Electrogravitic Fly Bio-Mechanics

SOLVED: A structure called HALTERES were buzzing just beneath the flys wings! They are essential for flight and act as the crystals do in our ears!

I believe these are the true flight mechanisms, not the wings. The wings are just for steering. Watch the videos on this link and you can see that the wings are just for steering. This may be the technology used for UFOs. If they mimicked the halters, they could produced hovering flight at high speeds with little energy.

Everything is VIBRATION. Most flies vibrate their halters at 180 degrees to their wings. SOUNDS LIKE A GYROSCOPE EFFECT to me. I may cover this in a video but wanted you guys to know we were not all going crazy.


The moral of the story here is that science told us that it was the wings and flapping of those wings in the air that caused the buzzing sound in flies. And that is simply not true. The vibration of the Halteres makes just as much, if not all the noise, as demonstrated in the video. Some images of the crystal filled halteres: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Tipula_Halter.jpg

What else is not true?

3 thoughts on “Electrogravitic Fly Bio-Mechanics

  1. Hello Aug, I have noticed the theme in some movies of “anti-gravity.” For example, “Dr. Strange,” “Independence Day,” Iron Man 3,” Interstellar,” and a movie called “Upside Down.” It seems we are conditioned to realize that “gravity” as it exists is not real but it is in our consciousness as so. When the expansion of “awareness” of who, what and why we are here is known, gravity with be a non-truth. If a society or culture accepts an idea or concept as truth, then it becomes their truth. Sending you best wishes for your day.


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