The Hyperdimensional Non-Ject at the End-Beginning of Time-Space

With the dissolution of death, the format for life is transformed. The binary experience of fear-joy, suffering-pleasure, death and life that is expressed primarily through animalistic existence moves into a transcendence of bi-polarity into an expanded spectrum of social and spiritual contemplation and then into the highest order of complete spiritual expression and creation where the dynamic is entirely for spiritual expression instead of suffering and survival.

The point of this transition now is about merging the current trajectory of experience with what is to come or the true reality in a way that allows the two trajectories to merge together beneficially. If what is to come is so far beyond what is happening now that what is happening now seems simply meaningless then one of the identities is not transformed into the next but destroyed and rendered effectively useless. That is destruction instead of transformation.

So the goal is to know the true reality, the highest order while still remaining here and now before reaching that level as a society or individual. Then, we can merge this current reality with the knowledge of the ultimate truth and transform each facet of this reality into the higher perspective. This is like taking a smaller mandala aspect into a re-rendering as a larger or higher iteration of a mandala composed of many smaller facets. This process is not unlimited, it is finite yet continuous. We have a limited number of iterations for Humanity to become awakened to the true reality.

At the ‘end’ and beginning of time, there is a hyper-dimensional mandala kind of perspective where all realities and Human consciousness of the You identity are actually understood to be a part of one larger more complete being.

DNA is a ‘biological internet’ that enables the transfer of communication across multiple planes and dimensions. This is relative to the ‘chair” or ‘seat’ which is cleared for more in depth disclosure at a later date due to the intensity of the information involved with the research and experiments.

The truth that technology showed is that all boundaries and all limitations of knowledge are arbitrary overall but necessary at this level in order to maintain an appropriate sense of order.

22 thoughts on “The Hyperdimensional Non-Ject at the End-Beginning of Time-Space

  1. Could you please send me an email concerning my post about the Holy Grail. Did you receive it? It appeared to be awaiting moderation for several days and then it disappeared. Then it briefly reappeared in moderation. Then disappeared again. Thank you kindly.


  2. My comment doesn’t have to do with this post but I just wanted to get this out there. I often wake in the middle of the nite and need to get a grip on where I am. Haven’t been on meds in years, don’t drink, no drugs of any kind.

    But last nite was different. Not only did I not know where I was… I didn’t know what reality or dimension I was in. Just standing in my hallway and I had no idea what was going on. Who I was or what this realm entailed.

    I’ve felt extremely calm today but it could just be a mood shift. Will keep you updated as I have found the more I understand myself the better I can help others with the same.


    1. I don’t ever watch the news but I was just grabbing a bite and the restaurant TV had the channel 4 news on. Talking about taxing robots. I know the truth doesn’t need my belief for it to be so, but it’s my choice to believe that we are about to combat this onslaught of organic debauchery. I’ve worked too hard on self improvement only to see myself derailed at every turn. It is my belief they have to give you an opportunity to choose your way. It is possible that a short window is about to present itself. And when it does I’m going to hold on and not let go, or will sacrifice my spirit in the process for the betterment of all if that’s what it takes. Whether there is a family back “home” that would be devastated by eternally losing someone, I can’t look at it as a selfish act because this is what I stand for. Fighting for those who I believe deep down truly do care yet have lost there way so much that the ultimate gift is needed to return them to their rightful place. Their family back home doesn’t want to lose them forever, so a group of individuals making the ultimate decision may lie in the cards. This is not what I want but will do so if necessary. Just working on preparing myself for anything and everything that is yet to come.


    2. It happened again last nite. First 2 hours after I went to sleep and then an hour and half after I went back to sleep. I was awake but stuck in a different reality, or it was the astral. It was the layout of my house but I didn’t recognize any of the sensations.

      Something is happening, a merge of some sorts. I’m beginning to frequently see things out of the corner of my eyes. With all the wipes I’ve had in my life this is the first time I’ve experienced something that was concrete which I’ve believed was real, not something psychological that science could explain away that I was imagining or making up. Fear creeps in as you experience the unexpected, but someone has to first see the truth for others to be ready.


