Soft-Disclosure: Downsizing (2017)

What do you feel this is a metaphor for?

Notice how he is like a baby. Notice how their money is more valuable in the smaller world as there are more resources. That world is a complete reset where it’s as if they can “start over” and avoid the problems in this world. However, are they really going to change? There is fear before they make the transition as well, fear before the ‘big shift’. What are they afraid of? Losing their humanity? Never being in the same world they were born in again? Leaving behind their old worries? There are many angles here and they are all expanding towards fundamental change while also walking the line between total liberation and complete helplessness. Note, the military would likely have to secure these areas so that ‘big’ people didn’t get crazy ideas and come stomp all over their houses. Maybe there is something that will go wrong later in the movie? Maybe they will regret the change, and miss those who didn’t come with them or some part of the process will become unstable.

One can also see how the materialistic direction that this was taken can act as a kind of inverse metaphor for how the truth is the opposite, an immaterial shift that occurs within, individually. There are always double-ended metaphors that are like pathways leading to two different outcomes each carrying a message about reality and the self.

Higher dimensionality is apparently equivalent of larger. This is a bit confusing because this might not necessary indicate a larger ‘physical form’ but that the range of the energetic spectrum is larger which translates to a different form in this plane.

There are multiple explanations. The more direct explanations are now coming to the public. Research ALICE. Changes were made to the species in order to prepare. There are other explanations of genetic modifications and experimentation. And there are others of the higher dimensional metaphor for a more advanced civilization. They are all compressed into one ‘story’ with modern day interpretations that ignore the differences in the possibilities.

8 thoughts on “Soft-Disclosure: Downsizing (2017)

  1. As per Star Trek Return of the Archons:

    Landru was first a man, and then a machine.

    In approximately 4000 BC, war threatened to destroy the planet Beta III and its inhabitants. The leader at that time was a gifted engineer and philosopher, Landru. He believed the way to preserve his people was to take them back to a time of peace and tranquility. He sought to end war, crime, disease – all of the evils that plagued his world, and to produce “the unity of good” – a world without hate, without fear, without conflict. To that end, he built and programmed a sophisticated machine, which took on his identity.

    The machine Landru built was powerful enough to manage the affairs of an entire planetary population. It ruled Beta III for about 6,000 years, managing the affairs of each individual and striving to meet the ambitious goals its builder set it. Its subjects were oblivious to the fact that they were ruled by a computer. Since Landru was hidden behind a solid wall, it is likely that its builder intended this; even millennia later, some of the citizens of Beta III believed the Landru who ruled their world was the same one who saved it so many centuries ago, and none realized it was a machine. The passing years of peaceful rule had inculcated in the people a kind of reflexive worship of Landru. This could be seen even in members of the underground who sought freedom and actively opposed Landru’s will.


  2. Just started watching the movie. So, beyond the whole “man made climate change global warming scam” that they keep pushing on us…the movie is taking all the blame of this world and putting it squarely on the shoulders of humans. Would humans act so wicked if they weren’t being controlled from higher dimensional beings. It’s a puppet show, where the big control the small, where you incarnate from having the same powers (size) as the rest to then being in an enclosed environment like insects and being played by the puppet masters. The macrocosm then becomes the microcosm.


    1. As an add-on, as I keep watching the movie, I can safely say that this is more divisive rhetoric. The “poor” asian housekeeper, the latino cleaners and poor and others going back to their side of the dome, arrogant white european and white rich people…signifying “white supremacy” etc. There is a level of nihilistic attitudes and a darkness that will sweep the world even greater than now. I told everyone years ago exactly when the current level of darkness would start and now my higher self is telling me that the next wave will be unbearable. Hold onto your will as the darkness is going into death pangs as it runs out of energy and acts like a wounded animal. This place will be cleared soon…but there won’t be a “rescue” from the physical. You will leave from the higher level which means going through some unpleasantness first. The better everyone strengthens their focus the better they will be able to deal with the transitions.


  3. @Whilever the “govern-ment” have treaties with off worlders (which include “trade in children”) they will not disclose. These Treaties began in 1933 and in 1934 the “elite” had free energy – but not the plebs of course.
    By the way, those “off worlders” are not actually extra terrestrials, they originate from Aldebaran, Alcyone and Sirius, but live under Antarctica. Many of us would know them as fallen angels (the Alcyonese)

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    1. I’ll try posting my comment again. Maybe the links were a problem so I won’t include them.

      HumanTribe: You could be right! Since the controllers have a tactic of inverting things they present to us, maybe the real “solution to the problem” is actually for us to “get big” (again). This makes perfect sense as our current perspective here in this realm is like we’re “little” limited versions of a “bigger” higher selves.

      I’ve gotten a sense of this during a couple of altered state experiences. In fact, when I saw the Downsizing trailer, I immediately thought of my experience on Salvia Divinorum. At 1:24 when the “big lady” said “Hey, how’s everybody doing today?” to the “little people” in their “box,” a chill ran up my spine! Major deja-vu. Years ago, someone posted a Salvia trip report that was very similar to my experience. I’ll paste it here and then add some thoughts below:

      ………………….Jo##’s 40X Trip Report……………………

      It was 12:00 midnight and pitch black at the park, I was with my girlfriend and close friend of mine. I took my hit, held it in for 30 seconds and blew out.
      My friend asks “do you feel anything?” and smiles
      Truth be told I felt nothing, but suddenly a switch was flipped in my mind, a rush of warmth ran through my body and my vision became slightly blurry, I responded “Oh yeahhhhh” as my voice trailed off with my focus that had switched to a silhouette standing behind my friend.
      The silhouette bends over and I watch intently as he pulls a friend of his out of the ground and brushes him off, they seemed happy to take a break from whatever it is that they were doing.

