Mastering the Mind and the Holographics of electroMAGnetIC Pt2 (Marilee NiEtain and Lauda Leon)

Mastering the Mind and the Holographics of electroMAGnetIC Pt2 (Marilee NiEtain and Lauda Leon)

Much of this is direct quotes from the video, some of this is my own narration of the information and other is directly added from my experience. Please watch the video to get the information directly and everything I speak of is related to this information, thank you Marilee NiEtain and Lauda Leon. This is one of the most comprehensive presentation on the current psychic infestation of Earth and the manipulation of Humanity, including healing, the capacity of psychic awareness and the true nature of reality.

The psychic virus originates from the mind of a being who seeks to usurp and manipulate humanity. Most people on Earth are hybrids of some degree while there are few actual humans. The concept of identity is used to manipulate and control.
Brainwashing and programming has altered this society’s access to universal memory banks regarding the creation of humanity, previous ages and other realities.
“Hu”mans were created with a connection to the ‘dirt’ of Earth.

The manipulation of the human reality is an emotional disregulation pandemic.

Energy can create or uncreate there is no limit to energy.

The energy of awareness of those around can connect with one’s field through acknowledgement or simple thought and if the person is lower in energy and intentions then that connection will have a direct parasitic effect on one’s consciousness. Energy is a manifested state of being, the thought of a gun can act as the effect of a gun in energetic or thought form. This is psychic warfare and has been deliberately manifested, enhanced, and applied for the manipulation of this society.

(Love, pure observation, stillness and neutrality through compassion is naturally neutralizing to negative energy attacks.)

People are so psychically stressed through this system that there are many people psychically sending out attacks at all times and the result is complete exhaustion and damaging those around them.

People are stressed to the point where the slightest trigger will cause them to begin sending damaging signals into their environment or to themselves. This is part of the mass programming system.

One doesn’t have to accept a psychic transfer if they choose to not connect on that frequency. Psychic boundaries do not require justification or explanation.

The mind control programming seeks to vilify self-defense and sovereignty and glorify submission and self-destruction.

The Black’s Legal dictionary definition of a human is a “monster” and can be interpreted to reference a hybrid being.

The use of language is the foundation of consciousness in society and is the foundation of psychological and spiritual manipulation through having multiple uses or interpretations of the same words and phrases and different formats or contexts for language to enable organized manipulation of humanity.

The commercial code for corporations and contract law is the language that is used to manipulate humanity. There is much more information in this as this is the basis for how the deception is grafted throughout the land. (This is a “shipping war” humanity is the “goods”. The species became associated to a ‘fictional entity’ that is a legal fiction which is used to usurp the power of the ‘living man or woman’. This is ‘maritime’ law as this is considered the ‘lost sea’ in the abyss and humanity does not know how to speak their own name and therefore is considered dumb and blind and must be ‘recovered’.)

The virus and the machine that projects the virus are connected through a kind of parasitic symbiosis. The virus is a format of information that can infect the human mind and the machine projects the information in this realm in a way that can interact with the human energy system through scalar energy.

The natural self, the true self is reacting to the artificial stimulation and the disorders that are present in this society are a response to the energetic toxicity of this ‘electric war’.

Technology is being used to lower alpha states to beta to reduce awareness. Harmonics are emitted to block out and occupy the spectrum and create a ‘crowded’ ‘toxic cloud’ effect for the collective mind.

Mental illness is the fracturing of the awareness which creates partitions that enable continuation through the limiting of awareness from trauma.
Machines can recreate or create realities. The act of creation transfers the capacity to create.

Within the mind is the ability to create. The manipulations seek to target that capacity and reproduce a corrupted pattern through the transference of harmonics into the ‘inner sanctuary’ of the human. As long as one’s intentions remain pure, then those frequencies or harmonics within the mind will reflect that of the heart which is incorruptible. If the heart is corrupted then the energy is unsustainable and will have to be taken from elsewhere in a parasitic fashion. The heart itself, the center point of the energy cannot be corrupted but the manipulations are designed to access the heart through the mind through an inversion process and invert the energy system into a parasitic alignment.

The truth is found in healing the corruption here in this reality and awakening to the true creative spiritual power of the heart of humanity.
Every conscious connection is a two-way communication, an energy transfer and exchange.

This is why DNA is referenced as the “internet” of hyperspace.

The physical body and energy bodies are memory containers for trauma and must be cleared in order to regain the full creative capacity of the spiritual force. Trauma debilitates the ability to create, adapt and grow.

Mass psychosis from hyperstimulation through technology, electromagnetic waves, disorienting information and trauma.

Trauma becomes stored in the body and the mind is altered to produce a distorted view of the self and reality.

The parasitic infection is a mix of multiple disorders including a traumatic relationship in terms of psychological and emotional abuse and a chemical drug addiction within the brain. There is also the generation of artificial or delusional realities and false personas to recreate the same suffering experiences including a ‘false awakening’ or reprieve which leads one back into the same patterns. This is the ‘labyrinth’ the mind corrupted by this psychic parasite, this is written about throughout many cultures.

The human body is the alchemical container where stress and self-awareness is used to catalyze new awareness and realities.

The spirit is in the blood and the blood is targeted to control the mind.

The universe remembers through the blood of those living, the technology attempts to modify the blood and synthesize a technological memory brane to then usurp the creative power of the living species and the universe.

