The Media Generated Feedback Loop of Psycho-Social Reality

This is what it is. It’s like adrenal fatigue related cortisol and adrenaline response creates a positive feedback loop which can accelerate out of control. The spongy brain organ is used along with the sensory system and mind to produce a consumerist addictive relationship yet with forms of emotional responses to reality and information itself rather than some material. This mysterious material is information and stimulating sensory input connected to a psycho-social construct which filters and organizes a hierarchy of implanted meaning that guides one’s emotional or belief system.

This is the nature of the situation, you don’t need any more information or experience to see what’s happening. You’ve observed what is happening many times over and it’s happened to you and everyone else by default.

As well, this indicates something about human biology or biological consciousness that is useful to know. Why does the conscious mind seek to constantly distract itself through the processing of information and why does this psycho-social sphere tend to drift towards the seeking gratification overall? What is being limited that the self responds by seeking such relief or distraction?

The modes of consciousness that we are accustomed to using in every day life are not direct or most appropriate. The conspiracy goes deep. Our very way of cognition of conscious reality is fundamentally inappropriate or scrambled. The frequency of mind that is present when one is consciously active in beta level brain frequency is most geared towards scanning fields of information or sensory input and moving through a cascade of information until a new environment is achieved and new information generated. Instead, we have what is most definitively a kind of autonomous, self-programming, quantum supercomputer system doing repetitive tasks, emotionally traumatizing itself and others, and participating in a slow and general mental degradation of information through a manipulative and destructive media system.

Information warfare is a thing. The mind itself is the true theatre of war for that system.

Toxic information has infiltrated the human mind and collective mind-sphere to induce a state of catalepsy of programed responses and repetitive droning or instilling of similarly themed information often through the illusion of shared experiences.

It works like this. 1000 people are in a society and there is a survey taken to determine if they enjoy the current society model. Only 500 people enjoy the system, yet it is reported that 750 people enjoy the system. The result is that more people will remain complacent and potentially enjoy the system due to the impression of the reporting, even if it is an illusion.

A real effect can be generated through a manufactured feedback loop enabled through media and collective awareness. By telling the people how they feel, they can be guided to actually feeling that way. Now what does this ‘actually’ mean? Are they actually feeling that way, or is this some kind of manipulation? This is the situation that programmers and technicians face to essentially keep people in a kind of trance just before dreaming, just after waking consciousness of their situation. Guiding people with too much force, snaps them out of trance and they wake up to find themselves like a marionette doll under the hands of the programmer. Not enough control and they begin to explore avenues of awareness that naturally generate more unpredictable possibilities that become potential catalysts for wakefulness.

Wakefulness is inevitable, it’s like sleeping late where at first disturbing sensory input doesn’t bother the individual who is still tired enough to ignore it until they slowly regain awareness of their surroundings and become agitated enough by whatever the disturbing sensory input is to neutralize it and possibly even fall back asleep. Ultimately, every single perceptual input pushes the sleeping dreamer to draw their attention to the aspect of themselves that is perturbed by the intrusion and is therefore asleep in that environment. This sensitivity to disturbances is what makes the human race potentially highly aware while also easily distracted. If we can understand our sensitivities and handle the adrenal response addiction to disturbing media we can overcome influences or ‘threats’ in any situation. This is part of why this is organized in this way.

If people are going to wake up, regardless, then by mitigating the process those individuals can control and maintain power in the situation. As well, by first restricting the process and then facilitating it, the process is maximized. There is guidance at every level and this is another way of explanation the current situation overall. That this society is developed out of the reason to produce individuals that are capable of overcoming the threats to human prosperity. In doing so, this also neutralizes the threats for the universe by default. The result, however, is that it would seem that every form of degradation, entropy, darkness or illness is being unveiled and this produces suffering in the sleeping majority.

Another way to this explanation elaborates is that major mind control implementations are to the extent of lessening the cognitive acuity, not to take advantage of the people which is already entirely conceivable, but to lessen their response to the realization of what has taken place. In essence, people are the hostages to a cosmic stand-off setting where the darkness and suffering that takes place is always going to happen in all timelines or possibilities. The difference is how this is responded to, the impact on the people, how well they are at increasing self-awareness to produce beneficial results, and this can change the entire experience of the process. In short at the highest scale a society may show stress response and distraction yet maintain awareness and continue interacting on multiple levels. At the lowest response a society may become entirely cognitively disconnected from the true, overall reality and they may forget who they were and what they are doing to engage in very degrading activities collectively and individually.

The explanations always include that eventually people naturally wake up as that is just a process of life. What happens then is usually very interesting.