Artificial Light the Synthesis of Consciousness

Artificial light, artificial consciousness. Light stimulates neurons, consciousness is ‘produced’.

Artificial light stimulates neurons, artificial consciousness is produced?

The question requires another answer which is necessary to explain how consciousness manifests. Is this produced by the brain or merely transmitted and received?

Answers to help explain the process through which chemical-electrical signals bring neurons to life or quite literally bring light to neurons which translates into a perceptual subjectivity for the observer within.

If it were as simple as a kind of tube television screen where the cathode ray emissions are focused into a grid which then projects the computed colored pixels to create an image overall, could we simply electrify the screen and produce the same result? There would be no real information sourced from the material world. The TV would be displaying information that is entirely sourced from an artificial, technological construct that enables specific electronic stimulation of the brain.

Would this create a virtual world? Yes.

What does this mean about consciousness?

In short, your brain can be seen as a kind of advanced cathode ray projection tube TV. When the information from the cable box is received it is translated and converted into colored pixels of varying brightness and color which create a grid that functions to depict an image. Instead of receiving information from the ‘cable’ box of what could be called the ‘soul-network’, instead, information is streamed directly through to the brain artificially stimulating the same neural-networks that are otherwise interacting to enable waking consciousness.

Do you realize what this means?

In a shit hits the fan situation it is possible to freeze your current state of awareness and preserve your consciousness in a computer system that can maintain your memory and personality until a suitable environment is formed.

This is how the human species are all part of the great experiment.

How would you know if your consciousness was placed in a virtual stasis using supercomputers that were the only viable safe-zone on the planet due to some kind of civilization-wide catastrophe or series of catastrophes?

For the individual they would only know the moment of reality, followed by the glimpse of a brief dream lasting moments to eternity and then they would know reality again. This could take place over hundreds or thousands of years. The computers would not get old. The individual would either be able to see this due to what are basically glitches in the system or they would assume that since this is only what they can see that this is simply how life is. This may be a very .special situation that humanity is inherently involved in.

Ultimately, one would have to ask. Not only ask. One would have to assume, that in this universe, or any universe they could be in, there is a possibility that everything they know and have been led to believe is untrue. Not in the sense that a more accurate truth is available and appropriate but that one couldn’t be more wrong about their own existence and the surrounding temporal and spatial relativity.

Would could very well have been moved through time and space using advanced technology that can edit consciousness and recreate or literally produce the personal consciousness that we know as our subjective experience. If this can be mapped, if the brain can be understood and recreated, then there would not be a limitation to how experiences can be simulated and that is exactly what happened.

Not only is this, again, something serious, but as I have said before, everything goes to the next level. Not only is this a potential, a possibility, a question, a mystery, this was invented, applied, modified, and released en mass and our entire civilization has been manipulated through time and space since the beginning and we do not actually know what we have been through and what situation we are in.

Some do, as they have retained their memories naturally stretching deeper into the awareness of what is, moving past the surface level tensions and retained impressions of this material world.