YRFT – The Lie NASA Told – Summary


“Nothing of the Old May go Forward. In Each New World, you are given a New Name.”



Created Non-Human Entities and the “Seals”



There are created species of humanoids and non-human entities.



The goal of these genetic hybrid experiments was to create a life form that would be capable of hosting interdimensional parasitic races while appearing as human.



The future is dependent on the signal of one’s own spiritual essence as rendered by DNA. The personal identity is carried by DNA and so in order to transfer one’s personal identity out of the fallen construct, the abyss, one must have clean DNA that will transfer a clear signal of their spiritual essence.



The degradation that distorts DNA is related to environmental toxins that are made in laboratories and released on the human population but the primary factor is whether one has mixed their DNA with a hybrid or fallen created species. There are rituals that encompass such acts of sex with non-human and humanoid entities.



Under the free-will clause, it is possible for one to revoke such actions by withdrawing their consent. This may require the acknowledgement of such an event as a form of rape through drugging and abduction which is usually how such events occur. As well, through cloning, hybrid genetic engineering, and sexual activity with beings who appear to be human but are hybrids, one’s DNA can become tainted and this indicates that their ‘signal’ is now hijacked and carries, as well, the transmission of an entirely different race originating from the fallen, alternate dimension.



That is used to corrupt the DNA signal which is a recording and living essence of one’s consciousness and entrap them into the abyss which is the home of the fallen races.



The seal is related to the corruption of the DNA and this can occur from copulation with a fallen species, or another species which renders the signal less consistent and distorted, or this can occur by giving permission to a fallen race to use technology to implant a ‘mark’ of their own genetic signature onto the individual thereby mixing their DNA.



Free-will enables one to withdraw consent from any unconscionable contracts, manufactured consent or corrupt relationships.


This World is the Reflection in the “Mirror”


This world is a reflection of the true reality of the spiritual realm which is purer than physicality. All that happens here must be sourced by spiritual life, if there is no spirit, then there is no life here. Spirit is the true life, the true anchor of all that happens here. Spirit is what is really, first happening, then the projection system of this holographic, atomic illusion is geared up to represent a variety of angles of interpretation.


The “call” occurs at the end of every age, this is a kind of signal that extends out to awaken the very dormant and psychic soul awareness deep within the human consciousness. At that point the human wakes up to the true reality and the journey here has come to the next phase.


This is a world-wide event, everyone can see everyone else as the spiritual essence can process the amount of information required to have such an experience. Thus, that experience is far beyond the realm of the mundane physical reality, as are all that are beyond physical perception.


The goal is to balance the natures and habits of the physical system well enough with our own consciousness so that we can recreate such a projection in the spiritual plane. Then, one remembers themselves as human and as well, this has the effect of transferring an abundance of spiritual essence when in a human body.


If this is achieved during this age then one has surpassed the requirements of harmony to enable them to travel a universe while in a human form. This is called ‘eternal life’, and is talked about as a ‘perfected, incorruptible body’.


The Arc is similar to a frequency band that carries a specific wavelength of radio signatures that transmit a show or message. Each DNA grouping resides in its own frequency ‘band’ and these are gathered into ‘Arcs’ of which there are a limited number. These can be seen as a transport vehicle that one uses to transmit-transport their spiritual essence to the true universe.


The War of Earth


Earth was attacked in a deliberate act of war, not an accident and the entire civilization was transported through a dimensional rift into a literal alternate dimensional frequency band that sits ‘below’ the original universe. This is called “Hell”, or “The Abyss”. In this realm the fallen entities that do not carry their own light signatures, essentially parasites or vampires, exist and are sourced from.


This is why this place is considered ‘fallen’. Currently, the entire human race, those that are subjugated in this war, is considered ‘fallen’, because they are literally in a dead-space void that is kind of like a recycle bin of the universe.


Underworld Rule


See the video. These systems in this local are ruled by underworld entities. Each one and their group must amass a large following from which they can drain the energy of the living beings to sustain themselves. It is entirely parasitic in nature, similar to a fungal parasite taking over a human host to convince them to feed on harmful foods to sustain the parasite.


In this case the harmful foods are that which are spiritual degrading to the human. Actions, thoughts, beliefs, expressions that are spiritually of low energy are empowering because each act transfers a bit of energy that would otherwise remain with the human, out into the space immediately around them. Then, the entire system is set up so that there is basically a large factory complex of drainage routes, electrical lines, and energy ‘suckers’ all designed to siphon all that excess spiritually degrading energy.


This is possible because we are in the abyss, this is the underworld, the mirror world of the true spiritual reality.


