Temporary Eternal Control

Paradoxes explain the truth.

With enough power, format of the ritual was expanded to encompass the entire civilization, directing energy in one direction like a strip of metal being magnetized.

Once this ‘occurs’, it is as if this system was already, always in place. That is the nature of time and consciousness as it applies to this civilization. What we see as happening one way, is actually happening the other way.

What happens the most and the ‘first’ to reach the level of ‘global’ proportions to their agenda, becomes the ‘eternity’ that the physical civilization is seemingly ‘pulled’ forth from already organized to function in that way. It is a system that automatically adapts without even requiring a mechanism to do so. The beginning is the end and the middle is in a state of suspension carefully manifested by the level of conscious awareness we have as a whole.

What this means is that we can change eternity by changing the present and that only once we have created what we do here and now, in the center and in the present, do the walls of eternity reflect that back to us and place us in the deep field.

This also means that we are not in time, having a temporal experience in a linear order of creation and experience. What’s happening is that we are selecting from a field of possibilities that already exist the outcome of which is then projected from the far ends of time into the present field to shape the origins and obstacles of this civilization.

That is why this is like a ‘race’ backwards towards eternity.

So what happens here is not to the measure of what is lost, but in the measure of what we can set ourselves up to experience next. Instead of having a time limit, we have a mind limit, a set of potentials that we can reach and must in order to know the self.

Humanity was held back, this means they’ve already reached the goal and someone exploited the system to gain control over a period of time.

See how this fits together? With this system, once a group obtains majority control over the influences and major variables influencing this civilizations movement through time, it is as if the entire system reflects this back to the center. Thus, those who are just ‘waking up’ to this may seem to stumble upon a secret that the entire realm is controlled or managed by a single ground, or that the entire civilization has been held hostage or kidnapped and brought unto the control of a single group or groups.

This is just the illusion that is generated through time. In the same sense? There are just as many variables that lead up to civilizations who’s trajectories are independent by the repeating loop variables of this corruption based historical agenda to keep the people stupid. In the same sense, as soon as people use their power to choose, that whole perfect future of a stabilized organic race converted to be a personal battery source for select groups, begins to destabilize.

As soon as the energy shifts, the walls shimmer and the reflections bouncing off of eternity to here to reflect that absolute control also begin to incorporate this new information. The entirety of eternity can be owned and operated by a small rogue group. What does this remind you of.

Yes, and then the entirety of the universe, Heaven, Earth and Hell could be energetically swept clean and seemingly restore the entire Universe as if all that was lost was never really lost. That is the nature of the environment here, time and consciousness generate the path through time, not the particles involved.

Sound familiar?

Are you on a particle or a wave? You?