      Suddenly light began to flood in to the scene, as if a sunrise had come over the eastern crest of pine trees. My vision seemed to “Zoom-out” as I could perceive the entire scene of my vision (which had completely stopped in time) made of little people wearing different colors, laying down atop one another scurrying from one place to another and rearranging, as if making the next moment in our sequence of time. I thought maybe I had died, this felt more real than the reality I’ve lived in for ## years.
      Everything echoed and I distinctly remember everything being white, the gaps behind the figures that materialized my reality were simply blank, a white wall.

      My vision was drawn up towards two enormous faces who had “taken the lid off my reality” and were smiling down upon me, it was a boy and a girl and both looked very young, perhaps 9 years old. Everyone was smiling and laughing at me, and though not a single word was spoken to me I was able to perceive thoughts from them.
      I looked to my right and could see an entire wall of little people that I was a part of, the guy next to me smiled with the idea “You forgot didn’t you” as a crushing feeling of deja-vu came over me, I had been here before. I was so very disappointed.
      One of the children, I can’t recall which one, reached down and grabbed a “page” of the 3-dimensional space and peeled it apart from the rest. It seemed that all of 3-dimensional space was made of single pages that normally were laying flat like a book on a table, a simple cube made of layered pages. I could see the single page raised up in the center where the child held it, I could see that it was made of little people as well, who all looked and smiled at me as they were raised up.
      I knew that this was what was going on behind the scenes, this was not just my trip, and they were all laughing because they saw that I had become “conscious” in my little box they were peering in to and saw that I was utterly confused, the same way a baby cries at birth and everyone smiles and laughs at the baby.
      Furthermore I knew that they were the overseers of our reality, they maintained us in our own little box and I knew that they maintained many other boxes as well.

      I then began to grow in size as their faces came closer and closer and I knew I was about to join them, about to leave my world as Jo## the ## year old of earth, but I was terrified. I wasn’t ready for this, I wasn’t ready to leave earth and my experience, there was so much I hadn’t done yet and this was all too complicated, I just wanted to go back. I distinctly remember thinking “No, no, no, put me back please.”
      The expression on their faces changed, the same way that a parent would look at their child in disappointing understanding, still smiling but they brought their lips together and the light in their eyes faded as they put me back into place, into my box. They watched on as I left them, the same way that a parent watches their child drive off to move away, simply disappointed. I watched the little people scurry around and lay in to place again, this time as they would lay upon one another they would become solid, first forming the objects around me and then scurrying over to my vision where they built my arms and then the rest of my body.

      My scene was now recreated and time was set in motion again, my friend and girlfriend were conversing, completely ignorant that I was on any sort of an experience. As I looked around to regain my bearings I could still see silhouettes walking into trees and power boxes to form them, but now I had my body and was IN my world.
      I looked at my girlfriend and said, why the hell would anyone want to do this drug.
      She said “haha why what happened?”
      “I understand reality, I know how it works.”
      my friend laughs at me
      my girlfriend laughs
      I now knew that nobody would understand what I meant

      I obsessed over the experience and couldn’t put it away, I couldn’t get it off my mind and was convinced what happened was real, I thought I was going crazy.
      Its been a few years now and I have won my battle with what I thought was psychosis……I have not been able to muster up the courage to do the drug again, it was very hard for me to deal with it and I did think I was losing it. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to do it again.

      ………………………….END PASTE……………………………

      So in Jo’s trip report, we have the “big” beings “lifting the lid off reality” similar to the scene from the Downsizing trailer. The term “apocalypse” comes from the Greek word “apokalyptein” which means to “UNCOVER, disclose, reveal” or in other words, life the lid off.

      And then there’s this part:

      “My vision seemed to “Zoom-out” as I could perceive the entire scene of my vision (which had completely stopped in time) made of little people wearing different colors, laying down atop one another scurrying from one place to another and rearranging, as if making the next moment in our sequence of time.”

      This reminds me of the “unseen ushers” and “background crew” Aug talked about in his post entitled “The Dream Machine.” Also note that at 1:24 in the trailer, just before we see the big lady, Matt Damon is lying on a spatula that then “flips” like the page of a book, which recalls the “reality book” described in the trip report. I think the way he describes the “smiling beings” literally joining together to create the physical structures of our reality (including our own bodies) could be a symbolic representation of how WE collectively create this dream-like realm as reality generators.

      Also, a thought just occurred to me about why we always see these “crisis actors” involved in these seemingly staged media events SMILING as they describe their horrific experiences. I’m now beginning to wonder if this odd element is INTENTIONAL and a form of disclosure about the “fun, game-like” nature of the “reality creation” that’s going on behind the scenes, exemplified by the smiling “Salvia beings” (which I also encountered during my trip). Just to give you an example of a smiling (alleged) “crisis actor,” check out this girl talking about the recent school shooting in Washington:

      Anyway, I just find it VERY INTERESTING that both the Downsizing trailer and these Salvia experiences seem to line up with the information Aug is disclosing about the true nature of our reality!


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