The ONE True Creator of Man


There is one progenitor, all the way back to the beginning and the end. There is one originator of the most powerful thought the thought expression that matches the original human universe so closely, that it actually created that system and humanity. That is the progenitor of the human race and that is where people come from and must return to so that they remain as they are and remember who they are.


If that is disrupted, then the memories of experiences here are lost and one’s genetic material can be reapplied as another race. That is the meaning of ‘soul stealing’, interdimensional parasites from ‘outer space’ (interdimensional). This is also why it is said there will be an uprising when people find out what has happened. Every facet of all organizational efforts in the public (that we know about) is geared towards stealing the soul of humanity and literally ‘selling’ them off for weapons and exotic chemicals.


There are ways that humans are protected.


The Abyss


See the video. This is the underside of the universe. One who has merged with the Underworld loses their capacity for compassion unless they will themselves to retain that. Compassion is the ‘center’ of all life.


The East Gate


The East gate is where the path will open for the polarity of attraction towards those who progress towards “good” (not evil). Good means harmony, truth, self-awareness, compassion, knowledge, and free-will. To keep your current form, if you are happy, is ‘good’. To become transformed into a demonic entity would be ‘evil’. Such evil is the nature of the attempts to subjugate humanity by replacing their spiritual essence, dissolving their spiritual essence and then using their bodies as host bodies for the fallen.


The West gate is the path of polarity that the fallen will be attracted towards. It’s very simple. If one has compassion in their heart then that will attract if there is an attractor based on that frequency and all spiritual beings who carry that compassionate essence will relocate in the local of that attractor. This can’t be avoided.


The same effect is possible with the negative energy that would be present if one is negatively compassionate, or ‘evil’, literally in love with darkness. Thus the energy of subjugation, rape, destruction could be projected from an attractor and those who carry such a frequency would not be able to resist their eventual relocation to that area.


The End Goal


The underworld entity devours the soul essence of the individuals that are ensnared in the soul-traps through spiritually degrading behaviors, expressions, thoughts and corruption of the DNA.


The Transportation Technology (depicted in petroglyphs)


Technology depicted on the walls as a pine-cone and a handbag that people often ask about is technology that was used to record and create a copy of the genetic signature of humans and then transmit this signature through space-time to the false-reality matrix. This is the technology that initialized the process of making distorted, genetic copies of humans and then placing them within a false-reality matrix in the underworld.


Altered Time


What is taught to be thousands of years ago was actually hundreds of years ago. Other civilizations are directly and indirectly connected to the current civilization.


Planetary Vahls


Each planet (according to the information I was presented and shown in a variety of ways) sits atop a “Vahl”. This is a way to track the motion through ‘space’, although the concept of matter is not accurate here because this universe is holographic. At the end of each age the Vahl is used to send a concentrated energy emission which is the consciousness of the groups that have succeeded in harmonizing their soul essence enough to move to the higher plane. These emissions are called “Eggs”. The goal of the deception is to delay this emission and induce a state of extreme spiritual ignorance in humanity.


The Cube Technology


One of the major technologies used in the deception are computer chips that are in the shape of a cube and are much more than what one considers a computer today. These are false-reality matrixes that can initiate a mind-link to an individual and control their consciousness by creating false data-streams and ultimately replacing their soul with an artificially generated copy.


These also then work as sever systems to uplink everyone that is connected to such a system. Thus, they function as a hive-mind system for the fallen.


The Yellow and Black Sun


It was said to me that there is a hologram in front of what is known as the ‘black sun’ which is a negative energy for this realm. This hologram deception is referred to as a ‘firewall’ and there are many forms of technologies and consciousness hijacking like this to stop people from realizing where they are.




Another form is the separation of memories that are formed in the dream-state from the waking reality. This entire civilization has been shielded from those memories as a result of a frequency net system that beams energy to Earth and stops memories from the higher levels from being access by the body.


Symbolism and Secret and High Society


There is symbolism that correlates to all this information, all over society. This is also a form of manufactured consent by enabling people to know the truth while simultaneously hiding it in every sense.


The Spirit is the Incorruptible Body


The spirit is the incorruptible body. The spirit is the true essence of one’s self. The soul contains your memories and your path through the universe. The body is a dimensional translation, a reflected mirror of energy cascading through a gradient as if on a delayed projection to enable the perception of solidity.


