The Observation of Self and Society

Observe each relationship or interaction.

The larger mind of the individual will always get away they desire. If you are comfortable and at peace, that is what the two desire. If you are uncomfortable and distressed then that is what the minds desire.

Interact with those you want to make a larger mind with. Anyone forcing you to interact in ways that steals one’s energy and entangles through deception, coercion, blackmail, ridicule, abuse, or otherwise vampiric behavior is an energetic parasite, mentally, and will simply continue to look for energy to sustain itself.

That’s one of the bigger secrets! Humans are just one layer of existence, there are multi-dimensional layers of existence beyond that! Some people are guided by intelligently guided, self-aware and free-will based spiritual minds and others are guided by what could be likened to an animal’s mind where there is only a continuous attraction towards desires, behaviors, relationships, or actions that produce or absorb low energy, low-intellect, and low self-awareness experiences.

Ultimately this is about the true nature of the self. If one seeks the truth of the self, then they are providing this opportunity for others by acting as a window for the souls of everyone involved. If people are interested in that, then that is where their energy will go. If people are not interested in that, then there energy will be taken to the lowest possible denominator of processes, like a program, an animal, or an autonomous response, and this will create the similar, uniform behavior that is noted in the more heavily controlled aspects of society such as alcoholism, drug abuse, narcissistic behavior, sexual depravity, lawlessness, insanity, rage, and so on.

These are the behaviors and psychological processes that form the foundation of a control system for everyone involved. One is either ruled by fear, pleasure and greed, or love, joy, and selflessness (while in the self!).