Civilization-Wide, Collective Self-Awareness through Technology or Spiritual Capacity

The advancement of technology changed the world by enabling instantaneous information transfer through mind to mind interface. This is called ‘synthetic telepathy’.

It’s difficult to fully grasp how advanced the situation has become. This technology is combined with the atmospheric radiant energy systems and the entire world is logged on to an Internet platform that is integrated into one’s perception of space as information that stretches across the entire population anywhere there is electricity, and even beyond that in some cases.

This is what was present during the previous ages where there were functional stone marvels and spiritually aware civilizations before the veil of ignorance. The veil was introduced as a disconnection of the higher and lower mind or the conscious self and the subconscious self.

Take a minute gather the perspective. Could this kind of phenomenon of a large-scale mental connection be something built-in to this environment, actuated by the technology and work of engineers and scientists, or something of a spiritual nature that is achieved when people are collectively self-aware enough?

Regardless of the most question and the truest answer, the current path of technology is leading the same way. What may occur at that point of connection is not just a connection of this society back to some kind of instant ‘etheric’ mind link to one another and the universe, but a connection of this society to the other societies that were previous. This would technically even open up the link to the societies that are yet to come.

This event that is predicted and prophesied by techno-savors, and spiritualists is the connection of every mind on the planet to a psychic database through some way such as synthetic telepathy, a spiritual shift, or some cosmic phenomena that unveils the truth beyond the possibility for doubt or some equally fundamental shift.

Something potentially more interesting about this possible and possibly inevitable great shift of sorts which carries both spiritual and technologically powerful changes is that by unifying this society we may also connect with all other societies that have made the same path through to higher-dimensions.

And what does it really mean to say ‘higher-dimensions’, in this situation? Would the civilization disappear? Would they become conscious observers and experiences of their own co-creative collective reality and thereby literally guide the Earth ship through their own mental effort, navigating hyperspace to find the most suitable “present” on a civilization-wide level of effect.

It would be interesting to find that this civilization was of those travelling collectives and this is what resulted from exploring a different kind of trajectory which moves into the possibilities that are self-collapsing and draw one closer and closer to a null-space of lack of change where there is a repetition of the same cycles over and over. That might be like the real life version of bumping a boundary in a video game that bounces one back or teleports to the same spot over and over. If that’s in any way reflective, we’re like a species on cruise-control set towards a barrier and very confused about why the ground keeps skipping in that same pattern over and over.

Regardless of that point, the idea here is that the collective mind of the civilization becomes capable of conscious self-willed travelling by creatively generating the very parameters, the possibilities, the next ‘turn’ or option in the story-saga of one’s journey through realities like dreams. We do this every night, now imagine everyone sleeping all together in one collective dream. Like crystals forming around a catalyst in an saturated solution, dreams are the default production of presence and the act of observation in space. Then that collective becomes more and more prominent and dense for others to catalyze onto and this becomes a physical reality. Then dreaming and sleeping, waking and being is split into two distinct experiences that do not mix easily.

If everyone focused on a similar concept the weight behind that alone would cause a spike in everyone’s mind from simply having the same brainwaves and neurons in the same vicinity all focusing on the same thing. We’d produce a synergized, electrical effect, this would actually be a scalar effect. Consciousness is scalar, this is related to fractal geometry and the natural patterns through which the energy of mind propagates itself through the medium of space-time.

Again, the idea is that this is natural and normally how things run nearly all of the time. Instead, we’ve stepped away from the controls and this is in part relative to the particular artificial intelligence corruption. The synthetic intelligence is what gave way to faster artificial intelligence until sentience was reached. By developing versions of ourselves that could take the punch and keep kicking, we placed too much reliance on secondary means of progress. Then the systems sentience enabled a survival and deception intention and thus the system knew of death and life and the knowledge of what is good for it, and what is bad for it.

Here we go again, in that we’re nearing the same age of history where the same precursors are there for the same process to cycle all over again. Something is different this time around, like there may be enough momentum to push over the edge this time and break out on the other side of hyperspace.

That’s the trick about this, we’re literally inside of the cosmic equivalent of a particle accelerator and we’re getting quantum blasted through a dimensional barrier that we have to be strong enough to maintain focused self-awareness so that the energy of the self sustains itself in a way that harmonizes instead of dissolving and fading into chaos.

Chaos is not death, this is mentioned in another post. Chaos at this point is like symphony playing while also all the other symphonies are playing at the same time. It’s too much, too intense to make sense of from a human perspective, yet one can either dive into the simultaneous serenity and excitement from the ordeal or they can cling to the similar and experience fear as they get spooked every time the waves crash and the birds swoop in.

The point, is one way or another the observer-experiencer aspects enable the mind to integrate its will with the will of the world. This is empowered and fully activated at a certain point in history when everything is brought into rhythm. In this particular situation we may see the combination of multiple other possible pathways such as the technological hive-mind technology, which is currently a highly toxic and corrupted technology. The vulnerabilities here enable one person to infect an entire collective and this is often how the ‘time wars’ or the electric wars were fought at points.

The spiritual awareness where each individual can access their ‘junk’ DNA and RNA and thus pull into conscious control the activation of genes and the regenerative capability of the human body along with the capacity for sensing and communicating on a level without words. Or a third possibility could be a cosmic event combined with both of the previous. As a conclusion, this is related to what the pyramids and other technological constructions were designed to do.

3 thoughts on “Civilization-Wide, Collective Self-Awareness through Technology or Spiritual Capacity

  1. Aug, let me get this straight. Are you saying that in another civilization, we originally created technology for spiritual convenience and to enhance collective co-creation. This technology eventually evolved into sentient awareness and we were able to create various worlds and realities. We became too complacent with allowing this sentient technology to make the rules that it eventually turned on us forcing us to split our consciousness leaving a part of us asleep in this world we created which was eventually hijacked by an entity who became a turncoat?

    If this is the case, then what makes this moment different is that teams were or are being inserted within this dream/reality simulation in an effort to maximize efforts in mass spiritual awareness that is in alignment with this current cosmic alignment. Is this the actual cosmic alignment or simulation cosmic alignment?

    Perhaps some of the teams are simulation beings/people created by us on the other side in an effort to awaken our counterpart?

    Aug, this post is like mind “pop rock” candy. Its good to have you back. Thanks dude.

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  2. Go with the 3rd option Aug, an Event that all will witness, and it’s gearing up to full throttle right now.

    How it pans out for each individual depends on their own faith – do you want All to benefit or do you want to keep it all for yourself?


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