Personal Chat, Injuries, Animal Protein, Intellectual Enhancement

This was filmed in the fall. This is a little less focused (as many are and I know many will come across this way due to the complex nature of the information) and is a little choppy and ‘abrupt’.

This video is more of a slightly personal update along with connections to the experiences and information of the projects. Everything is connected, people are being ‘upgraded’ similar to how civilization seemed to advance in leaps and bounds in ancient periods.

There is a lot of stress, possibly more than ever, but the knowledge of what is really happening, even in all its harshness, depicts a clearer picture of reality and that is most important for advancing self-control.

There are yin and yang foods, energies, thoughts, etc. The west correlates this more closely through the feminine and masculine diversion of universal energy into a more personified form.

The overall goal is to enable the human race to heal and protect the self through self-awareness and advanced knowledge of energy and mind through the universal process.