Alien Screen Memories And Soul -Transfer To Cloned Body Containers.

Cyber-space, Hyperspace, Higher Dimensional Space

Please note, this was the 90’s. This information has been around for a long time. Even then, the early texts mentioned soul chambers and genetic experimentation, thousands of years ago.

3 thoughts on “Alien Screen Memories And Soul -Transfer To Cloned Body Containers.

  1. This explains something that happened to me last year. I was summoned outside telepathically and a few moments later a crouched, but giant, opaque, sparkly being appeared. I have to note that I was holding onto a specially treated crystal, too. We communicated for a few moments, but I cannot recall anything of what we discussed. Funny, though, as six months later I was into heavy research about government programs and such. Obviously I’m still doing it, too, but it helps explain the many odd encounters I’ve had throughout my life, both “good” and “bad”, but mostly on the positive side. The amount of answers I’ve discovered have been astounding, but at the same rate, it adds to the many questions I have as well. Thank you for posting this!


  2. This year is proving more and more to be the clearing as I’ve said for a while now and others before me. Except, rather than just a physical clearing and re-set, this’ll be both a physical and energetic clearing and this system will wind down and whither away. Freedom at last.

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