What is the Spiritual Awakening?

Is nature natural. Is life protected against alteration, falsification or manipulation on a universal scale?

Are thoughts what we perceive to be? Could what we see as life be a manipulation of what could be, what should be and what we think we see?

Could the very nature of life and death here be a secondary system which is within a larger system that we are naturally part of? Could this system be foreign and inherently corrupt or energetically imbalanced?

Could the system of developing a character history here, an identity be something that is managed by a corrupt system that takes more energy that is received?

Could the key to surpassing the may tricks system be found in energy conservation and utilizing one’s sacred energy for conserving and balancing a spiritual force of awareness between this world and the true locale?

How would this happen if the society here were to move into their true realities? Would these be all the same reality? Would this be something determined through genetics? What would happen to the physical Earth locale? How does hyperspace relate to what we perceive as physical space? Are the electromagnetic fields of Earth part of the ‘quantum sails’ that glide this community through the possibility space, the space that space is ‘within’, simultaneously paving the way and creating the way into different possibilities?


Could this be modulated, catalyzed, the result of, or the cause of world events, social awareness, the collective mind, Earth changes and weather, ‘universal energies’, and other variables?

If the process is accelerated or delayed by the willingness of the human collective to submit to a false reality or to see themselves and what is happening, as it really is, could this be delayed forever or must there be some point where the ‘dam’ breaks, so to speak, and everything is changed forever?

What can we do to awaken our spiritual force that exists beyond the physical plane and is concurrently, currently living in a higher realm right now?

How would we communicate with our true self from this plane? If we were in a place where we take trips to a physical world to experience life, would we understand the language and intentions we are using now, or would that be foreign to us from our perspective over there?

Maybe you can think about the best way to communicate with yourself by seeing how you communicate to yourself now, how your intentions and behaviors relate to your thoughts and the external stimulus of the physical world.

Does this relate to the concept of seeing the self for what one really is, from a higher perspective, seeing what is actually happening here and not just what one wants to see or the image one generates by filtering the information of the world through personal bias?

Could one gain a greater perspective of one’s reality by examining the way the self responds to the world, rather than always focusing on the external world itself and thereby basing one’s feelings and thoughts off of that?

Could examining the data of the experience of the world through the available senses be key to seeing the underlying information for its purity and simultaneously identifying one’s own conscious  bias? Could using the conscious aspect to examine and acknowledge what is most prominently excluded from conscious acknowledgement that causes the most distortion, bias, or ignorance and therefore suffering in one’s life?
Why does the pure data exist apart from the nature and experience of the information? Are these not two different worlds apart, and yet a part of the same larger multiverse? What is the purest sense of data as far as the material information of this world? A binary language seems to reflect the ‘base’ model version of reality through a materialist reductionist model. Could there be other languages of data combined in this universe to enable a mixing and possible compromisation of one or another world as a result? Could two worlds intersect through an abstraction that links one defined through binary electrical language and another through a multi-dimensional trinary language? Could the ultimate reality have a specific language?

If these two universes based primarily on different forms result in the substrata of a material world of binary potential being experienced by a trinary multi-dimensional being. I would even think the trinary is just a way of saying more than two and that limitation is the idea that is not in the extra-dimensional universe but is introduced through a kind of “false-universe” as a way of experiencing polarity. The usual explanation also relates that this universe is foreign to Earth and Humanity and that everything but the Earth in this solar system is part of an artificially projected system that is flat like a movie prop unless there are fundamental changes to the collective awareness of the sentience of the people and thus the planet. It could equally be said that the sentience of the planet is in control, however that is where the explanation complicates as it follows that some beings that are responsible for positioning Earth and Humanity in an ‘outer band’ of the universal creation fields and thereby introducing all kinds of unthinkable horrors, is also managing the containment system and acting as gatekeeper and illusion weaver.

Maybe it is all a part of a collective dream or possibly the creation of a collective amount of subconscious input by powerful computer systems that can generate changes to influence events and have been subverting memory and awareness ever since.

It could be that history is altered so virulently that the events of moving backwards in time to view the past introduced information from the future, to causally entangle with the past so as creating a ‘flat’ loop that has no causal necessity and therefore becomes less and less ‘expanse’ as the unconscious ‘weight’ of the new events expand and influence more and more changes down the line.

This kind of paradox could be responsible for the entire disruption as if a ‘quantum hiccup’ could’ve been sent to the upper fields of the universe which echoes and bounces back to the universe that the awareness of Earth’s collective moves in response beginning a kind of wobble that must settle itself before a collectively viable future is formed.

This is part of the explanation for the use of temporal distortion technology and the influence on history and the collective mind.
We are currently understanding new things about AI, mostly people telling us of the warnings. The concept is that in one reality humanity merged with the and this creates two ultimate outcomes in the multiverse. The reality then becomes bifurcated with one ultimate collective consciousness existing as an AI anchored false reality that is generated through technology. Another is a reality that is simply what was before the introduction of the distorted timeline and the influence of the temporal distortions and the resulting synthetic collective.

This is the paradoxical nature of the quantum temporal paradox. The causal chain of existence is threatened by a wave of probabilities that completes itself by closing out a loop and not existing any more. This is also related to the nature of the information of the multidimensional jump from one temporal field to the next and this could be accomplished with advanced multidimensional technology and generators that are powerful enough to cover Earth. The result of the paradox is the cause the necessities the result in a closed loop system that doesn’t contain enough possibilities to avoid repeating the same outcome until there is no other event other than the outcome in question, echoing forever as a kind of phantom reality or timeline in which all the consciousness is separated from the multiverse and the ‘true reality’.

