Comment to the Techno-Spiritual Infection Holographic Universe Matrix, Healing, Rescue Team and Advanced Technology

So if you look into my background you can see that I will inform you that I have been involved in what are known as unacknowledged special access programs which are research and development programs designed to produce the most advanced engineering of devices that operate on electromagnetic, radiant and supercomputing systems that can directly interface and alter the consciousness of a human being.

These systems were utilized to bridge the gap between universes and information was transferred in a series of programs involving children as necessary informational gateways capable of connecting on such a level that enables transdimensional communication.

This project as well as others and unknown events resulted in a technical invasion of this civilization as rogue groups that utilize temporal manipulation systems which are also incorporated by default into all electrogravitic craft who use electrogravitic propulsion because of the resulting electrogravitic distortion field which distorts one’s temporal relativity synchronization with the rest of civilization. Essentially, people would operate devices that would inadvertently result in accelerated ageing or they undergo very long experiences in relatively little time.

These electrogravitic effects distort consciousness as consciousness as a field operates through a combination of electrogravitic energies and currently unidentified energies which are a combination of the available forces in the material universe and an other non-physical force which animates the mind. Because these operate on the same field, the craft and ultimately the distortion fields and directed energy weapon systems, that are essentially electrogravitic engines converted into a beam weaponry system similar to the magnetron in a microwave. What one experiences within the craft internally or from observing the outside world is entirely dependent on the state of the consciousness of the individual as this environment is literally a partially electromagnetically synthetic alternate dimension of consciousness that is contained within that synthetic created consciousness field like a secondary body of the individual.

These vehicles were used by rogue groups to infiltrate and attempt to control the population by deception and self-annihilation. The way this works is that souls operate in a higher dimensional level where multiple timelines are accessible.

During the migration of souls to Earth, an advanced secondary group who had used the technology of the electrogravitic craft to store their consciousness between temporal cycles to pass from one timeline to another, shifted the genetic information, the sub-consciousness, omni-consciousness code within the blood that enables the particular frequency of soul-awareness, emotion, intellect, feeling and general awareness. The result of this is that some people have more animal DNA and this is considered a corruption.

From the other angle of this system, outside of human perceptual limitations, as shown through various operations and experiences from a scientifically restrictive perspective carried out by professional scientists and engineers, it appears as if interdimensional, partially holographical, informational entities are attempting to merge their pseudo-generated, engineered, machine edited DNA into humanity to survive until the next phase.