The mind-space connects to realities through frequency. The lower frequencies that are used to manipulate humanity through limiting creativity is connected to the reptilian brain frequencies.

The accepted reality is a mass hallucination. Everyone’s reality is different from each other to the point that each person’s individual reality would be inconceivable or unrecognizable as the same reality to one another. People do not know this, yet each person is as disconnected as a person in complete delusion to one another. Because this society permits such behaviors and disconnection, this is the norm and no one is aware unless they begin to question the belief system they are manipulated through.

The psychic parasite is a viral technology that connects through frequencies to infect the mind and generate a carbon copy which then leaches on the human host and attempts to reproduce itself in others.

The parasite feeds on energy in the plainest, rawest sense.

The nature projection is an intricately woven illusion to create a falsely considerably safe reality for humans to ‘make home’. This is a false reality scripted to appear as a human baseline reality but is a far-off projection that humanity is ‘castaway’ to. The act of taking humanity here was to lure those that could be and use the DNA to recreate the species through advanced technology and transfer the species here using the technology. That is why this location is referenced as a false reality. It is designed with the inherent purpose of deceiving the human inhabitants. In increasing self-awareness and aligning consciousness the reality manifests differently in accordance.

The same way cloud computing can be used to host viruses that will then feed back information or power to the primary network, the human species is used as a cloud network to host the virus that then feeds back power and information to the primary hosts.

(Note: The projects sought to find a remedy for the situation through the research of various aspects of the situation. The solution is that humanity is informed of the true nature of this reality and is strong enough to choose self-awareness and free-will through increasing energy levels out of lower level behaviors and mental frequencies.)

The majority of people do not know their own thoughts, do not know their own self and have not experienced genuine self-awareness. The answer to that is in discerning the difference between programming, biological automation, scripted awareness and manipulation with true awareness sourced from the “All Spark”.

The true realm is a “verse” which references the use of sound and the knowledge of harmonics to create. “Uni” verse is to uncreate or create in the negative. This is another way that language is constantly used to manipulate and in that sense one can notice how not just some aspects of what is used to understand reality have been manipulated but literally every aspect that is taught or used in society.

The hero’s archetype can be used to convince people to replay the same spiritual trauma over and over again.

The original mythos of the serpent was as a KEEPER OF WISDOM. These myths are distorted to produce fear and a rejection of knowledge.

The princess in the castle with the dragon was being GUARDED by the DRAGON from the PATRIARCHY who seeks to CONTROL and DOMINATE the FEMININE. When the knight slays the dragon patriarchy then RULES society and we get the overmasculinity disorders leading to constant war and physical dominance with low self-awareness and less spiritual presence.

We have to disengage from the narrative and return to the still center with pure observation and detachment to see the truth. Everything that is considered true in society could be manipulated.

The maternal lines carry the mitochondrial DNA and are the lines that are relative to the true spiritual consciousness that is passed through bloodlines.

The progenitor is ONE STATE OF BEING that is INTANGIBLE to this reality.

The ancient myths are references to the corruption of DNA and the introduction of psychic viruses which are present in this society. Memory is distorted through energy manipulation to misalign spiritual awareness and induce distorted states of being.

Awakening those who are willing to look for the truth is more beneficial then attempting to awaken those who are content with sleeping. Those who are not interested in the truth may perceive the truth as threatening and the awakener as an attacker.

The savior program is the reflection of the victim program. To be saved people must see themselves as the victim. This is a transfer of energy and power in every thought that results in a person avoiding their own self-awareness. Each program manifests reality streams and as long as people are refusing their own power and self-awareness realities are generated where parasitic psychic entities can inhabit without being acknowledged.

Trigger phrases are placed through texts to manipulate the subconscious through subtle implanting of ideas and impressions that influence the mind.

The work is here on this level where the transmutations have to take place to overcome the suffering, the delusions, lower awareness, manipulations, programs, deceptions, and belief systems falsely accepted through manipulation of awareness and manufactured consent.

8 thoughts on “Mastering the Mind and the Holographics of electroMAGnetIC Pt2 (Marilee NiEtain and Lauda Leon)

  1. This is another post I will have to read several times! Question: How you know if you’re an actual human or a hybrid and how does this affect the whole “sealing” thing?

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  2. This is interesting. Why did he revoke YRFT when he used to host her info? I know that some of what she says isn’t true, but then again she herself has confirmed that she has been waking up slowly as well and isn’t always on top of things. Same as with Amitakh, she had to evolve on this plane to be able to access her information. I do resonate with much of the YRFT stuff either way.


  3. I’ve got a theory. This place is The Pit. We have entered here as some who have not been totally negative, or repented, are given a chance to grow and redeem themselves. I know this because this shell hosted a different being near 2000 and then I could feel a huge change and that the civilian light population was evacuated. I’ve had this nagging feeling that WE are who they’ve been waiting for and just need to wake up and make the change on our own. I always felt like I came here to help others get home…but maybe it’s to help myself get home. As I said, no one enters the heart of kaos without being scarred.

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  4. Do the Hybrid/Animal, Huminoid, Clone, Hu-Beings know what they are, & purpose here is?
    If so, they must all know to keep the secret from the few Humans.
    Do they know who a Human would be? If came close to one in a store, or a neighbor for example?

    Very Big Secret!

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