      1. Aug, I like to read comments from others blogs and sites. Over the past several years I’d say in the 90 percentile range I will be experiencing the exact opposite of what others claim to be doing so themselves. I am only one person but it seems the A.I. possibly attempts to trick us in this way. Everyone will feel this “positive surge of energy” after waking and my experience was in the realm of utter disaster. Almost designed to make you feel depressed, like “what am I doing wrong?” or “why can’t I feel good?” Except it does not have this bearing on me. I’ve come to understand that in order to step into great responsibility sometimes great suffering must be endured. For all those out there and in here that are experiencing the extremes, hold on to the life force you have and know that compassion is held for you in the darkest of times.


  3. I was watching episode 110 of Dragonball Super and you can clearly see some references to Shiva in it. Everything conveys some level of truth into the public eye in this system.


    1. When you wake up in the morning do you have infinite, trillions upon trillions upon literal googleplexes of opportunities to get out of bed, get coffee and get to work on time? Or do you get three and then you’re fired? Humanity was fired last decade.


      1. Lol. I may have gotten fired but I wasn’t exterminated. It appears the oak tree in my driveway gets trillions upon trillions of literal googleplexes of chances I which to procreate based on the number of acorns it drops on my house.

        If we were fired last decade what are we going on about?

        Do you believe the sun is real?


    2. Cowboy. How long would you want this nightmare to keep going on then? Have you looked outside your window lately of all the craziness happening? Cartel in Mexico chopping people up alive, burning them alive. Middle East even worse. Africa etc etc. This world is an illusion within an illusion within a holographic mind matrix. I dare you to say any of this place here is beauty and love and I can easily show you 10-100x more of the negativity and brutality. This is the ending of this matrix and dark beings can whine all they want…they will not get a second chance. One more round on this hellish house of horrors is too much and we would lose more of the true light family needlessly. Many browsing these types of sites are working for disinfo psyop cointel shilling trolling etc. If you don’t stand firmly against them then they will overwhelm you and you will fall back into line and be a good sheep. I for one won’t let that happen. Any arrows directed at the truth will instead be sent back to the originator x10.

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      1. I would like the nightmare to end now. What I am not following is the all or nothing aspect of awakening espoused here. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding but it seems like we either all awaken or we are all obliterated. I hate this place to be honest. The fact that I have to kill other living beings in order to survive is a real problem for me. This whole “life” system is predicated on power and control. At the very top we have psychopaths. I do not think they will awaken unless the sun or earth forces them too. I am under no illusion that this place is beautiful.

        Also, in response to another comment; I meditate for an hour a day.


        1. Stay strong. Keep your will and don’t give in. I have different information than Aug, of course mine is through higher self and not so much a program. The bleeding heart liberals upstairs wanted to give more and more chances. It was decided that this is too much. What happens outside of you is irrelevant. Connect to your inner higher self and you will be fine, guaranteed.

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  4. I’m sorry, I’m not sure how else to contact you, but to leave a comment here. I’ve become very interested in the nature of reality, after discovering the Mandela effect a couple of years ago. Since then, I spend hours of every day reading stories, personal experience, and all different kinds of theories, but honestly, I get the most insight, from music lyrics, and Hollywood movies. I’ve been telling people that the truth won’t be out in the open for all to see, but encoded in movies and song lyrics. Everyone thinks I’m crazy, but after reading many of your pages, it’s helped me to put a lot more pieces together. Everything you talk about is also fits along with everything I’ve learned listening to songs and watching movies. I’ve seen the deeper hidden meaning in all of this. I just wanted to thank you for opening my mind. I have also noticed lately I seem to be like a human lie detector. I literally detect bullshit within a few sentences of someone speaking or writing. I don’t detect any dishonesty in your pages. I just want to thank you for helping to spread some truth. I have lots of questions while reading through your pages, but for some reason none are coming to mind right now, so I’m going to stop rambling. I came to my own theory about how and why we are experiencing the Mandela effect, after hearing way too many similarities in song lyrics around the same time. Did something really big happen around 2013? That’s the vibe I was getting anyway. I’d like to share my theory, if you can contact me. Sorry for this being scattered and messy. I’m pretty nervous when it comes to stuff like this. I feel like I’ve been searching for the truth my whole life, and the past year I’m getting very, very close to finding the answers I seek. Im basically asking for some help. I’ll stop here, but thank you so much for your time.