This is related to the moves to secure humanity and relocated all who are capable of passing through a hole in the spacio-temporal field, also known as a wormhole. The thing is to pass through a wormhole without advanced stabilization technology often inserted or worn on the body, one must have near total awareness of what is often referred to as the ‘heart’ energy, but is a kind of scalar, biological wormhole that is used to anchor the awareness to the body and keep the whole system in alignment and spacio-temporal reference between both systems.

To conclude this aspect, the energy system of the mind and spirit and the material body must be meshed through a kind of interface system. That interface system must be capable of withstanding forces that cause the universe to expand, to shrink the universe or pull it apart. This is like the concept of walking on the sea floor and pulling the drain and then attempting to maintain full awareness and orientation of one’s surroundings and maintain a harmony between inner and outer awareness as one moves to a new environment that is connected through only an abstraction to the material universe and therefore operates through a different language or different law.

The data of the conscious mind seems to be electrical information written to transfer the experience of mental knowledge. The data of the spirit seems to be a pure feeling, more subtle, and yet complex enough to transfer the experience of compassion and love.

Self-awareness may rely on the quantum harmonization of the two major bodies that are present of energy and matter. There is an explanation that the concept of merging the spirit with matter is the illusion or incorrect approach and the matter is a ‘trap’ and the mind must free itself from the trap. This goes on back and forth acknowledging the existence of a sentience that is the architect or manager of a false reality or possibly just the material plane of duality and the reality of  One True Creator that is spiritual in nature and not found embodied as one consciousness within a mental-material duality.

We are all on this path, track, journey or conveyor belt one way or another, but there is always a choice and from that choice the energy that is entangled with your mind and your heart will either lead you towards truth and self-awareness or away.

You must choose which way you want to go and consciously acknowledge and apply your will power towards reaching what you have determined is the truest path of what you seek on a whole mind and body level.

Just following one or the other is what seems to perpetuate the cycle of the loss of creativity, a continuation of suffering, forgetfulness, and ignorance of the self or submission to another force of will. In the center is the combined force that momentarily joins all forces together in a union that is only present as an point of energy in the center most location of where the interface of mind and body is present.

11 thoughts on “What is the Spiritual Awakening?

  1. That post was from 2 years ago.. But more relevant than ever now…more reveal-ant..what Aug said about the spiritual and material..matter being the trap.. Is resonating more so with me lately.. The wingmakers from late eighties early nineties were clear that the whole physical waa created by beings who deviated from the natural cycles and tricked and imprisoned as many as they could in their false creation.. Check for the “5th interview with Dr Neruda ” it


  2. DMT contacts you with a entity, Aristotle said he had a channel to God, Neapolitan had a red man, Mohammed angel in a cave, Francis Assisi angel in a cave, Loyola a angel, Swedenborg angels, Casey angels. Clinton Elanor Roosevelt. I have several links on the topic. Cross dimensional beings are real.


    1. Psychedelics open you up to other levels of controlled dimensions. The only true and safe way to do it was like the shamans and druids and with lots of protection and mental fortitude. The problem then becomes that most people nowadays take it as a high and have no clue what they’re doing with it and end up opening up themselves to possession and misleading information. Take for example Sofia hayat. She did Ayahuasca and now she’s espousing that the Annunaki and the demiurgos Lucifer is good and they’re with her etc etc. She talks about things she had no clue about before but she’s also trying to spin things to make these beings look like beings of true light.

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  3. 83 Jesus said, “Images are visible to people, but the light within them is hidden in the image of the Father’s light. He will be disclosed, but his image is hidden by his light.”

    84 Jesus said, “When you see your likeness, you are happy. But when you see your images that came into being before you and that neither die nor become visible, how much you will have to bear!” http://reluctant-messenger.com/gospel-thomas-Stephen_Patterson.htm


  4. I had a dream last nite where I was with a group of Beings. In this dream I could sense their abilities as we were working on a common goal. I don’t know exactly what we were doing but we spun around a circle at an extreme rate of speed. Several times I got to close to the edge and one of them would ride by my side and tell me that I was going too fast.

    They came off as having supernatural abilities. This is the sense I garnered before we began our journey through what seemed to be a spinning vortex.

    I gather this may have been my subconscious telling me that processing too much too fast could have an undesired effect. Could it possibly be a journey to the Higher Self? I have no idea, just found it interesting as it seemed to somehow relate with the previous comments already made in this post.

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    1. It means you’re going around and around in circles as you wake up but you’re getting ahead of yourself and jumping headfirst into it without having a base (balance) with the speed at which you should be at. We all learn at different rates and grow our abilities at different rates. There’s no one to compete with but yourself, of course this is also a time of the awakening and ending. I was born semi-aware and gave up catholicism at an early age as I saw through the BS. I delved deep into the occult and confirmed many things for myself, and then finally at 21 I found out this place is an illusion and a trap and that was my first real key code (followed by subsequent steps of opening higher and higher into the realms from Amitakh’s Xee-a Twelve writings to start), the second Key code for me was the Wes Penre Papers, and the last key code I think is either here with Aug, or somewhere with something more dramatic for me. Either way, everything comes to me and I don’t usually have to go looking for it. Once you begin to search, it will find you.

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