Soft-Disclosure – John Dies At The End

I won’t say much about this movie. Watch the movie and you’ll see the hints about the holographic prison ruled by vampiric overlords that manipulate society. There is a contagious black substance that infects people and once they’re infected they have a limited time before they succumb but they know the truth of this reality.

“You see it?”

“No, or you know, it’s a empty cage.”

“Turn your head so you’re looking at me. Now you should see the box just out the corner of your eye.”

“Let’s go back inside your story was more interesting.”

“You’re gonna die Arnie, some day you will face that moment and at that moment you will face your complete non-existence or you will face something even stranger. On an actual day in the future, Arnie, you will be in the unimaginable, it is physically impossible to avoid it. Think about that. Now, without turning your head, look at the box.”

“There is no name for it in this world, pretty freaky though right?”

“No it’s really there. I’m surprised you saw it so easily though. You must have an open mind.”

4 thoughts on “Soft-Disclosure – John Dies At The End

  1. SOFT DISCLOSURE Im watching this film now, ”Skynets gone, for the first time, you can choose the life you want, any life you want. ”

    Terminator Genisys Movie – Official Trailer – YouTube

    ▶ 2:32


  2. I just watched David Lynch’s last movie Inland Empire for the 2nd time, wow, it makes perfect sense now after seeing your videos and reading your book, so obvious. I will have to research why he gave up making movies after this, putting aside his public comments.


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