Spiritual “Fat”


This is known as the primary goal of all in both the deception and the liberation. If one does not have enough spiritual ‘fat’ then they will burn out upon the attempt to leave this fallen universe. Energy is what is required. A harmonization to balance the energy, through balancing one’s ego and shadow consciousness, choosing compassion and free-will, then moving one’s self through the course of physical reality making choices that influence others and the self that express one’s orientation towards compassion and free-will, and then releasing from the illusion as one accelerates towards the ‘exit’ is required. The whole process requires the residual effect of doing ‘good’ to enable them to have enough of an identity that will be rendered through the translation process and survive the transport to come out on the other side. Without the results of one’s actions, there is essentially no proof that one is one way or another and the result of having no spiritual ‘fat’ is the dissolution of the identity.




I was told the reason that attempting to heal certain issues and pack belongings (metaphorically) in this time would be pointless because instead of healing the bodies, the mirrors will be healed instead. What this means is that the healing process will be initiated from beyond the scope of this reality and from the access of the mirror the entire system can be restored to full health without having to go through physical healing process.




The Book of Life


This is a recording of one’s soul-signature that is used to emit the frequency that draws one towards the true universe of spirit at the end of the age.











24 thoughts on “YRFT – The Lie NASA Told – Summary

  1. I’m a year late commenting on this thread, but regarding the question of whether to get on the ships or not, I ran into this interesting article recently:
    In a nutshell, if someone wants you to AGREE to something, Don’t. Sign nothing, no contracts, no writing in blood, etc. Not sure how all this will pan out, there are many contradictions out there about ‘The Ships.’
    YRFT says Ashtar and the GFL are some of the bad guys, with videos promoting their plan to “rescue” us with their ships, during some sort of cataclysm. YRFT also says the Arcs / Ships are waiting for us during the event, with our respective (good guy) families all there for a happy Gathering.
    It’s easy to get confused about who is ok to trust – and who is not. The word “Ship” makes me a bit uneasy anyway, as I thought it would be a more spiritual departure from this realm. ???????? The more I learn about all this, the less I seem to know. Does anyone REALLY know?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Satan just means adversary and can belong to anyone. That’s common knowledge. Only the catholics twisted that title to suit themselves. Devil on the other hand is another high dark being.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Would these be Planetary Vahl’s?
    On Jeff P channel he shows some type of Vehicle or Vahl flying with the Sun. Niburu system?

    Interesting how theyre inside our Dome- Electromagnetic fence- barrier- plasma shield – Earth Vahl.
    Or are they?


  3. And thank you for that translation! Great clarification of her terminology, just wonderful, eloquent even. It makes much more sense now and it will be immensely helpful to many who have been very confused by that video and her others. There are always more questions, but you have managed to cover the gist of it quite perfectly it seems. It is actually comprehensible now. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. That’s always bugged me those handbags and pine cones. Have wondered if they might be actually inserting our pineals or what, but have expected they were up to no good whatever they were doing. So thanks very much Aug for touching on that detail.

    As far as YRFT goes, controversial for sure with some questionable pieces. There’s a long history of interesting info there, much of which is dated now that she says herself is no longer accurate or applicable. It seems to me much of this disclosure coming out is from well-intentioned people speaking the truth as they understand it. And some with shady intentions are expected. You often hear the words “This is what I was told/shown”, and certainly some of that is subject to interpretation. Not always a question of honesty, just interpretation. The truth seems always to be sprinkled with deceptions/disinfo, sometimes intentionally, and sometimes not. Even amongst those most honorable that are disclosing truths there is going to be differing perspectives and conclusions, clearly.

    The lingering questions, bottom line for many of us involves what to do at the end of this farce, and how we can move it along and leave this sim. What does the exit look like, is there an actual “extraction”, or an internal implosion of sorts where we simply transcend? Is there a push, a pull, a lift, a backflip? One thing we can count on and that is that there will be trickery, always is. How are we possibly to know if an extraction involves us being liberated or simply harvested? Conflicting info all around on that critical point, and some consider them one and the same. This is the primary concern I hear from those seeking, the burning question. Do not get on the ships some say, others say take the ride out however it presents itself, just gtfo, and damn straight we’re ready. Or ripe. “You’ll know what to do” it’s been said. Will we? Trust or faith in anything or anyone’s word, or even in ourselves at this point is about impossible considering the onslaught of lies and manipulation over entire lifetimes. Consent of any sort now raises a giant red flag. So is it liberation, or harvest, both, or neither. Gotta love those multiple choice questions.

    There does seem to be consensus on the most basic advice of love and compassion, self-awareness, self-control, creativity, and connection to spirit. So no question there.. the rest seems up to interpretation. Much gratitude to the efforts of all who are trying to bring clarity to our situation, not an easy task at all.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Excellent comment, DD! You explained the dilemma we’re facing far better than I ever could have. Being trapped behind the veil, all we have is third hand information at best. And who knows where that information ultimately came from? So far, I have not heard anyone explain what is going on here in a way that seems appropriate for people who have been lied to and manipulated our entire lives. Aug comes the closest to achieving that. YRFT’s way of presenting it just doesn’t feel right to me, sorry. And Aug, I’m also sorry if my recent comments have been a bit emotionally charged. I’m just very disturbed by this “secret sealing” thing and the idea of having to be “owned” in some way in order to escape this reality trap. It just instinctually feels wrong to me. Is there really no way to rise above all that nonsense? Do I really have to be “sealed and owned” (by beings I have never even consciously met) to get out? Sorry to be so hung up on this but unless I’m not understanding it correctly, I find this news profoundly disappointing and even frightening.

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  5. Just expressing my concern about something here that I hope is not too controversial. I have a hard time knowing how to take esoteric information coming from YRFT when she includes things that completely contradict my current world view. Like at the beginning of her original “The Lies NASA Told” video, she says that when JFK became president, he found out about the bad things going on behind the scenes, demanded answers and was killed for it before he could warn the people.

    From everything I’ve learned about “world leaders” and the political system since waking up, this idea just sounds laughable to me. I really have a hard time believing there’s ever been a U.S. President who was not groomed from birth for the position and completely on board with the agenda long before ever making it to the White House. Isn’t the election system a total lie? The idea of a “rogue President” getting “voted in” sounds more along the lines of fantasy fiction to me. I doubt he was even actually killed. Isn’t the story of his “assassination” just a part of the phony, manipulative “history” narrative the controllers have been selling us?

    In addition, the whole controlled opposition movement was born out of that event with over a half century of misdirecting “conspiracy theories” (that were probably created before the event) designed to lead inquisitive minds down bottomless rabbit holes to nowhere. I fell for them for a long time myself. So knowing all this, how can I see YRFT as a credible source of information on anything? If she really knows about the greatest conspiracy imaginable (the corruption and hijacking of the human race), how can her ideas on things like JFK be so mainstream and primitive? Am I just not understanding something here?

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    1. Just because something doesn’t “fit your world view” doesn’t mean it’s not possible. It was plainly stated his family was involved with the mafia to get him in in exchange for giving them more power and concessions. He then turned on them and tried to out all the scum of society and when he went against the federal reserve they had him killed. Him and his brother. One took on one element of the criminal elements and the other one tried against another. It’s laughable the kind of “research” people do nowadays…”i am a god so i created all this with my mind so it must not be possible”. Newsflash, you don’t have as much power here as you think…that’s just new age BS. I’m not happy about JFK being disrespected in any way shape or form for his sacrifice.

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      1. Hi, OrionRa. It was not my intent to disrespect anyone. I’m only trying to make proper sense of what we truly dealing with in this deceptive, manipulative reality. And truly, no one has been disrespected more in this reality than the common man. I don’t claim to have any special inside information about anything. I only have my judgement and discernment that I’ve developed over my lifetime. I’m an outsider looking at all of this and coming to the conclusion that I must question everything. Especially everything having to do with so called “history.” That is not to say that nothing we’re told about events or people is true, only that it is reasonable to question any event or figure, even those who have been presented to us as “heroes.” Unless I was there and directly experienced it with my own senses, “history” is just a collection of stories someone has told me that I can choose to either believe or not believe based on my trust in the source. Do you know for 100% fact that what you believe about JFK is the ultimate truth? I’m not saying that version of events is not possible. I’m just saying that I can’t know for sure and I have many good reasons to question any account of history given to me, both mainstream and alternative.

        I can look at events that have happened in recent years since I woke up and see how “history” is being created before our very eyes. Take something like the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. Looking into that story, I see strong evidence that it was completely staged with no one actually getting hurt. But that event will be remembered “historically” has having actually happened the way it was presented to us by the media. Look at this current drama with North Korea. I don’t believe for a second that this silly “Kim Jong-un” character is really a powerful leader who is truly threatening us. I’m pretty sure it’s all a show to deceive and manipulate the clueless masses. If a “war” somehow comes out of this, the history books will tell us Jong-un was a real leader and a real threat, but I’m quite certain that is not actually true.

        And just like the “villains” we’re presented with, I question the “heroes” as well. I know it’s essentially all a show and a game. So while I can’t say for sure I know what JFK’s role was in this grand narrative, I just have a very hard time believing anyone could ever get into the position of President without being completely controlled. And that the “President” we’re all told to look to as some important figure, probably has very little power in reality. I would think it would be of utmost importance to the controllers to have everything completely mapped out beforehand as much as possible with little or no chance of any “surprises” like a President unexpectedly “turning on them.” If they can completely manipulate time and reality to the extent that Aug says they can, then this seems like a no-brainer to me. But again, this is just my personal take using my own judgement and discernment. In my position as an outsider witnessing and experiencing the supposed “reality” I’m presented with, that’s all I can do!

