The True Enemy is Non-Physical

Ignorance, fear, over emotionality (irrationality), self-willed ignorance (stubbornness, spite) and forgetfulness or laziness is the enemy. There is no other enemy, any one else is putting on a show to distract and that’s problematic, but that is not the root enemy of humanity.

In other words, there is no enemy. It’s a confusion, psy-op tactic. That is disruptive, but it is based on self-manipulation, lying to one’s self, projecting and psychological distortion. These are illnesses, these are disorders that result in spiritual death.

The only people holding humans back are other humans. “Non-human elite” are bound by specific law and not permitted on the planet. They are using holograms and mind tricks to get everyone to feed on one another energetically so they can siphon and harvest the energy. That’s it.

4 thoughts on “The True Enemy is Non-Physical

  1. Love this! It just came to me that knowing your boundaries and keep them pristine is paramount. Don’t suck energy from others, be aware when you do, and keep your energetic self clean. Thanks, Aug.


  2. perfetto.e’ sconcertante come la risposta alle nostre domande sia semplice semplice perche’ questo disallinea la mente e il suo controllo e toglie lei gli alibi delle complicanze.


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