Doyen Fraser Energy Healing: Human Activation S2 E3 (Thyroid Stimulation)

Doyen Fraser:

Please listen. The hormones, the secretions, the glandular systems, the neurotransmitter and precursors, these are the ‘fine tune dials’ for one’s reality.

These secretions are named for their ‘secret’ nature in that they are the hidden formative orders that animates or shapes the human experience.

Life itself is brought into the system by the source of life itself. What we do after we meet capitalism is not necessarily related to the source of the source of our source. Instead, we are essentially playing ‘bring your child to work’ today and pressing a bunch of buttons, pulling a bunch of levers and throwing a bunch of switches because it looks and sounds cool. The feeling, however, is a general loss of energy, equilibrium, focus, strength, clarity, and spiritual power.

We must re-refine our own inner fine tune dials, the delicate chemical balances that create the stable consciousness that enables clear self-awareness. When there is tension, then on either side of that tension there will then be two different sections from what was once one. This can be as simple as a muscle being pulled and now operating, painfully, like two conflicting muscles stuck together, or this can be more mental or emotional where the tension pushes events, relationships, self-progress and so on, out of view or behind resistance.

The neuro-chemical system is the interface for the information and interactions that remain on the energetic level as the descriptors of what the chemicals indicate or express. The information level is energetic or set apart from the purely material, chemical level. The chemical level describes one system, one abstraction. Then there is an abstraction between the two which enables the mind. Because there is an abstract energetic, informational plane connected to the mind and to the innate geometric, mathematical, and chemical manifestation of the physical matter we use to experience consciousness here.

A challenging idea may be that the biological material is supplementary to consciousness. Consciousness is taking a ride in the body, yet the body is not the source of the consciousness. This seems simple and direct to some, confusing and backwards to others.

Our way of viewing life may be more backwards than forwards if we happen to find out how things have come to be and the contrast between the accepted explanation. In a more advanced perspective, the electromagnetic energy that reflects the conscious experience of the human and material and chemical nature of the physical body may be inversions of the same force. Spirit is wrapped in matter and this has the effect of seemingly creating an ‘inside out’ where there was previously only ‘in’. This could get more abstract, confusing, and enlightening however the main focus here is Doyen’s healing transmission. Thank you.

The important part throughout is to consciously intend to release fear, injury, pain, suffering, hatred and anything energetically restricting your mind and self-awareness.

Doyen Fraser: