Dr. Jack Kruse – Japanese Uncoupled Halotypes, Metabolism, Longevity and Sunlight

Japanese people all have uncoupled haplotypes. Note that this man has lived 29 years in an environment where he became more coupled in his mitochondria. Note how his skin and his mood and dopamine levels reflect the change. Now I am going to teach you an extraordinary lesson about how this happens. Coupled haplotypes evolved inside the tropics and they tend to have lower basal metabolic rates and they tend to live longest. Mathematics scaling laws link longevity to the basal metabolic rate for these reasons.

It also implies that we can take uncoupled haplotypes in humans and change their topology in their blood to alter their ability to uncouple just by chronically altering the incident EMF that cell senses. This means humans have the ability to perform phototaxis within the blood plasma at their skin surfaces under the power of sunlight. This effect would be blocked by clothing on the skin and sunglasses on the eyes. Clothing and sunglasses effectively reduce oxygen levels in the blood to lower metabolism and favor the use of glycolysis and the PPP over the TCA and urea cycle. This topologic chain of events on the skin would ultimately lead to free radical signaling change within the matrix of the mitochondria. This alters how a cell operates using electrons and protons. It could affect electrons in proteins to cause size and shape changes of these proteins that would ultimately change the thermodynamic possibilities of mitochondria. This mechanism is how human mitochondrial haplotype change occurs as the incident light of the sun varies day to day and season to season as the power density of the sun varies. It also means we can take loosely coupled Northern Europen mitochondrial haplotypes and make them more tightly coupled when we put them inside the tropic of Cancer and Capricorn on a chronic basis. Mayer was the first person in history to link incident light signals to levels of oxygenation in the blood. His observation made perfect sense since the Northern European body’s inside the tropics of sailors needed to produce less heat in the hot tropical sun than the cold north to stay alive. Mayer also knew that Lavoisier had shown in an experiment that men doing hard labor respired more and got ill fastest and died sooner.

Interestingly, Lavoisier could not explain the effect which made him famous. Mayer proposed that the fuel, heat, and work done were interconvertible. That is, it was possible to convert one form of energy into other forms in some unknown way. In this way, Mayer proposed that work done by men could be produced from heat, just as a steam engine did at this time. Moreover, this heat, in turn, could be produced by respiration from the burning of food. More work done, required more heat and more respiration, as Lavoisier and Seguin found in experiments in France. Mayer wrote up this observation and his paper was rejected. He then resent the paper to famous German chemists named Liebig in 1842 who published his paper. Liebig then stole Mayer’s ideas and published a related theory of his own. Since Liebig was more well known and had the power of authority behind his name, Mayer is but a footnote in the history of thermodynamics. Mayer even went after Joule over the idea of the “conservation of energy by systems”, once he left the tropics. This was prior to the establishment of the first law of thermodynamics, mind you!

Mayer and Joule really were the people who did the experimental work to prove the first law. This was not wise for Mayer’s career. Mayer’s ideas of conservation of forces were not sufficiently general and quantitative to convince most scientists of the day he was right. He also was not well credentialed so this is why no one realizes how important his work was to physics or to mitochondrial biology. This very same effects are present today. I had to make a choice 15 years ago to be popular in science or correct for patients by putting these ideas online. It was not an easy choice. Helmholtz did have the cache and he gets most of the credit for firmly establishing the first and second laws of thermodynamics.

Every time you put clothing or sunglasses on you invoke the Yarkovsky effect by putting clothes on or wearing anything on or in your eyes, you are effectively changing oxygenation within your mitochondrial respiration mechanism that is set by your haplotype you inherited by altering the incident light your mitochondria sense. You can change it if you substantially change your environment. We can thank Mayer for showing us how that change occurs via our hemoglobin saturation curves for oxygen. His results also give us definitive proof that food is not as important in biology as we all have been lead to believe, but the solar frequencies we assimilate via the eye and skin are. This shows you why clothes and sunglasses are NEVER a wise choice for a Black Swan mitochondriac. Food provides the hydrogen protons and electrons to move our perpetual motion machines from the mitochondrial matrix on the proximal end of the inner mitochondrial membrane. It is the matrix’s job to strip that proton of its electron. Those electrons are used to generate a large electric field within the mitochondrion to do many things. The incident light frequency is the key to changing your coupling ability in your mitochondrion. This is how haplotype modification can be done to improve your life. Most people would think to be alone on an island would lead to depression, but the sun powers our dopamine level to see the beauty and power in nature. This video shows you the effect. He says in the video he is OPTIMIST. Being one is a function of one’s dopamine level. Nothing optimizes dopamine better than daily solar exposure. We have this man’s 29-year-old experiment to thank for us to go back in history into the 1850’s where this science was first developed. This is how black swans operate. Nothing difficult stops us. This Japanese man has my ultimate respect.


