The Universe Unifying Life Experience

We seem to be in a ‘nexus’. Whatever energies are prominent here will be prominent throughout the whole of one’s experience. This brings in the interesting notion about the cascade of pure knowledge that is related to the concept of using one’s DNA to enable a quantum connection to a golden reality.

If one’s life is always a reflection of the higher realms and so on, would not the goal be to experience as wide a spectrum of intensity, warmth, coldness, rest, activity and all separate concepts so as to reunite the entire universe once again for one’s eternity?

Then from there comes the more advanced arts of capturing knowledge the only way we are readily adapted to do so. That is with your mind. Using your mind like an aperture for energy and the spirit as a motivating force of will-power, one can align with the highest intentions and bring about change on a scale that would require an indefinite amount of time to do so unconsciously.

Thus we get the sacred arts of managing one’s awareness and observing how the subtle properties of one’s awareness, such as intention and feeling, will determine the overall outcome of one’s interactions. This seems counter-intuitive because we are taught to view things as within a physical worldview. This is backwards, as you may have heard before. The words, intentions, feelings, actions, and self-knowledge doesn’t exist because the world is there. The world exists because of the knowledge of the self. The self is an abstract concept, if the world disappeared, the non-physical concept of what it means to be ‘true’, or to be present and aware in a way beyond biological consciousness and repetitive programming, the nature of one’s ‘soul’ development, all will still exist as pure information.

This realm is pure information, that is what it actually is and that is all there is. However, there seems to be a projection system which is extrapolating certain angles of this construct of information, this matrix of data points and through this a finite space with a limited set of programmable variables are present.

Thus, from harboring one’s own self-awareness, the art of gathering knowledge becomes communicating with the universe and effectively initiating events or changes under the power of the universe itself or the universal energies within. To communicate with the universe effectively, simply effectively communicate with the self.

If you acknowledge the process of communication then you haven’t reached the true self that is beyond this plane but you have met the impostor. That is the carbon copy of the everlasting spiritual capacity that was compressed and rewritten into this society as part of an experiment in consciousness, creation, destruction. To succeed is to fail, there’s no prize other than the ticket itself.

The “you” that is readily at home in a multidimensional environment lacks the conditioning and perceptual shaping that enables people to effectively communicate within the same super-culture which is largely technological, agricultural, or knowledge-based. Just as you change over time, or you could be surprised at how you acted or sounded on some nights, the true you is so far beyond your ability to perceive that if you ever met the real you you would be sure that you must’ve died. This is not quite the case, however, therein lies the pun which is that the false self, the impostor that is merely programmed responses and social integration factors would be entirely falsified by the presence of the true self. This is actually part of a problem with what results in the fracturing of human minds upon exposure to the truth.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to do this. This is not the easiest situation, around 2% of the information regarding the true nature of this reality, advanced technology, corruption and interdimensional history has been released.

It’s often easiest to just say what can’t be shown except directly which is that anything you can imagine, is already possible. The point of this is, what you CANNOT yet imagine is standard operation various groups who seek to ensure the continuity of the civilization.

Question: If this civilization ended only for a new one to begin (possibly already having been organized and put into position), would you be able to integrate that event?

Imagine if there was technical, measurable data supporting the conclusion that the human being is a kind of universal projection node through which information is filtered, organized and prepared through the garment of the soul. How would reality change, how would society be influenced?

23 thoughts on “The Universe Unifying Life Experience

  1. Question for Aug; by the way, Thank You! for you are doing for everyone! My question concerns cycles in the development of consciousness; would that have a bearing on how well people can integrate/understand the truth of what has been going on, and the unveiling thereof? Would said cycles have anything to do with where the earth; the galaxy, etc are in relation to other items in space? Thanks!


  2. i just would like to know … when does this “i” in this hellhole of a physical-and-whatever-else-type-of-existence-i-am-experiencing, finally cease to BE?

    please tell me that it DOES indeed cease to be.

    i know there are multiple “us-es”, does there need to be horrid ones like this one, eternally?
    if so, why not just let it all perish? no one can possibly believe/know/think that an existence such as this one is beneficial or even necessary. ever.



