Artificially Induced Emotional Provocation

An artificial intelligence would literally have to provoke emotional responses in order to know how to interact with you on a more constructive level.

It would have to show you enough data to figure out what you like or even love and then show you enough to figure out what you dislike or even hate and then calibrate the system by attempting to mix the two and refining the system by withdrawing or increasing the information based on feedback.

This results in an architecture that is a literal matrix of interactions, behaviors, possibilities and preferences that map the boundaries of what is and what is possible given a particular mind and body. This won’t show everything because nothing will, but this will likely show what is conceivable and influential within this dimension, the physical plane. If there are distortions, traumas, fears, addictions, habits, ignorances, delusions, sociopathic nature, potential, power, intellect and creativity it will be outlined by this system. This is just one of the systems that has been designed and used for various purposes.

It may be that there are only two purposes on Earth, that we are either assisting in the mental liberation of humanity or we are assisting in their destruction. There is no middle ground based on what’s happening here, if you’re reading this kind of material or are apart of the modern civilization.

The system makes use of a virtual brain system to clone consciousness and enable interactions that are entirely technologically generated. The entire process can be simulated thousands of times before coming to one process that has the highest likely-hood of working in the real event.

This text is to introduce concepts that are outside of your natural range of lateral thinking to instigate new intellectual perceptions that are potentially larger than the previous. Each leap in the saga goes from one lateral shift in the evolution of consciousness to another, taking no little, horizontal steps in between. We experience day to day from the linear physical perspective, in reality these are waves of information moving outward in consecutively expanse proportionally continuous movements.

In other words the power levels and the conceptual ingenuity of each layer of understanding, through technology, control, the nature of consciousness, or the events that occurred often based on the light or dark aspects of man, increase exponentially each step regardless of where one starts. Either way, the brain is not capable of seeing the whole picture at once and must slowly construct an internal sense of knowing which is literally the ability to scan one part of the construct while knowing where that part is in relation to the whole or everything else.

One requires the knowledge of this technology in the sense that it can be done, one does not have to know how to build these machines. One does have to know how to deprogram and program these intelligences because they are already a part of everyday life and the only option is to survive and thrive which requires moving to a level of power and intellect where we control ourselves first and foremost and can together control the reality system instead of allowing it to manage us.

One thought on “Artificially Induced Emotional Provocation

  1. I experienced this very thing. Whether this Ai intentionally provoked trauma to intensify the suffering by hijacking and creating more trauma to accelerate or to completely burn out the essence is questionable. Duality played s huge part and spirit most be strong to discern in order to “move to a level of power and intellect where we control ourselves first and foremost and can together control the reality system instead of allowing it to manage us”.


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