28 thoughts on “Dr. Jack Kruse – Japanese Uncoupled Halotypes, Metabolism, Longevity and Sunlight

  1. The Agenda behind chemtrails seems to be becoming ever depopulation clearer, and I think its part of these sickos’ grand plan THATS GOING TO FAIL where Smartmeters, 5G, GMOs/Glyphosate, vaccines. Nanite infested medical cannabis CBD rollout/Vapeables/Junk Food, and much more all intended to converge and reinforce each other synergistically. Wearing a piece of Shungite is apparently one helpful 5G antidote strategy. Adam
    ” You learned in Time 6 that UV light makes dopamine via tyrosine. Dopamine levels link to this ability to focus and see trends we face. Dopamine is also made by UV light exposure in your RPE of your eye. This means that the lower quantum yield of sunlight will allow us to miss trends and make poor decisions because our thinking about things is failing. When we measure something by deciding, by choosing, we’re forcing an undetermined, undefined world to assume an experimental value. We’re not “measuring” the world; we’re creating it.

    Our focus in science should be entirely focused upon the implications of the new possibilities that a novelty opens up. This is why probabilities are the basis of natural systems using quantum mechanics. It is also why the brain looks for trends using dopamine as its fuel source of innovation. Choices are decisions and decisions are the domain of dopamine. A good decision can never guarantee a good outcome. All real decisions are made under uncertainty. This is how the “uncertainty principle” touches our lives. A decision is, therefore, a bet, and evaluating it as well or not must depend on the stakes, odds or the probability, not on the outcome. Blind nature will nearly always select the most probable frequency or wave, but man can let the most improbable become actual by altering the environment that nature operates. ”



  2. Steve Jobs, Pancreatic Cancer, Blue Light Screen Exposures , Lack of Sunlight lack of vitamin A being a powerful pancreatic cancer treatment but there are other things going on. JACK KRUSE UPDATE.

    Jack KruseAdministrator
    Did you know that high dose vitamin A can have a major and very positive impact on pancreatic cancer? Did you know that blue light causes lowered plasma vitamin A because of the weak covalent bond in melanopsin in the skin and eye. do you know what this means? It means blue light and nnEMF are causative to pancreatic cancer. Did you know Steve Jobs died from this cancer? Did you know Steve Jobs created a company that created products that ALL LOWER your Vitamin A levels in your plasma? Interesting to see how the pieces fit huh?



  3. Jack Kruse talks about Elon Musk:

    Dr. Jack Kruse
    6 hrs ·
    For members who heard my 3.5 hour Q & A last night and heard my comments on Elon Musk and think I was too harsh: EXHIBIT ONE: Mr. Musk said, “Sleep is for losers” https://nyp.st/2N4VrSf Jack says, ‘Sleep is for those who want a healthy lifespan.’

    nypost.com Elon Musk: Sleep is ‘not’ an option
    Sleep is for losers. Elon Musk, after spending another late night at the…

    Dr. Jack Kruse Elon needs that meme to build an audience wanting his matrix. Caveat emptor. I bet he goes by the wayside like Jobs and Tesla.


  4. The heat in the world is driving people insane. This is the friction between the love vibration ascending and truth frequency descending. As they come together the fire will cleanse all. As it’s happening the archontic mind (darkness/parasites) are increasing division in this world to drain it of all energy as they try to run. There is nowhere to run.

    Proud Boys Send AntiFa Running With Their Tails Between Their Legs At Olympia PPH #POYB #UHURU


    1. I know something is happening! I’ve seen too much disrespect and insults lately! Someone just called me a name, said I was going to hell🤷🏻‍♀️ Peace to all here!

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    1. No. I am a destructor. I purify errors. I am Rudra. I am Prime Michael, Tas Mikagal. The leader of all the front line true light forces. I chose the name OrionRa as the clearing started from the gate in Orion and is ending here. Ra just means light whether the name has been corrupted or not. Too many equate Marduk with evil and the evils of this world when he has already atoned for his sins long ago. He is the scapegoat. This is why all the researchers have painted him black. Isis and Ra/Marduk have both done their part. Now it’s time for this illusion to end. En.Ki/Lucifer…the false light gaud parasite and his cohorts are about to be devoured in the divine flames.

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    1. As Aug threatens the system by waking beings up that have a spirit, the ones that are background decorations/false light beings/organic portals…agents of the system and can only survive here in this illusion, will be threatened by his words and either outright attack it or take parts of it and twist it. It was done to me too on the Wes Penre forum/GLP…anything I posted was picked apart and when words aren’t understood or taken by themselves it changes the meaning of it rather than as a whole. Names like Warlord and Lucis or whatever the previous name was for another etc., are a give away for whom they are. I’ve used my username for years now and have openly discussed who I am. Naked in the dark, but not afraid.

