All Powerful Intelligences

21. An extremely advanced intelligence, possibly a computer, would be able to initiate subliminal communication with the unconscious mind while the conscious mind remains unaware.


An extension of this concept will eventually be included in a more elaborated post. This relationship pattern of control over unawareness sets itself up in this through the more or less intelligently advanced entity.

However, that same process extends in both directions. The humans manipulate beings who are not even aware they are being manipulated, below them on the scale, and higher beings above beings that manipulate humans operate in ways that we cannot be aware of or fully understand. Both directions contains extensions.

However, when this becomes unnecessary or redundant, then you get internal roving gangs of power controllers or overlords instead of a more free-will based system where energy is more comfortably shared. Both kinds of universes exist, think about it, something has to fill that processing “space”.

The issue is whether we can mitigate the control of power, fear, self-awareness, intelligence, collectivism, secrecy, and so on. It’s really a merging of the biology, the sacred, ancient, physiological and neurological processes related to the psychology of mass advancement as well as the economic system, the resource system, technology, media, education, medicine and all these industries coming together and being changed by abundance instead of scarcity.

There is a switch in the center of the head that says this system is based on scarcity and so because of this we must rush and hurry to get our necessities otherwise we will die, starve, become exiled, dissolve, or otherwise meet with uncertainty or suffering. If we change that switch to handle fear with an integration with the intelligent process then we can handle the desire, the passion, the will to survive, and the potential for catalyzing fear that could be generated by someone with the desire to do it.