The Truth Phase

The next phase of society and the truth of what happened is so far off from the old that it would be like travelling to a new universe. Travelling to a new universe in the sense that it would be like an entirely different world. A different world in the sense that it’s like a new or different life. A new or different life in the sense that it would be like dying and living again.

Dying and living again in the sense that the amount of information it would take to translate would generate an unusable amount of noise to signal ration in that the truth of the self would be lost in translation.

In this way it’s as if this society is in the far past in that everything is moving out of phase with the truth here. That which is unable to reflect the truth will appear to be artificial as if it was only a prop that was used by another force or an extension of that force.

The changes that are taking place are the unveiling of the identities of the primary forces at play.

The society is shown the opposite of the truth in that the picture is inverted as if it is being shown in a mirror as a reflection of the individual’s subjective awareness by deduction, exposure of what they don’t know about themselves. The minor details that make up the background of the primary details that shape the reality are presented here as the foreground.

What are presented as background details, the minor and subtle changes and informational presences, are actually telling the truth of what is going on and are in correspondence with truth and knowledge.

So the whole society’s consciousness is inverted, looking through a primarily upside-downed mirror version of themselves as a reflection in a distorted psychological manipulation presented through every facet of symbolic and emotional, intent (psychic) interaction.

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