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        1. This is exactly why. As he said in the beginning, he was given a list of people to avoid, perhaps by username, as they’d cause him the most problems. Just because someone gravitates to this information and this site it doesn’t mean they’re after the truth. Shills have also been a proven fact when some of them have been caught messing with the different conspiracy forums. Not to mention who owns those forums…Air Force Intelligence and Think Tank Agencies…ones that were messing with people’s brains directly in mk-ultra etc. The only way darkness has any hold over beings is by creating the illusion for them using their own belief systems.

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  5. Seems you have been attracting too much attention and are now going to be inundated with false beings and their fear and misunderstanding of the information you put out. This happened with Wilcock, Icke, and Penre. The messenger Iesu was totally usurped when he came to deliver the most direct information, even if it was in a basic form.


    1. Dr. Jack Kruse is at Kruse Longevity Center.
      21 hrs · Slidell, LA, United States ·
      Many people do not realize there is a connection between Earthquakes and seismic waves. When those seismic waves acquire a unique quality that confounds people you should immediately think about the non-linear butterfly effect at work below the level of understanding. When the Sun subtracts its external magnetic field it allows more cosmic radiation to enter the heliosphere and the planets. Those particles are able to ramp up the magma excitation of planets with a molten co…
      See More

      Adam Spiritualwatrrior Some voices are saying theres a whole other thing going on here and this reality, and that the earths magnetic field is actually artificially generated, part of some ancient either AI artificial intelligence or evil organic but sub human slightly out of dimensional electron spin phase reality, or a mixture of the two. An ancient quarantine supercomputer mindblowing electromagnetic interdimenhsional apparatus infrastructure set up around us, where the NDE experiencers and people who die don’t enter ”heaven”, but their consciousness enters a fake heaven, artificially maintained holding area, using interdimensional free energy technilogu to maintain this whole quarantine nonsense deception. And because Free Will must be respected, these ancient quarantiners need to seduce, fool the newly dead plus prigramming in life, then before they know it are memory wiped, sent back to ”earth” for another reincarnation cycle u ntil their etheric consciousness gets continually degraded and are eternally finished. Ive read that the fear of death is part of the illusion trap and there are other places outside of here, civilisations, planes of reality.

      I don’t know how true this is on December 2nd 2018, But Thomas Williams last week on his spreaker show is saying the Spirit sub quantum consciousness memory wiping Veil apparatus is being dismantled or now gone, and the evil beings here who have benefitted and exploited this quarantine, energy and soul harvesting for so many millennia, are now in deep trouble shitting themselves. Big things are no doubt going down even though I only sense understand a fraction. Like Dr Paul LaViolette said on his etheric.com website a few years ago discussing most, not all the fake physics taught that can be thrown out into the bin, in favour of sub quantum physics which is spiritual ohysics and the secret space programme gone full circle and ancient magic and advanced technology meet – its simply suppressed hidden physics. LaViolette said keep the observations data – but discard most of the theories. If I can find his etheric.com hyperlink to this post ill put it below.

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      · Reply · 9m


      1. I agree with Amitakh and that demagnetism is the key. Destroy all the illusions. I don’t agree that this is a quarantine zone. This is a self generated “shield” by the rogue archontic mind parasites and AI. The AI being the construct that runs the place. The mind parasites using the annunaki as the controllers and police force in their own little game. They then get to feed off the misery of this place. Scrub it clean and all that should go home do go home.

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  6. What about the Blacks and their SUN GOD RA..They say their SUN GOD RA will give all Whites Melanomas that will kill them and that their SUN GOD RA will kill all Whites with UV Rays…So what causes Cataracts??? why do they say if you have light eyes like blue or green eyes to wear Sun Shades when outdoors? What about the Blue Light from Computor Screens that destroys eyes and other digital devices and all the new light bulbs and lighting that replaced the old builbs we used for years which did not harm us? I am Celtic Origin and the sun burns the heck out of me…so I have to stay out of the super hot UV Rays..during the hours of 10 AM to 4 PM…

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        1. I read Jack Kruse say somewhere, that eating a big breakfast is important for resetting the circadian clocks in the eye and gut and elsewhere , and this avoids DNA damage caused by UVB later in the day. But I think the ratio of omega 6 oil in the body to omega 3 must be brought right down too to be in reasonable balance.
          I also read him say uvb as well does some important healing jobs and hits sulfur in the skin making vitamin D.
          What blew me away was him saying our own cells, not sure if it’s mitochondria, actually produce their own UVC. He said recently too, I think, we produce gamma ray energy from the cells. Amazing stuff


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