  5. Having probs with WordPress on my end. Submitting my post again. You may email me if you wish.

    By Lucinda Dionysius

    To Aug and team

    I’m deeply grateful for your posts and your service to humanity. I have read most, if not all, of your posts and find them highly enlightening. I love you all.

    I have a question about my genetics, perhaps discussed in the bases. I understand you were briefed on many humans within a particular criteria.

    But first some background:

    I’m Rh neg–the only neg in my family. The inter-dimensional parasites dragged me through a gauntlet of unrelenting pain and suffering for decades starting from birth. And I was programmed to exude copious amounts of fear-based low frequency plasma–I was a highly emotional child.

    My mother, brothers and sister seemed to be devoid of compassion and love, and ridiculed me daily. I am the youngest sibling by five years and was quite helpless against their attacks. And I was severely physically neglected: malnourished, no medical care, scavenged clothes, no shoes. When I was five years old my sister slammed an adult-sized baseball bat very hard across my eyes and forehead, breaking my nose and fracturing my skull…because I wanted a hug, some love. I did not have a relationship with my father who did not live with us.

    Since my awakening and my denying-implied-consent to-the-controls-of-the-parasites several years back, I have become a powerful co-creator of my timeline of bliss and abundance. For several years, I have been writing and posting about: co-creative powers, inter-dimensional parasites, satanism and child torture by the elites, quantum timelines, the corrupt demiurge Yahweh/Yaldabaoth, the Grail Stone v. the Ark Stone, and other controversial subjects. I’m not a Channeler; I do intensive research. (My posts correlate with your posts.)

    In fact there were scarcely few or no articles on these subjects on the web when I first posted many years ago. And the viciousness spewed at me was, and still is, overwhelming.

    My authentic paternal surname is Dionysius (Dee on NÉE see us). Assisted by my very rare Rh neg blood type and other info, I have researched my genetics back to the descendants of the Fisher Kings Dynasty in Gaul (France). The French city of St. Denis is named after Dionysius.

    Damaris Tamar, daughter of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, married Dionysius. She traveled with him, speaking to anyone who would listen, about the satanic parasite Yahweh/Yaldabaoth (the angry bloodthirsty god of Moses) attached to the Ark Stone demiurge. And, that compassion, service to others and self-awareness of our god/goddess powers will dissolve this false matrix hologram of fear and helplessness.

    And she and Dionysius, along with her two brothers, began the Fisher Kings Dynasty in Gaul, which was the true Camelot. And they reigned with pure love and compassion. All were in equal standing with one another. And there were no wars, poverty nor plague.

    From the beginning of the dynasty after Yeshua’s crucifixion, the Holy Grail–the pure demiurge Star of Bethlehem with which Yeshua’s spirit or light-body was attached during his baptism–remained and provided for the whole kingdom with instant manifestation of their every need and desire. And there was great beauty over the land and abundance for all.

    Yeshua was with Mary Magdalene in Marseille until she died many years later. I believe he was able to be with her physically as well as in his light-body so she was never alone or sad. Yeshua was attached in a metaphysical or alchemical process to the pure demiurge by his cousin John the Baptist. This merging produced the Holy Grail.

    Even in the vastly corrupted bible, Damaris and Dionysius are briefly mentioned, one time only, as traveling together, ACTS 17:34. (The dark corrupted this by insisting Damaris’ name changed to Phoebe, and that she was married to Paul…all lies. And the dark usurped the true story of Camelot–the Fisher Kings Dynasty. We doth not put two and two together lest the truth be revealed, lol.)

    I cannot find any info on the children born from Damaris and Dionysius but I highly suspect they did indeed have children, and that this is deeply hidden by the dark. Dionysius was not descended from the Tribe of Dan, which began with Cain born from the unholy union of Eve and Yahweh/Satan. So they both were of the same species and could bear children. (Rh neg woman cannot carry to term an Rh pos baby as one’s immune system attacks the fetus as tho it is an invading entity.) Note to Tribe of Dan descendants: this is not your fault. You have the God-spark needed to ascend. I love you.

