You are Being Warned and Informed

1. Child’s Mind Used for Interdimensional Process
1. Demonic Imprinting
2. Psyching Driving
3. Telepathy
4. Hive Collective
2. Animal DNA Used to Create Demonic Hybrid Entities
1. Artificial Collectives
2. Beast Intelligences
3. Plasma Consciousness Systems
4. Trapped Souls
5. Releasing

8 thoughts on “You are Being Warned and Informed

  1. Aug what do you think of Joseph P. Farrell and his writings? I picked up two used books at Value Village today of his, Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, Grid of the Gods. It’s a weird coincidence.


    1. The Last Avatar centers on the arrival of Kalki, the final avatar of our current age, who comes to rescue humanity at a critical time of Earth history. In this esoteric, mystical adventure story, Jack, a young man confused about his life, leaves Hollywood to pull himself together, little realizing just how far that quest will take him.

      As he gets close to magical Mt. Shasta, Jack meets some who are trying to help him fulfill his remarkable destiny and others who are out to stop him at all costs. It is urgent for Kalki to learn the astonishing truth, and equally urgent that he find a way to share that truth with humanity, that people might awaken to their own destiny.

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  2. It’s been awhile, since I became aware of how bad, this place is. Of how widespread and deep, evil, is. I still hear many say to find joy. I don’t know how to find joy, when my mind is constantly remembering and thinking about how many children have been tortured and killed, probably still are every day and we were, are, so blind to it. To know this is going on, how would anyone find joy, with this going on? I feel sometimes like I literally stopped living at all, when I found out about the children. I’m glad to see this stuff coming out more and hope it is blasted on some kind of main stream for all to see. It’s really heartbreaking!

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  3. Thank-you Aug for posting Isaac’s message. You asked for those in “the know” to come forward and Isaac answered the call. This hurts the heart on so many levels. Purging, releasing ALL that does not serve us. Looking inside to find darkness that dwells is difficult and necessary. Genetic healing is why we are “here.” Isaac, you are not alone. I am Sending love and healing to children and adults who are caught in this cycle of pain and suffering. To fight the darkness, send in the light. Word. Compassion, care, and intention put forth opens the path. I am divine, I am sovereign and I am free.

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    1. It did seem like both his therapy and redemption. Beings are not both light and dark tho. It’s only made to seem like that here. The dark beings have usurped the light beings and trapped them. The darkness you see inside is the programming forced on oneself from the outside and only awakening to the true self can set one free. The balance of light and dark is a misnomer. Dark wants to survive and parasitize on the backs of true light beings. The light was here first and will be here after the darkness is all washed away in the fire.

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