Truth, Perception and Consciousness

Truth changes perception which alters the consciousness experience of time.

This is part of how thought-based methodologies and distortion of perception combined with advanced technology to generate a controlled mind to machine system that can pull information from the universe by amplifying human perception.

There are also drawbacks and the system should not be relied on entirely to maintain a communication link with the human civilization as the technology will alter perception with continued use.

Energy can be sent ‘back’ and so information can be not changed but altered through perception. This changes everything.

One thought on “Truth, Perception and Consciousness

  1. I think forward also is an illusion of change because if we are all still existing and living what defines a forward motion to what is perceived? Besides growth from a learned experience based on perceptional changes in what we experience constantly throughout existing and living the only thing that can change or alter a being is what it is defined as we have agreed upon what it is collectively and naturally occurring as we create it and are naturally doing as part of the human experiences unless we question what defines the human experience itself ( sounds vibrations thoughts energy experiences imagination day dreams ) as natural experiences which is the experience itself and what differs it from the homeostasis of perceiving nothing because nothing has happened unless it has been created or has occurred naturally by existing as consciousness

    This post seemed more appropriate to post this on , edited from the original post on your other blog post about the inverted ego


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