    I was amazed to discover that Sir Lancelot and his son, Sir Galahad were descended from the son of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. That would explain why the Holy Grail traveled with these Knights and provided necessities and protection. (They were not working for King Arthur Pindar who was a Draco, Qween Lizzy’s ancestor, who chased them relentlessly, setting traps to capture and kill them. The elites try to usurp the Rh neg bloodline because it is truly the bloodline of the Holy Grail. They lie.)

    My question is:

    Is Yeshua and Mary Magdalene’s bloodline traced and monitored in the bases? Are descendants targeted for death? What else do they do to descendants?

    If anyone knows the truth, it would be you, Aug and team.

    I know that I cannot be cloned for the same reason Rh neg blood cannot be replicated (unlike Rh pos) albeit the dark tries everything in their power to do so.

    Before I denied implied consent to the parasites, I had a few assassination attempts and I was badly injured. And I know of one such attempt where the would-be assassin was himself killed a few weeks later. This unexpected, unsolicited info was delivered to me by a stranger in an astonishing and mysterious way!

    (I was not consoled by the news, but rather saddened. No doubt he was under mind control. I love all humans and fault them not one bit because most are under severe mind control and running scripts for the dark agenda. As for the parasites disguised as humans or whatever…I abhor them.)

    Is it possible that I am a descendant? That would explain so much to me about my bizarre, landmine-filled journey. And it would make me happy. But it is not something to be envied! LOL!

    Or is there anything else you can tell me about this? I would love it if my question was deemed interesting enough to inspire a new post with your insightful take on this as it applies to all of humanity.

    Blissfully Neutral,

    Lucinda Dionysius


    Photos of me. I live in the mountains of Colorado :

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    1. Magnificent interesting comment thankyou for posting. I was very saddened when I read what your sister did to you. And your situation in general. You are a beautiful person and heart, the Colorado photos are stunning too.

      You might find this below interesting, somehow relevant to what youre saying above. Its about Nigel Farage, and his bloodline, and note how he was the first politician to meet Trump after his election.

      This would tally with Roman Catholic/Illuminati on one side – Blair, Clinton etc, and with Protestant/Orange Order on the other – The Pharoahs, Mary Magdalene and her descendants – like Farage (Yaraech = moon) and others. Trump’s mother is bloodline from ancient Egypt via MacLeod, Gaethelos (where Gaelic comes from, Pharoahs and the exodus around 1800BC with Queen Scota). Farage is descent from Mary Magdalene also descended from Pharoahs, the original Jews who spoke Hebrew around the Ebro in Lower Egypt. The original Israelites/Jews were not from Judaea as stated in the Old Testament, but from Egypt. Judaeism was a manufactured religion created to control the plebs.

      Rome was built by Caesars, also descendants of Pharoahs (Caesar and Gaythelos are linguistically the same name), and Christianity by Emperor Vespasian, a Judaeism for the Gentiles. The creation of Christianity involved a split within the descendants of the Pharoahs with Izas being imprisoned, and Magdalene, his sister wife, escaping to found the Orange Order in the South of France, with Roman Emperors overpowering them and the Catholic Church until the 18th Century when their descendants (The Orange Order) finally broke through. (Read Ralph Ellis for more details)

      Do the original Jews’ from Egypt descendants like Trump, Farage have a hatred for the Khazar Jews who adopted Judaeism and who have achieved control of Europe through the Catholic Church and through the EU bureaucracy? The Khazars want to snuff out the originals by removing their financial power, while the originals have had enough of this revolt and want to fight back.

      The Rothschilds and Murdoch seem to be siding with the original Jews currently, for example. Murdoch could be bloodline (being of Scottish origin), same as Trump. The Rothschilds seem to be onside with the Orange Order. All of these sides seem intent on suppressing the rest of humanity, but the power struggle between these sides seems real. The Catholics want WW3 and massive destruction to enable them to grab what remains. The original bloodline Jews just want to keep what they have, and hold onto it. Brexit is their way of disempowering the Clintons/Blairs/Catholics who have grown too strong. Maybe somewhat simplistic and lacking parts but this pattern fits quite well with what we can see.


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