False Disclosure, Research Celebrity Cloning, Donald Marshall and the Others

As a reminder, ANYONE who has information about “who’s who”, or “who’s doing what”, or what secret title and outpost, or icon really relates to what but is not stating outright that they were involved with secret operations and have been brought to public for disclosure is attempting to indoctrinate the public in preparation for a mass take-over of the collective mind through sealing off the public in a fear-based paradigm.

They will attempt to use the human as a hyperdimensional portal to escape the response from the collective when the collective wakes up. Before this the goal was to keep the collective asleep but the soul-level awareness is coming closer and closer to the surface of consciousness. Thus, their goal is to flee while there is still a chance but the stargates have been deactivated and they are being sent back through the gate if they do make it through. That was part of the debriefing, there is some army or some defense group that is literally throwing them back through the gate if they attempt to flee. Everything is to center here on the Earth plane, the whole world is to know the truth. That is how the balance will be restored but the indoctrination system has conditioned people to accept insanity and reject the truth and so that is the complication.

This sounds paradoxical but I assure you they are all perfectly recorded and individually acknowledged for what they have done in private. Everything is recorded, this entire dimension is one large, spatio-temporal magnetic recording device made out of ether. With the right device and frequencies one can literally play back time-space of any location or event, especially relative to one’s DNA and individual experiences and decisions made by a particular brain, body or soul.

Research Donald Marshall, he literally informed the public of all the details, the whole set-up, from the Pindar, to the dragon society, to the brotherhood of the fallen, to the Monarchy, to the game of thrones, to the duplication process, to soul scalping and stealing, droning, replicating or fabricating memories, using temporal technology to create a temporal distortion field through frequencies. It’s all there.

Everyone else is BSing, they are making the shit up to get attention and will receive literal hell-fire, plus some well known on the radio shows have literally molested and tortured me as a 9 year old boy with the lady-thing wanting to draw blood from the penis before being able to orgasm herself and the fake, wannabe tough guy drunk POS wanting to beat up a kid before having rough sex with his implanted, insectoid consciousness wife-thing. I’ve seen a few weep to their family members about how bad a person they are feeling guilt over the whole thing but at least they have the choice while in that state to receive full memory of the events and in doing so they will either become a complete drone consciousness soulless monster in every second of waking reality or they will make the choice to inform the public.

Research Donald Marshall please share the information. You must realize there is not going to be any help for you other than the truth and technically a team of individuals prepared to heal and restore balance. So there is help, but the truth is still challenging and that is simply something that must be overcome. Fear must be overcome. Cognitive dissonance must be overcome. Either you inform the public of everything, or they will get your soul and there is nothing anyone can do for it. There are literal .01 percentages of human souls that are powerful enough or clever enough to balance their energies to merge through the labyrinth that surrounds this time-space holding everyone in.

They say the net is down and the system is crashing but I don’t trust everything I hear. I do know, however, that the net must crash, humanity must survive, otherwise this whole time-space disappears forever because the One True Creator who manages all of time will not give Acceptance to this Existence and all will perish into the void as if it never occurred at all. So this means since we are here now, that someone and somehow, Humanity will survive and this is the process of surviving.

Like I said before, if I told everything I would literally have to step away because of the number of suicides it would cause. You think you have a clue, Donald has not told 1% of what really goes on there, it’s all just the game parts, the joking parts, the fun stuff they do in between eating hot dogs made out of human flesh. Yes, and they don’t tell the celebrities that they’re made out of people at first. They say, “oh well, we can have endless clones, lets just eat whatever we want and do all the drugs we can.” Meanwhile, they’re getting them to seal their souls off with the hybrid races so that they get cut off from everlasting life by their behavior in the sight of the One True Creator.

It’s way deeper than anyone can imagine. We went through it so you don’t have to, but everyone will have to be awakened to the truth.

The ultimate truth? The electromagnetic grid will be activated and all memories of all sentient beings will be accessible by simply focusing. Those who are incapable of handling the fact that we have been in the presence of interdimensional vampire “hellions” for all of history will go permanently insane and that will shatter their souls, thus, people must be awakened slowly, according to a schedule and this is part of that. It will push the limits of sanity and challenge one’s mind because that is the only way to know the truth.

3 thoughts on “False Disclosure, Research Celebrity Cloning, Donald Marshall and the Others

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