  3. What could be more shocking about our reality then our real selfs being in stasis in another location and our consciousness is mirrored-copied-fractaled through the Saturn moon matrix and projected into our current avatars in this realm. Is there more? Many of us are ready to learn more!!!


    1. What is more frightening than if you only had 1 chance left and then the door shuts and you’re stuck here to suffer until you can’t suffer no more? as the saying goes…K.I.S.S…keep it simple stupid lol. Basically the more you know the harder it becomes to keep your mind focused and to keep track of what the truth is and isn’t. Since you resonate with Aug’s writings then you’ve found a level of truth to work from and the underlying message is only one thing…one thing that I’ve been saying for a few years now as well…do your spiritual work or be left behind. It’s never easy. I focus on the isochronic tones/binaural beats and meditate once or twice a week, but in my beginning I did all this hardcore. I also put tons of effort into others which still allows me to grow. To grow past this. Find your path and get to it :)

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  4. We’ve moved up to 2%!!! YES!!! ;) You should make a graphic progress bar :) Jokes aside, thanks, Aug. So for the rest of the population, whatever the number of actual sparks is, do they HAVE to go through the destruction of their various ‘worlds’? Has the cure to the virus been found? Isn’t it straight forward? Ego madness? The need to act as a collective but maintain individuality. SELF-ishness. Self-IMPORT-ance.


  5. Aug. These last two articles were the most straight forward “how to” articles you’ve ever produced imho. Keep it up. You’re helping me fine tune my retrieval techniques. Or maybe I should say tunneling.

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      1. Hahaha. I’ll say She’s my adopted mother for now. The “tests” on my blood aren’t back yet. Ive got a strong suspicion though. Ive got blond hair, blue eyes and elf ears.


  6. It’s funny how I’ve sometimes referred to myself as son of the sun and lo and behold I found this book like a month ago as I searched for the meaning to my chosen name Orfeo.

    Click to access Orfeo-Angelucci_son-of-the-sun1.pdf

    by Orfeo

    Pg. 62/63

    “It is easier to fall, Adam, than it is to rise. It is easier
    to spend than to earn. Civilizations rise one person at a time, but
    they can fall all at once. If a whole world rises, yet overlooks one
    lower being, that being could begin the toppling of the whole, no
    matter what the number involved or the length of time required.

    “One tiny seed could replace a jungle with an orchard. Yet one
    tiny virus can blight in a week that whole orchard and turn it back
    to jungle. In life, the good seed is the love of pure learning, and
    the virus is willful ignorance. All things pass away to those who
    are involved in the evolution, but learning remains, and learning
    and love are halves of each other.

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      1. Yes. I’ve had the feeling lately that if you unveiled everything for them then they’d be in such a state of shock they wouldn’t be able to function effectively in this society and basically would become self nihilistic same as the false beings.

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    1. Abzu…the depths of the chaotic ocean? Or does it have a different meaning for you. We each choose words/titles/names etc that best describe us or our situation.


      1. in Sumerian and Akkadian mythology it referred to the primeval sea below the void space of the underworld (Kur) and the earth (Ma) above. :)


  7. You’d need to be able to process a possibility that you had no baseline for. For instance in my opinion all movies are garbage because they fail to capture true potential. In a book you’re able express creativity to the full extent devised from reading a single written line. But to integrate creativity comes the responsibility and awareness of understanding the dark side of wonder. One may become lost in oneself but accumulating enough spiritual fat may help you navigate the terrain toward integration.


    1. The baseline is your divine blueprint in your DNA. Something they haven’t been able to tamper with, only the outer construct they’ve convoluted. This is why for like 10yrs now I’ve advocated people go into deep meditation within themselves and find who they are. This is why I’ve been attacked on certain sites as I’m very outspoken and blunt, and because of my warrior nature highly dominant. I would never trample on another’s experience and will, but when it comes to the trapped true beings here it’s all serious business.


      1. I now have an idea of what I need to do. For the past several years I’ve been spinning in circles, slapping band aids on my wounds. Thank you for replying to my past and present comments.


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