Self-Conscious Energy

Humanity has been held in quarantine by the collective guilt by association with mentally dissociated and weak people who represent a danger to society.

Whether this is in any way legitimate is not up to us at this point, we can only increase self-awareness in order to produce a relative contextual difference in our lives and the ignorance induced suffering and self-willed abuse.

The abuse of the innocence is a result of the self-willed and acceptingly followed abuse of the masses of adults.

Mass self-awareness of the situation must occur in order for the civilization to reflect itself in all proportions. Without that, segments will be distorted and cut out like a disease in Western society.

If you keep the battle between your self and your false-image, then the ground level interferences in Earth society will only serve to accelerate the internal self-awareness and one will not be distracted.

The archaic sense of survival that leads people into internalized fight or flight, fear-based reality incorporation is a primitive sense that must be overturned individually by choosing a different feeling spectrum while controlling one’s behavior and energy internally and externally.

Think about this, you have an individual walking around through life, acting and behaving, feeling and thinking. They react to the configuration of the physical senses and this is always a game of order and delay as the physical mind-brain can never think fast enough to predict the kinds of stimuli that will result in the particular internal feeling and experience of the non-physical or soul-mind. This individual forgets that the internal experience is energy and that just like controlling the body the internal mind must be guided so as to ensure that one doesn’t end up in stiffness, pain and suffering because of the lack of conscious and full-range mobility.

Then you have the individual that doesn’t forget about this internal portrayal of the outside world through the image of the ‘self’ and the pureness of the spirit or refined pure awareness before it reaches the material plane, and it is as if they have access to not only controlling this internal mind but using this system to predict or gain foresight about what is to come and what is truly happening.

One can guide themselves through reality, and there is more to this, by the effects the external world has upon their mind-brain, or the influence their internal soul-mind’s feeling has upon the world-projection and the brain-body as an influential system shaped by perception and self-awareness.

When one’s intentions in the sense of true spiritual fulfilment are synchronized and met in such a way there is unison between what the higher mind, the soul-mind seeks and the way the body and the mind-brain travels and thinking in the physical reality, then the higher ‘universe’ and the material plane become synchronized in that one’s thoughts seem to be a perfect reflection of their experience in reality.

So much is possible through this because of the unique way the universe is set up as a double-sided projection system flowing both ways in time and experience simultaneously. Everything could be happening one way, or everything could be unfolding the other way and happening as the inverse of what we experience here, as a projected universe of another side to the ‘membrane’ that the information processing of this reality occurs on.

At least twice the amount of information we are processing in any given moment is actually accessible to the individual. With generously limited extrapolation there are many multiple times the amount of information processing capacity of the conscious individual contained through various interactions with the subconscious mind or the aspects of the brain-mind and soul-mind. When synchronization is achieved then there is an interface that enables transference of consciousness information systems embedded in space-time or a higher collective emission field functioning to store extra-dimensional information related to the information processing and transdimensional capacity of blood and spinal fluid.

The frequencies that those unique identifiers emit are particular and therefore link together the ‘multi-core’ processing capacity of the multiverse to an individual within a single universe, at a holographic and simultaneous capacity.

I have recorded something on this but have not published yet. The fractalization of human collective consciousness created as many multiples of individual reality experiences as there are individual realities here. The power of each individual is divided amongst the many. One regains that power by effectively organizing themselves across multiple planes that their awareness is actually simultaneously divided across.

10 thoughts on “Self-Conscious Energy

  1. No. You don’t take into account archonic kidnapping, rape, hijacking and erasure of consciousness, or artificial God AI. We did not choose this and we are not to blame.


  2. Is it possible that we have been born or placed into created constructs or time domains with implanted memories to think we’ve been here from one generation to the next? Or have we been recently invaded (1996 archon invasion) and what we’re experiencing is the take over of our species?


    1. What if it’s both. What if everything you believe is the truth is just an engineered fabrication we are led to play the story…their story. This is a controlled environment. As the matrix movie pointed out…once they took over they could replay civilization from any point in time and from any perspective. This is not the real timeline, not the real place we are supposed to be anymore. They could’ve invaded in 1996, but a million years ago, and we could be recycled over and over and over. Mind boggling isn’t it. I can see this place for what it is…a holographic projection inside my mind. Is it real? Yes. Will it endure…no. Nothing outside the source, goodness, will survive for long. Only as long as it can feed off you, me, us.


  3. “Then you have the individual that doesn’t forget about this internal portrayal of the outside world through the image of the ‘self’ and the pureness of the spirit or refined pure awareness before it reaches the material plane, and it is as if they have access to not only controlling this internal mind but using this system to predict or gain foresight about what is to come and what is truly happening.”


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  4. What, did you just say? Why, after 2 years of trying so desperately to keep up, learn and comprehend, do I feel like I’m still only nose, out of water, with my comprehension of this material? My ignorance has become embarrasing! I’ll keep trying😑 Thank you!

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    1. You are not standing alone in this pond water. I have found through my experience that this pond water does seep up and soak into all of the cells. Sometimes, it takes special keys to unfold and allow these current changes to take hold. Not to worry ever! Awareness will come. Are you surrounded by like minds?


    2. Hi, after years of research through literatures / sciences / and everything else, I told the creator (the primordial one with no beginning) literally “I give up, show me the truth”. The creator’s response was “find your center”. I did this really fast, starting with my heart. I expanded the energy of love simultaneously up & down (as above, so below), then left & right (balance), then forward & behind (future & past). I did not do any method (that I ever came across, anyway – not claiming it’s out there somewhere or I’m the only one) that most follow. This method only works when it is in alliance with the creator itself. Don’t turn it into a sword; that is a lesson I do not want to get into right now other than this: you are allowed self defense but the creator does not need warriors.


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