On Mixing with Animal Protein and the Nature of the Soul

Yes apparently there is a mark of those who mix DNA including with the protein from animals. Yes there are biological chemical systems that are designed to break down DNA however there is another kind of effect and that is the mixing of the mind or the spirit to both eater and eaten. This process is also related to why humans are farmed and this may be relative to a human farming, by humans or at least humanoids in some ways, or to extracting energy from the blood or the human mind in a way that is useful.

I have been ingesting animal products recently after letting my energy levels go too low. I feel better from the energy, but immediately sick from any animal product and actually got sick the first week or two and then got sick about 2 or 3 more times in different systems which hasn’t happened in many years altogether.

So we are possibly benefiting from the energy and nutrients that the animal collects by ingesting, but it seems there are also age-inducing and energy consumptive and potentially energetically, mentally or spiritually polluting as if we can sense or feel the mind of the animal.

The explanation quickly then ties to whether or not humans of this age are the first humans. How the first humans got here. What humans are hybridized with because they are either mixed with something that is not in the animals or they are something less than the animals, in that way, purer. Whatever it is, we know humans are not just animals because of the specific configuration to know the self and activate that higher spiritual awareness of energies with the intentional and conscious self-controlled initiation of the application of will-power and creativity.

We see that with a balance of emotionality and intellect we can build in creative ways that influence the soul or multiple aspects of reality simultaneously that couldn’t be reached all in one action from a linear or purely logical standpoint. This intuitive connection to emotion and the development of the self or one’s character is biologically rooted in the nature of a society that nurtures self-awareness, free-will and compassion yet must be balanced with the use of intellect as a motivating source behind one’s intent and actions. The two filter each other and in this way a smoothly transitioning capacity from being guided by emotion processed and filtered by an intellectual hierarchy of reason that guides ones energy into productive, efficient, and useful results.

The mind seems to be nourished by knowledge and experience which becomes wisdom. It’s as if when we are in this reality we are telling ourselves that we must be sure we know who we are, we must experience what we know and test what we know in a situation that enables that. Thus we enter into this arena where people naturally didn’t know who we are before this, and must continually rebuild one’s knowledge of reality and apply what they know in situations with others or nature and from those experiences to refine that new information into knowledge that is then applied again to yield wisdom. This is the purpose for the mind and the connection to the soul as a memory bank. The spiritual force you cultivate and respect will determine the power levels that flows through one’s interaction of the conscious self with the higher mind of the soul’s knowledge which yields directly to the wisdom gained throughout one’s existence in the universe. This is the mechanical process through which one’s soul is awakened as they are reunited with multi-dimensional memories and thus access to the multi-dimensional universe through an activation of one’s total mind but conscious and unconscious self. When this happens in such a degree that specific secretory gland systems release hormones and specific neurotransmitter regions go through periods of activity and dormancy, the processing system for the body changes as the blood begins to show information that was previously not functionally interactive.

Thus these are the latent genes that are used by the information processing system of biology to store information that is not always relevant but at times could be the most relevant and highly abstract capacity for thinking or behavior in the universe. It is as if there are multiple universes of information of being that were combined in this one location to create a multi-faceted being who’s various interlocking organ systems of mind and body are from and still operating on two different planes of space and time. This would explain much of the problem with utilizing the current environment to know the self and the toxic effect of not only pollutants but the stress and eventual lethality of ignorance, spiritual blindness, and physical entropy.

Everything depends on the negation of entropy or the overabundance of spiritual energy that will enable one to continue knowing themselves as they are. There are different phases of knowing that we go through in the universe just like as a physical being. You are not who you were as a child, but you would like to live in recognition of that person as an important being to you, yes? So what if you become human and entirely forget who you are, or become who you are and entirely forget about being human? The two don’t mix and yet the only way to achieve full liberation is through merging polarities of perceptual resistance and meet yourself in this life fully here so that you can connect who you are here to who you become then or there (the “other side” [of the information processing equation]).

“The cup overfloweth” this is like saying your energetic system will produce an extra-emission of energy and will be able to sustain yourself against the exponential parabolic increase of entropy. All is energy, all energy cycles, the cycles that won’t stop will increase until they shape the whole system. Some things that people won’t stop doing is surrounding themselves with death and this statement may seem ironic but is really the focus even of the question this is responding to. Humans surround themselves with death in life and possibly life in death, if you think about it. The over abundance of biologically disrupting qualities yields to greater increasing amounts until everything is a system based on that which is total destruction or self-annihilation. In such a system, other life would continue so it may be impossible to actually destroy life. But this would just mean that instead of disappearing for ever now you’re in some kind of waiting space until the surface of Earth is inhabitable again.

Think of that like a waiting lobby for an online multiplayer game. What we call “Earth” or “Tera” may be the physical, manifested, virtual environment arena where the ‘playing’ specifically takes place. The waiting lobby or que may be what people have referred to as purgatory or the first afterlife/in between where people learn of their other lives, scores, and overall trajectory. “Finishing” the game so that one no longer requires a que ticket and is still stumped by the challenges on the arena level may be the “Afterlife” that yields progress into larger systems or the total largest of all systems if this process is simply a one time go where one goes from finite and material into complete and total omniscience as far as we can know. This may be such a system as many things seem to point to this being at least a possibility, a “higher score” of mind and body.

One thing I have noticed is that we can feel suffering through emotional connection and so through physical connection the process is much more drastic and so those who are capable of feeling energy like this must learn ways to process the energy in safe and benevolent ways. Learning to enhance one’s energy, refining the system like two lasers calibrating themselves against a measurement oriented backdrop (grid) and so on, is not only helpful but will eventually be absolutely required to even make sense of what this place is becoming and it’s becoming that in the most controlled manner possible.

One of the options, if this environment is too difficult, is not to change or leave the environment but to alter our physicality and that is the logic behind altering biology to ensure survival of the species. This is also quite ironic because the new species is not human, however this is still happening. At least some portion of people would participate in order to ensure continuity in ALL possible outcomes.

Thank you for reading.