The Mind’s Reflection of Reality Response to Gary Warmerdam

The mind can’t grasp the whole of reality because there are shared aspects between what one perceives as the mind and what one perceives as information pulled from reality. This requires one’s ability to know without thinking, to sense and be aware of abstract concepts.

The mind and reality arise together to function as a complete experience of self, embodiment and environment. You can’t see one without seeing the other.

Reality is to the mind as air is to lungs. Without the reality to perceive the mind has no limitation to anchor the experience around a particular set or scene of experiences.

All experience is anchored through memory of past experiences, expectation, desire and pure awareness or true free-will.

Automated experience is maintained from within the same system. Automation doesn’t violate the closed circuit system required to produce that.

True free-will, intent, self-awareness, compassion, the source of these experiences are not from a purely computational basis and thus this requires the inclusion or influence of information, awareness or energy from outside the closed loop physical dimension.

One can view the physical dimension as a closed loop similar to the water cycle or the same process harmful chemicals take to evaporate out of the dump site or body of water and condense as clouds to rain back down again.

The physical ‘dimension’ is like a larger mind that is being processed by a condenser system that polarizes and isolates concepts only to cover them back up again with different combinations, costs and benefits. To divorce the mind from the details of habitual repetition as a result of unawareness is to force one’s experience to pull information from beyond the same, previous, limited resources.

We are within a system that inherently protects the true nature of it’s function from the viewers. It’s not impossible to see, it’s just unlikely enough to ensure a sufficient continuation of this realm so that some other goal can be met.

A good question may be what kind of goals would be on the mind of an entity that can create realities for other beings to live within?

8 thoughts on “The Mind’s Reflection of Reality Response to Gary Warmerdam

  1. “A good question may be what kind of goals would be on the mind of an entity that can create realities for other beings to live within?”

    … yes, so I would like to pose that question to you, Aug / omniulse.
    How do you reply?


    1. The realm we all are in at the moment is not heaven, that’s a given. But is it hell? Of course, no.

      If the actions of the individual while in this realm determine the gaining or loosing of their associated soul for all eternity, all the while being subjected to spectacular deceptions and evils, yet the decision to do right is still available always and everywhere… well, if a purge-a-torie realm existed where individuals have opportunities on a moment to moment basis, and are going through a finite experience that will culminate in salvation or damnation, would those who are in it recognize that they are in it?


      1. Check this movie out:

        Gabriel is a 2007 Australian action-horror film set in purgatory. It follows the archangel Gabriel’s fight to rid purgatory of the evil fallen angels and save the souls of its inhabitants. Gabriel is the first feature directed by Shane Abbess, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Matt Hylton Todd. It stars Andy Whitfield as Gabriel, Dwaine Stevenson as Sammael, Samantha Noble as Amitiel, and Erika Heynatz as Lilith.


  2. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. comes to mind lately.
    should it not?
    quite appropriate/relevant i would say.


    fascinating. cruel. even reality, possibly.


  3. i’m sure you’d even agree that a mind can never know/recognize any reality when it’s (the mind) constantly being externally controlled, wiped, replaced and who knows what else only to keep one in constant disarray for an agenda that no ‘earthly’ mind could fathom.

    is this not truth?


  4. i want to know whose mind i have from moment to moment. i know it’s not “mine”. or is it even a mind?

    sometimes words written, by anyone, cannot explain what is certainly going on. at least with this version of “me”.

    i won’t “please “them” by admitting to confusion.


    1. Even before the take over we had different ways of interacting with the different levels of creation. The only difference being that now we are stuck thinking that each level of the creation is the only thing there is so the physical mind is perceived to be us. Whereas before we used the divine blueprint to ascertain our true intentions and act from that now we have to go through all the stages of filtering and different frequency programming. The astral isn’t the ending either, it’s just another layer to the game and can seem almost as real and physical as here. The external stimuli then gets drilled into our brain, or astral consciousness, that this is all that is and we are not to seek outside “voices” as then we are crazy. This is why some people can’t cope with this world and end their lives because they think that on the higher level they will have a better ability to express themselves. The problem is that the controllers control this level, the one above, and probably another few levels above those. I don’t believe the channeled Ra material about 8 octaves…8 dimensions…or even 12. From what I’ve seen once your past the different layers of astral and mental levels then it’s not far past that and you’re back in the vibrational state (or lack thereof) in the one true light which is where spirit reigns and our will can shine again. You’re not hijacked perse…that’s the controllers that are hijacked by the archontic parasites, instead you’re just running around with your eyes ears and mouth all taped over.


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