The Manipulation of Human Consciousness, Cellular Regeneration and Space-Time

Besides the political context, this is the split between the higher and lower mind that functions to ensure a default protection and manipulability of everyone involved. This is the nature of the secrets and trauma based mind control that wealth and corruption of the human nature has generated. This is the nature of the programs that were designed to produce knowledge on the nature of human history, human control, power and corruption on Earth. Every single conspiracy theory that you know of was first known by those who sought to understand this reality and the history of humanity.

The technology and corruption stunts the brain and reroutes neurons to reflect the fight or flight modality through hormonal regulation, and a manipulation of higher functioning, memory, logical capacity through blunted emotional intelligence. This is the result of carefully controlled conditioning to desensitize the personality to parameters of perception and sensation that are far beyond the normal functioning capacity of any reasonably considered daily occurrence on the surface. One way this can be understood is to see that the challenge of death, time, self-awareness, impermanence, eternity, dissonance, decoherence and self-motivation are equally applicable to all living beings in that we are all challenged by the entropy of time and this is the true overlord of this realm, the one who controls the fate of humanity. By creating these traditions of control and dominance, occultism and inner knowledge those involved have organized their mind and energy to confront that of life’s greatest challenges and pursuits, thus, those involved will either perish, or achieve conscious immortality. This, again, is at the extent of the integration of the knowledge of the universe, of that of the soul, the spirit and the nature of consciousness, space and time and at the potential detriment of one’s identity, stability, and illusion. There is no true death. It is all a show. A *real* show.

This process of manipulation and controlled, disorganized interference (chaos) creates mind-controlled slaves that rise out of the rubble of their previously dominant, core personalities that are unable to comply with anything other than the coping methods that are designed and installed as fear-pleasure response cycles (programs manually rooted to deep within the unconscious) which results in a negative feedback cycle (between the core personality and reality, society or the self) that degenerates the neuro-plasticity of the brain and endocrine system mainly through adrenal interactions with organs and a CNS interaction that is related to possession or the loss of control, essentially the hijacking of the human nervous system and perceptual interface system that is not outlined in public by major institutions.

This re-routes mitochondrial cell metabolism, the reading and secure processing of RNA, the replication of DNA, immune function and CNS interaction with gut, mind-brain and collective synaptic symmetry, AKA bio-feedback neural imbalance and right-left brain confusion, mis-fire and the resulting loss of clarity and higher function.

Fixing this situation is not like repairing a car. This is frequency based, energy, feeling and intellectual, intra-personal communication related. This is due to the relationship one has with their own mind and energy, the coherence or resultant decoherence that integrates cells into an overunity system that functions as a single complete unit. This is the miracle, the integration of higher and lower causalities that enables a multiversal and multi-dimensional experience of space-time and consciousness. This is the gravitationally relative anchor system enabled through each organ system relaying through and feeding back into itself as the process of rewriting the DNA. The secret, or one, is that when this process is disrupted the auto-generating and multiversal nature of consciousness is short-circuited and one is left with only the immediate surroundings. This is comparable to being in a very large cave and then having a restriction to using a keychain flash light when one is naturally capable of seeing as far as the mind can conceive, purely as such the nature of scalar interferometry and plasma dynamics.

When these biological processes are disrupted and taken control of then an actual force is exerted onto physical space-time. The space-time we can conceive of is literally the manifested, folded ‘out’ version of an informational construct that is purely energetically superimposed over other functions of itself that are capable of simultaneously functioning as the “OS” of multiple worlds. These multiplicities come to a point, a nexus around which there is axial movement and revolution as all multiplicities do and will in life and nature the difference of which may determine the fluctuations in variability that permit or deny the occurrence of consciousness biological continuity in an environment. We are, after all, present as and within life, only to be denied the same comfortability and natural inclination as the animals are associated with. Thus we are neither here, nor there, but a strange somewhere and when, a who, in between without full anchor in either reality as the domain of providence, the source and the home. Thus we, we the human are travellers of a lonely domain, one without boundaries or name in that we are creating our universal identity as we go and as such we can be forever lost or without direction or only waiting to re-direct ourselves to receive an outreach from the benevolence of the universe or the vast and cold intelligence of the darkness from which everything seems to falsely arise and collapse back into a heap of outdated paradigms and references to which we either fall behind or continually re-correct ourselves to reoccur. Do we ever really leave? Does this river move on forever? Where does it lead and how can it start? How can we be so complacent in the middle without access to either side? Are we not just going for a ride, determined to be indeterminate? Or are we lost or have we found a reason to travel?

Cells and integration of each organ system and thus the different ‘intelligences’, ‘hosts’ of the body, Earth, middle-ground and the Heavenly realms of the “mind” where the intelligences are held in a different kind of space than the physical. AKA, Heaven is the mind after feeling is purified to only the highest concepts similar to refining Ghee from milk or butter. Only the highest portion of clarified oils will contain the bulk of the nutrients that the previous entire lower portion contains throughout. That is the process, the nature of diffusion, of matter in space time and conscious identity in the larger ‘pleroma’ that is the sea-matter held within a container experience being a universal soul-field.

For there to be the most high, there must be the intermediate, and for there to be intermediate, there must be the darkness in the lower realms. It’s an inversion however, because how can you have something that fa’des out into the ‘deep’ of the mind and then extends into nothingness? So it’s an inverted spectrum and where we see the gradient that extends outward into nothingness it is an illusion that leads directly to the outer wall of being which is the container of the soul similar to the concept of background radiation of the universe. That is an ultra-dense field similar to the waters of space that surround the environment here and surround the environment in your mind. The same thing happens in the mind when one goes into space as when a craft directs individual human bodies towards the ‘extended’ environment and the barrier between that realm and what exists outside of physicality altogether. The mind breaks down and one’s anchors to space-time begin to become flexible and holographic in that the boundaries of one’s immediate moment and physical body begin to interchange with a variety of extended feelings and perceptions starting with the possibilities immediately outside of one’s memory and personal history until one’s ancestral realm is accessible through an interface with the mind.

Without control and steady focus, a higher dimensional organization of one’s consciousness to reflect the self-referential pattern of holographically superimposed light information that the soul field and all the organ systems emanate when the height of human experience is united at the most integral point with consciousness, self-consciousness and spiritual awareness of one’s self. Spiritual being literally the term to denote the absolute lack of anything physical in that the spiritual is exactly that which observes all that is physically present and definable and in so creates that highest point which is inexperiencable and perfectly limitless to shape itself and match any point in creation and all that the energetic obstacles and emotional manipulations of man or lesser or higher being can generate for it’s own wealth.