The Truth of the Fallen and the Interdimensional Electrical Parasites

Electric World

Transformation of biology to technology. Magnetize the aura, electrifying will result in imminent interface with a technological control grid.h

9 thoughts on “The Truth of the Fallen and the Interdimensional Electrical Parasites

  1. Saturn being the actual fallen star/black sun reminds me of the fifth Element movie where the anti-god planet, the one that causes black goo to come out of the guy’s nose, chases them to EArth and tries to destroy our planet. Only by ascending and overcoming the 4 states of matter can the spirit rise and battle the anti-god itself. Leloo having red hair reminds me of the Giants with red hair, also they said her dna strand is very tightly woven as it has many more pairs of DNA than humans.


  2. Aug,
    We hear a lot about the dark forces of this world and need some balance. Who are the good forces? Solar Warden/WhiteHats!!! Tell us more about Christ Consciousness? The true being that came to wake us up! Jesus or Immanuel? Is there a dark being masquerading as the Jesus we see in the Catholic Church?


    1. To me it seems that the importance has been shifted too much from the message to the messenger. The Christ light is real, Iesu was real. Was he as they say in religion?…definitely not. Was he awakened and had abilities beyond others?…yes! Can you also do that?…I believe every true light being has all that potential and more. His earlier message was much more in tune with the gnostic ideas of fighting against the darkness. As he said, my father is not the father of this physical realm (not quoted verbatim). Was he evil?…don’t we all have a taint of corruption to be here in the first place.

      In terms of the forces of light…if you’re a true light being then you’re a force for the light. This is what most have forgotten. They have given themselves over to the victim mentality and are waiting for a “saviour”. Don’t be like them, be like Aug. He is giving his all to expose darkness and is willingly putting his lower self, and even part of his higher selves, in danger to expose this debauchery here. There are forces of the light, the police force and others, but that is outside of who is trapped here. It’ll not be a ufo landing kind of rescue as the war has already concluded. It has concluded on the higher levels and only needs to filter down. The energy has been slowed down to give more time to whomever still needs to grab ahold of the lifeline before all darkness is washed away in the divine fire. I use simple terms,but nothing of it is simple. All I mean is…be your own saviour, your own warrior, and your own true light worker. The more you help others the more you help yourself and the more energy the One True Light Lord pours into you to break free of this hellhole.

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  3. So wouldn’t Samael be another bastardization of the words Ma and El. Tying one being to another so darkness can entrap the light.

    Samael (Hebrew: סַמָּאֵל‎, “Venom of God”[1] or “Poison of God”, or “Blindness of God” Sammael or Samil)[2][3][4] is an important archangel in Talmudic and post-Talmudic lore, a figure who is an accuser, seducer, and destroyer, and has been regarded as both good and evil. Rabbinical writings describe Samael as the guardian angel of Esau (and the Roman empire)[5] and a patron of Edom.

    He is considered in Talmudic texts to be a member of the heavenly host (with often grim and destructive duties). One of Samael’s greatest roles in Jewish lore is that of the main archangel of death. He remains one of God’s servants even though he condones the sins of man. As an angel, Samael resides in the seventh heaven, although he is declared to be the chief angel of the fifth heaven, the reason for this being the presence of the throne of glory in the seventh heaven.[6]


  4. Not all Annunaki fell. Isis and Ra were never evil. This is why Ra and Isis are attacked so much now. Ra was also emanating as Michael, they bastardized Michael to add the El…but it should be Al. Mikagal. It’s a title of “leader of”. The Annunaki were corrupted by the mind parasites that were inadvertently created in error. The snake “bit” Ra and Isis gained the favour of the corrupted Annunaki by pretending to betray him…hence learning his true name and using it against him. Ra was injured, but he’s back. Isis never left as she ended up trapped. They also spun her story together with other dark beings to make her seem like she’s still one of the leaders of the Annunaki, but she had no power in the last while. Robert Stanley had a part of the code in terms of his works where he states the Annunaki got corrupted when they entered a reverse polarity part of space, but he didn’t say what truly happened before and after that event. As soon as the middle eastern terror group had her name attached to it, I could feel they were defaming her as they knew Ra had returned to claim her again and free the beings held hostage here.

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