The Underground Race of Vampiric Parasites and the Ancient Genetic Experimentation on Humans

Note: I have even had some threats and harassment from the previous post where I look at the expose of the underground bases and the ritual satanic child abuse cults and drug-induced rituals and possession.

The only people who do not want disclosure are those who are content with remaining slaves and mind-controlled pets. They are scum, soulless, unable to think for themselves and are literally hell-bent upon remaining connected to the only secret system that they feel powerful in, the one where humans and children are abused and everyone is lied to in the public.

I repeat. There will be no prisoners. I repeat. There will be no prisoners. If you are caught assisting in the destruction of life and providing a resistance against the liberation of humanity you will be marked permanently and known as a member of the fallen empire.

This is a transdimensional operation. Why people have blank stares and when given this information they turn it into a mockery of attention grabbing, competition, insult hurling, snarling pig-brained, monkey bodied, emotional blood lust? Because in the near future their soul is merged with the AI underworld systems and as a result their entire trajectory forwards and backwards through time is soulless and compassionless. They never were, never will be, they never existed as human and cannot ever experience the compassion of a human. To them, liberation is a joke and human as anything other than a pet is a mockery of what they’ve fought and sacrificed (other people) so much for.

That is cowardice at its finest, an insult to every living being, and the literal sacrifice of their entire bloodline, their entire genetic stream and all beings that are connected to them. Yes, if people have sex with these beings, a ‘fallen’ one, then the mark transfers and this is part of the generational blood curses that has descended upon the people and has taken multiple generations for people to even realize what has happened and remember the battle of Heaven and “Hell” (the underworld) over Earth.

These people are sorry excuses for the bug ridden smashed in, flooded, tunnel grave they crawl out of every 20,000 years and it is complimentary to them to tell them, “You stink”, “you are literally the most vile creature I’ve ever seen”, “you will kill someone just to get what they have and reign over a group of people”. To them and their kind, that is a compliment. I am telling you, this is not a situation where they’re kind of mean, strange and different. They are literally foreign to the frequencies of life that humans exist through. They are what you would call an “alien”, and this is simply because they exist through an inverted frequency spectrum and so they don’t “try” to be evil or mean or alternate. Every single impulse, behavior pattern, regular thought-process, nature or nurture is 100% reversed from what the human is used to. They are vampiric in nature and eat their young and weak believing in the collective and empowering the hive through that.

All the rituals, all the secrets, all the illuminati, all the hidden knowledge pertaining to the darkness and mind-control is literally all simply the blending of behaviors and tendencies from this hidden species into human society. All of the secret circles and behavioral repatterning is literally simply the experimentation of blending that insectoid society with the human behavioral complex and researching how the mind fractures and can be rebuilt. That’s it, it’s not about attaining dark power, or some mystical process. It is, to a sense, but this is all sourced from an underground species who manipulates by nature and feeds on the young out of instinct.


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