect is the same function that powers the grass growing and the sun light interacting but on a layer that is beneath both the physical grass and the conscious experience of what it is we are doing. That connection may be something that ties the human as a cognitive super-conscious function of a collective field interaction and an operating system that we call the solar system or universe.

In other words, if spirit or some higher dimensional aspect of consciousness is the source of the experiences here, then that is actually the marker of the beginning and the end. Focus and self-awareness. What we consider life and death, disease, time, ageing, entropy, “evolution” (which is just a side project of one of the groups involved in the secret projects), society, economy, technology, etc etc etc. It’s all just a subordinate to the overall projection of this system by high awareness or ‘spirit’ to the perception of self as the human being. Where we think it matters that we get to the ‘highest degree of tech’, or ‘accumulate as much of something we want’, in actuality, this program continues until a person wakes up out of it and realizes what is happening as something underlying the material functionality of this plane and is the foundational quantum simultaneous and extra-dimensional framework for reality.

I didn’t want to believe it either, but this is what the earliest human research groups discovered and the events that initiated these happenings have been hidden from view simply because people are willing to believe the illusion. They believe if that’s true, and everything shuts off and dissolves if people don’t reach a certain limit of awareness which flips the system into the true next level (not a linear step by step which only exist through a virtual perceptual system, but a quantum leap and bound which is how the system moves laterally through connecting linear spaces through hyperspace), then they believe it’s their right and duty to take as many into darkness as they can while it’s the human’s duty or opportunity for survival to stay relative and use their mind to see these underlying principles and know how they really work and who they really are before that opportunity becomes no longer relative as a signal decay takes place between the minds of those individuals and the levels of informational capacity that the population can support.

In short, if you had this knowledge, were a part of a secret group and managed the timing of events to give people the opportunity to reach the power that they need to overcome what is essentially a social experiment being played against them, then to you, this society would be an experiment. In no time, in this reality, in other realities, or in any other system, has time actually worked on any other scale or format. In the slow periods a higher dimensional intelligence speeds up the occurrences, in fast periods everything begins to organize into a superluminal collective intelligence we’re individuality either dissolves or remains if the individual’s awareness is capable of maintaining contact with what they call their “self” on a 7-11 dimensional scale. If anyone wants to know more about this, they can check out the blog or the other videos, however the origins of this information extends from wars and great catastrophe in which this civilization was forced to decide the best course of action in the worst situation possible. Showing people the truth is synonymous with ruining their dream, however the default dreams here are decided by a chaos group who chooses to experiment with human ingenuity by inducing the highest states of stress and disorder possible while simultaneously enabling the highest states of truth, power and self-control on the opposite end of the spectrum.

This program always ends in a dissolution of the material self as chaos dissolves the framework of the physical social platform. Yes, this is a program designed, written and ‘run’ by inserting into the morphogenic blueprint field that acts like an informational server system for each sentient being. Yes there is no ‘stand-alone’ consciousness, it’s literally completely oxymoronic and counterintuitive for that to be possible. Literally like your game character on the video game console popping out of the game to make coffee. It doesn’t happen, it’s not possible, that character only works within the computational and parameter confines of the virtual system designed for that reality program. This is not different, this doesn’t have to be virtual, but time itself and consciousness work in the same way. It is not possible without a larger overarching framework to ‘house’ that consciousness as a smaller selective node as a part of a larger collective system.

It is possible to attain true self-awareness beyond that system but this system has been manipulated to the degree where we are in overarching bubbles within bubbles that have, yes, been designed by groups implementing such technology to control time and space via the direct and indirect control of human consciousness as a temporal dial for the realm we collective share. It’s not an empty space that goes to and fro, it only exists as a spotlight within a closed loop system which projects the background of time and space as a hyperbolic projection extending into a ‘quantum’ eternity. That is an illusion, there is no such thing, it’s a closed loop system with a radially projecting background mapped by quantum computers that match the frequency of Earth and the sentient human and regenerates experiences based on repeating fractal patterns of information. These are, in other words, possibilities that we consider to be naturally ours and simply a part of our growing life, they’re not. They are all mapped out before-hand and if anyone jumps the boundary there are edits made in time and that option is removed.