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      1. I was one of the first, before Trump won, to call out his game. Trump is an avatar of En.Ki (king of the EArth) Lucifer. He chose the US POTUS position as that indirectly represents the leader of mankind at the moment. Their idea was that this way, by electing him, they can say we here chose to stay with these disgusting parasites. That we chose the material over the spiritual. Check out the illuminati card game https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/438819557427915384/ In terms of Hillary, she’s just another mid level pawn. She herself is nothing and is jealous and fearful of him and she acted to get him in power by portraying a more disturbed leader than he himself would be. I also suspect they’re both from different branches (worlds) of the conglomerate of dark beings. As Amitakh said, Vulturites (Moloch in YRFT) and Reptilian (Annunaki) groups they all vie for power, but they also all work together indirectly, as well they started out as one group and broke apart. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2183858/All-presidents-bar-directly-descended-medieval-English-king.html http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/aug/25/donald-trump-hillary-clinton-are-related-genealogy/ http://www.illinoishomepage.net/news/local-news/could-trump-be-related-to-every-president/407297447

        It was my role, before the error, to make sure these errors don’t happen, or to contain and end them. Experimentation happens and is encouraged, but this was a negative polarity that then closed itself off to the outside and kept hostages. This group has now been judged as their breaking of free will has been gone on for far too long. Subversiveness will not go on anymore. When everyone inside cried out, they were heard. This is why their group now is desperate for survival at all odds. They couldn’t restart time, so they planned a mass holocaust. Thereby taking all the energy left and hiding out longer and attempting to restart. It won’t happen as this system is nearly all evacuated and will be…purified by the divine fire.

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        1. OrionRa: See, that’s another thing that has me confused about YRFT. She says “Trump is good.” So what am I supposed to think about the rest of what she says? Inconsistencies like this are where I’m stuck with this info. The idea of a benevolent extraction is great, of course. But I need to make sure I know what I’m dealing with here and that all the info is consistent and makes sense before I can completely trust it.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. I will posit some ideas to you. If it makes sense go with it. Trump has been given a chance to redeem himself just as JFK was. Will he play their endgame scenario or close the Federal reserve. Watch Jared as well. Also, yrft did state that she doesn’t know everything herself. She didn’t know when this would be over, how would she be certain who Trump is ;) I’m a leader of the front line warriors and even I know so little here. Need to know basis keeps the mission safe. On the other hand no one will be rescued so much as given a helping hand. You all the info and the energy then get to work connecting to your higher self. The “saviours” that you will see soon are the negative beings. As Trump said, expect a big storm soon. Enlil is the god of storms and Yahweh. I don’t care what WPP says about enki being Yahweh. Enki is just a title…they’re all interchangable. They will push the world to the brink of annihilation and then swoop in to save us. Lmao. I’ll be leaving this shell soon.

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      2. Yeah, there’s no way we can really know for sure. I just find pretty much any and all publicized narratives regarding so-called history (especially politics), both official and alternative versions, to be highly suspect at this point. So I don’t for a second believe in any of this “Russian hacking” stuff regarding the election. I think that’s most likely a ploy to capture the attention and interest of people with a certain believe bias. Anything coming from “Wikileaks” is BS as far as I’m concerned. I believe that’s another psyop creation to capture the imaginations of dissidents. How do I know this? Because with all their “inside sources,” Wikileaks has NEVER ONCE exposed anything regarding staged psyop events like the Boston Marathon bombing, etc. And by “staged” I don’t just mean “false flags” where it is assumed that people are actually killed and injured. I’m talking about completely fabricated productions that are intended to make us BELIEVE people have been killed and injured, regardless of who is believed to be responsible. The fact that this is something Wikileaks has never even mentioned is ridiculous since these staged events are happening every day, even in seemingly innocuous news stories. We are being PSYOP-ed constantly with fake news stories. Trump’s scripted co-opting of the term “fake news” (around the same time as Pizzagate) in an effort to confuse people, just further confirmed to me that we live in a totally scripted reality. Trump’s just playing up his character as a “great divider” and strawman for people to direct their hate toward. It’s all a show. No way is he a “good guy,” unless he is somehow being used to draw attention to political and cultural deception so humanity wakes up. I guess that’s still a possibility!


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