The Projected Illusion

When you choose for your self which contradictory aspects of the personal image you will accept, that one who made the choice through self-awareness is larger than either side of the equation creating a motivating catalyst for change.

In this way, that is the self unveiled.

So there are varying degrees of courtesy in this, depending on the urgency of the situation. The world is being pushed to make a choice and the only way to do that is to have them see the competition and either become it or become the referee.

The internal referee is the self-awareness and steps in when there is enough conscious chaos to bring about the accelerated interaction between consciousness and attention as continuous self-awareness.

This will be done and it’s being done in a way to match the projected self and the virtual projected threats that are only dangerous to that projected self.

This sounds confusing, but because people are living in virtually created dream world of inverted the inverted psyche society, they will either identify with the death of the dream self and wake up, or they will realize they are not the dream self and fear will be defeated and no longer a primary frequency on the manifested Earth spectrum. Realize everything that has ever happened is still here in frequency at some degree or another. Navigating the field is necessary, subjectively, so the collective reality will correspond to the degree of self-awareness present on the surface and translate this effect through all other facets.

This is why the ‘Earth’ surface civilization is at the informational , quantum ‘core’ of the changes here and in the ‘universe’, because there is enough processing power here, from the minds, to change everything. This is the ‘center’ of the informational fractal, and yes it was turned into a self-reflecting loop shrinking into noise to signal degeneration oblivion due to the misuse of advanced technology.

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