The Public Disclosure Reality Show

You can’t see you’re all being tested?

How people interact with each other based on the truth of cloning, advanced technology, temporal changes, corruption, and the Three Phases of the Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge of the Ages of Humanity, will determine what happens next.

That is the event. Everything is being put into place now, that’s the whole point. Everyone is being observed and organized.

That’s the system, it’s happening. Do you want to be seen as someone who saw the information related to the take over of their civilization and turned away or actually produced a beneficial influence?

People. There, is, no, way, around, this.

You can’t see the information and then not see it.

You can’t see the information and know there are things happening, but do nothing and still consider yourself present.

This is being used to classify the population and it’s probably a good thing.

How else would you know that if you’re entire species and civilization was taken over and in the process of being memory edited and re-released in a new environment, that some people would see what’s happening and stick their heads in the ground or choose to fight…

By fighting all the information coming out, harassing anyone who has has Satanic Ritual Abuse experiences, making insult videos, trolling, sending death threats, attempting to get personal information to cause any damage possible, simply making jokes, passing the time, using the internet to *lose your mind*.

Anything but the upper portion of the post? They’re going to mark that as part of the invasion and take steps to remove it because that’s what it is.

And to clarify, no one is going to do anything to anyone. The system is designed so the later portion of the post will remove itself by process of unchecked chaos but again this extends the next cycle of civilization through the generation of order.

This will occur until there are no longer responses produced by the tests or catalysts or that the responses supersede the parameters of the intended program.