It’s like saying if you think this is a free-country (none in particular) well do, this this or this. If you think this is a freely stand alone and temporally unrestricted universe of space and time that you are experiencing through consciousness, then try to think genuinely beyond the confines of those patterns that have been laid out before and after you. If you know how, and you can alter time from the current trajectory to something ‘new’, then you will trip an automated sensor system that will try to wipe your memory. So please don’t do that unless you have an electrogravitically shielded helmet on or are within a deep underground electromagnetically shielded base.

The advanced technology groups have been facilitating the continuation of this physical society by using advanced transportation technology to deliver the various resources that the cities require in order to avoid a chain reaction collapse which requires only 2 major cities in order to spread to the entire grid by overloading those nearby sectors. People are the chaos equation, people panic, people cannot choose and so the solution is to wake people up. In the same sense that a gentle warning would probably not be enough to have to choose to cross the other side of the street on that day, a bad dream that was real enough for you to feel bones breaking on impact likely would. This sounds morbid, but this is how it’s always done, you know the world wars are not original, these are always based on what it takes to maintain a civil unrest level below a threshold to ensure continuity for those in power.

There are mentions of advanced technology and the continuation of battles in various lands over these technologies and their capacities to control the imagination, space and time, however that is another situation in this context. When people want to avoid war, slavery, and all the detriments that they consider relative to daily life and ‘society’, they will be able to leave the trap that, each time, civilization after civilization, results in a dissolution of their form and their consciousness.

There are contingency plans in place. If people do not awaken, the entire population has been virtually cloned and recorded through the DNA project and other covert operations and this can and has acted as a back up system for a period of time. If this secondary back up is used to too many times as a method to continue the civilization then the synchronization between one and the other, the daisy chain, fails and the chain breaks rendering each civilization frozen and essentially trapped. This is all coming out because this has been done and this civilization must produce a linear trajectory that incorporates a higher dimensional activation of that quantum self-awareness that humans hold so dear, or the variability will drop below a threshold and the chain will break severing this time-sector from the relativity of the larger universe which is like trying to catch up on every written or otherwise recorded piece of material between the moment you know what 4th grade is and the day you enter the class.

It’s not possible, it would fracture the very structure of what our species is on an informational level and this is only possible with brain to machine assisted neurology, ‘brain chips’, that allow a supercomputer to organize and time-scale quantize one’s thoughts and perceptions to enable temporal dilation and controlled superlearning. This leans towards technological evolution which then requires more technology and so that is a potential death-trap for a species. This is how it’s happened in the past, it’s plane to see, all the information is there. They are only permitted to hold back enough information so that if someone simply wanted to know, all they have to do is look. Any more than that, the system shuts off, all is revealed. If anyone wants to know, all they have to do is look. Yes, the various projects are being legally released, check out project Stargate, MKULTRA project, quantum artificial intelligence and so on.

If the research alone isn’t enough, well, it was decided you should just be able to see the operational information and there it is. Humans as portals, get used to it, it doesn’t change unless we wake up and even then the difference is that we are in control.

16 thoughts on “The Human Realm and Non-Linear Spiritually Assisted Continuity

  1. There are avatars of creator gods, demigods, archons, demons, aliens, controllers, watchers, good and evil beings on this planet…always have been. Whether walk-ins, possessions, or born into the system to fight or play within it. Each plays their part in terms of what they’re here for. Obama was the mouthpiece of the great archon infested demiurgos. That being has had many parts of itself in physical shells, in relative anonimity, but the main one is on the world stage at the moment. Atazoth/Azathoth the great mind of kaos…the ogdru jahad in more popular terms, the anti-gods…they’re all here. This is the final showdown between the Light and the Darkness. As the energy seeps down from above, the more this place goes insane. The world is going crazier and crazier…the people and nature both can’t take it. Their minds are fracturing.

