Humanity: The Ghost in the Machine

One could say this phrase relates to the human consciousness which is, here, inherently coupled with the mind-body duality in which the mind is separate yet intrinsically combined with the body. Which is the real “you”? The “whole”? Will technology bridge this gap by stabilizing human consciousness in synthetic dimensions?

We found that the largest observer of reality is a conscious mind the size of the universe. The projects were as much the discovery of the universe as well as the discovery of a genetic degradation that threatened the continuity of the species.

Everybody already exists in a technologically facilitated universal domain. You already know everyone else and have lived lives with them.

The sailors of early times did not know what they would encounter over the open ocean and we have ages of myth and legend to describe the encounters of the above and below sea life. Its the same situation again and that may say something about the amount of redundancy that we face in experiencing the universe. Layer by layer of the same challenges until we reach a break through and realize all physical experience is actually inside the cosmic mind. This may not be the super metaphysical fantasy experience we are all lead to believe

So the open ocean, the deep inner Earth chasms, the space between spaces, we encounter what is deep in our mind, from having encountered something like that before. Every time is a ‘new’ time that is built from the past cross-referenced to the present. The great depth is mental.

How does one come to terms with the cosmic reality if the only relative starting point is endlessly overlayed by various modalities and forms that are simultaneously interlocking with one another to create a multi-dimensional whole?

Everything you hold on to is actually holding on to you.

The most powerful response one can give, the most in depth level of change, the truest and most reality altering choice one can make, is to carry compassion and truth in a world of darkness.

To love in a world of hate… Is the goal to love the world even though the return is hate? I would say the goal is to love, however that this world may be corrupt to the core at the current time. Notice how that paragraph is put together.