Everything Is for A Reason

It’s all been done.

One of the big secrets that people are going to have to handle themselves is that the cloning technology has already been activated to the point of not only influencing but making up a portion of the entire population.

This is on top of the true nature of the universe, the nature of holographic consciousness, the fractal-recursive information loops that have occurred and so on.

The origins of space and time is an aspect of the universal hidden knowledge that liberates the mind from perceptual entrainment which is a result of wilful ignorance.

Whether or not this is a game, a manifestation or a failed experiment could be determined by one’s choices in the context of self-awareness. I could go on but have recorded more and will do my best to clean the audio and organize the information. The previous and recent have been denser streams of information that are becoming more articulate as they go.

Thank you for sharing the information and applying effort towards bringing the truth to humanity related to what was discovered through mixing advanced technology and spirituality to explore the universe through the mind.

The main question we have today is whether or not we are in a kind of holographic fractal information processing and rendering system and to what degree human consciousness can access unfiltered reality.

From the experiences gained, the results of experiments and previous experiences leading up to these events (especially seeing first-hand technology that can induce alternate realities and being given the explanation that Tesla was one of the first in the West to discover radiant energy) that our biology alone requires extra information to explain the nature of biological consciousness which various from wakefulness to sleep and the nature of other more subtle senses or forms of awareness which range from precognitive kinds of events to what could be described as exposure to underlying streams of information or processes that are linked with depths of knowledge that stretch beyond the imagination. A more direct way to say that is that there is biological consciousness as well as an awareness that goes beyond the matter of the biology itself and connects on a level that could be theorized as a kind of quantum biological awareness.

Yet another clarification could be that the kind of biological interface that the brain enables through consciousness for the non-local awareness which could define the soul, runs on the same kind of energy that is used to transfer data constantly throughout the environment. Not only would this entail that there must be some kind of consciously or temporarily transparent medium for this to occur but that the same medium that is used to transfer information internally can also be used for expression externally.

Maybe it would be interesting then if there is an energy medium that acts like a projection system displaying everything in the energy, the intent, the recent memories or even deeper and instead of being disabled people are just very used to blocking this entire world of energy out to the point where now it has become an unconscious defense mechanism by the brain to literally act as if it’s paralyzed without the ability to consciously acknowledge what is already known within. This kind of dynamic alone in household situations is what develops into traumatic situations and traumatic memory for children, family or people simply going through life. When one half of the self has to go one way and separate from the other to play in two worlds this has a degrading effect on self-awareness. So that is the foundation for the explanation that somewhere in history there was either the introduction of some kind of virus or mutation or an ‘intelligently’ guided traumatic event from the outside.

The explanation is that people were in a vulnerable state but that we also had essentially come from an advanced civilization but as the result of a technology war ended up here.

The is technology that is designed to create holographic fractal information processing and rendering systems and so it’s not a far stretch to imagine. And this is technology easily researched or contemplated in science, research, technical and educational circles. It’s not the highest level of technology by far, nor the highest level that individuals have imagined or theorized about.

If we focus on what we do not have control over then that trend cascades throughout the whole system the longer that process is repeatedly held in the mind. That is the nature of the concept of the holographic fractal infection. That and memory distortion over long-term to the point of conscious discontinuity. If you were here for a very long time, say thousands of years, living in the same or similar environments that are manufactured out of the atoms of the universe, wouldn’t it seem like there must be more to life?

Even if that is just a nature of life, that energy continues but if the energy is anchored to a material body alone then that energy is anchored to only the material plane, it would seem as if the goal is to reach or regain full access to one’s inner realms without distortion or manipulation by installed beliefs or fears and ultimately regain access to the expanded universe which probably contains much more possibilities than the one’s that are primarily focused on on Earth.

It’s always easily summed up as a ‘ride’ but maybe not so much because it’s suppose to be fun but because we’re essentially strapped in, not entirely in control, and behind multiple safety measures to ensure continuity while also simulating the loss of confidence in those measures or purely overwhelming the senses. Everything is for a reason.