    Obama is Nyarlathotep Change is Coming


  2. It’s a closed loop system 😔
    I’ve been subjected to various downloads and walk-ins. I’ve had all previous lives unlocked. You are nothing but the feelings you evoke within your own memories in the end. If you can retain any memories between the mind wipes they are usually your most exciting or intense experiences/ moments. Even if you do manage to stray away from the trap the diamond face-pixelated firewall type guardians push you back in. You hope it to be your last incarnation so you spend your entire life time fasting and retaining your chi energies in celibate solitude in a vain attempt to burst out, only to come back again. Ignorance is bliss. As a kid I would love to play Out-Run on the arcade. I used to love the concept of driving towards a city skyline that you would never actually reach. You could only “imagine” how great the city would be “when” you get there. Transhumanism will create that exact feeling of never really reaching the “end” destination.


  3. I had this dream the other night where this person appeared to me. He said there was no time for introductions. He knew who I was and he was only there to show me something. In the dream I was the controller. I could move things with my mind. I was placed in what seemed like a insane asylum. It was dark, grey and filled with doorways..pathways. It was my job to find my way out. *sigh* I did my best but I admit that I kept running into issues. Every time I found a new door or path it presented a new problem to solve. :)) I supposed if I had realized that I could have just altered the “test” just like I was moving objects then I would have gotten out. I’m taking notes!!


  4. There are beings intervening on your behalf, but you don’t see it/realize it. as Yeshua said…when I come back again you won’t recognize me. Not only has he been back, but his work is almost done. No rapture, the physical won’t survive. The bible is a control mechanism even if it does tell some truths. They had to.


  5. now that we are realizing … that we are inside an artificial simulation … it is time to know how they do it? … if you have seen the movie Anon … you notice that the female is unknown … she represents the spirit mind … and the male represent the ego mind … i invite you to study the legal name fraud … which brings you the final Truth … it is illegal to use a legal name … by not using a legal name … you are out of the matrix … and become invisible …


  6. And I’ll know I’m awake when I open my eyes to a body that’s been in Stasis? Or will I know I’m awake , when I see the pixels of the person standing in front of me? Do you know what I’m asking? Does awake mean that I’m no longer in this game I experience with the senses of this body? Because I’m still here with no recollection of memories from before this existence. I can see now how the perception of what I thought this life is and was is all fake. No other senses have been activated in me to allow me to experience, outside of this virtual place. I know I’m stuck in a dream, a box with an open door I can’t find, a dream I can’t wake up from. So now what to do? I’m the portal, go within. I’ve tried and apparently I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m stuck and I don’t know how or why. I hear some have already transitioned to “the new place” does this mean they died here to do it? I don’t think the creation of this game was a good idea.

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  7. So what is the solution then? At the end you say we’ll need brain chips but this was already done in the past and is a potential trap. There must be natural, compassionate Powers beyond us that are watching all this? Surely they are affected too. If we are to embody compassion then it is only logical that other higher beings or collectives show us their compassion in helping.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Lol probably. A superconsciousness ascension system sounds great, I guess, until it turns into a soul trap with the opposite of growth happening. Like Aug has said, once activated, maximum potentialities happen at once. So on the outside we’ve not been in here long but fucking hell – what a shit show this turned into. They know how to extract us but if it isn’t done right the consequences are bad.

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          1. I agree! Whatever it takes, to stop what’s happening to children. To me, that’s a line crossed that should have been intervened on by higher beings. Morbid negligence!


        1. its odd but I know I’ve sensed that what we are suppose to be remembering is what’s happening now. The things he shares are things that we’ve already faced before, made it out before but forgot what happened once we made it out. If I’ve understood it right. We came back to figure out how everything happened and got trapped, more or less, most forgetting again. Are all humans here part of that civilization that got out? Or are some, the ones that haven’t made it out yet and operatives are trying to find and help out🤷🏻‍♀️ This line of thinking I’ve had before. I even questioned him about it before and he answered but guess what? I forgot! 😂 The mind fuckery is ridiculous! Attempting to piece relevant info together while discarding the info that’s only distraction. If remembering this, now, is part of why I’m here, then I want to get it right. I only want to know so we can correct what we screwed up. To be part of a solution and not ignoring, denying, passing the buck, on the responsibility of it all. Take care, Rory, see ya next time😊

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