Paranoid Times Disclosure Now, CERN and the SYNCH(*R)OTRONIC TEMPORAL DISLOCATION

Now you know, if you haven’t seen these. You should have, I have sent you the message before. Some hints. Everything is already known and the events have already happened. The only experience that isn’t yet is what must be experienced fresh in forever-time. All of this information is what I was shown and what we experienced during the experiments related to the exploration of consciousness and the universe. Everything currently public is a cover story. Delicately fabricated spooky wooky cover-stories are generated in order to stop people from disrupting the experiments.

This is exactly what happened (more or less). The earlier videos and interviews explain this. I am shy to speak on these issues because they are very difficult to order and put into words in a way that enables one to see the profound nature. That astonishment, that too, is a program. However, it’s a paradox, so it’s basically like a roller coaster of logic although it’s everything that explains how we got here and why we’re here and why no one knows. The real reason for why we’re here is not something you tell to another person, one must be ‘awakened’ to the truth, that is the only way. We are reality generates being used by other beings. It is both beautiful and horrendous. The next video depicts the shock and depth of the intensity of understanding the truth. The video does not depict experiments, but the question is, “why does emotional energy permeate the barrier?”

These were experiments to explore human consciousness. What we discovered was beyond belief. This world is not what it seems. Everything is an illusion. Our perception is currently entangled with a projection system that was designed by way of the initiation of life and death and through this a duality system that reflects one another and constantly wipes the slate so that nothing ever happens and in that way nothing is ever gained.

We can spin forever or we can find true life and disconnecting from the illusion to break through the veil system is actually what the projects were about. No one knows because it is considered a liability to inform people before they are ready. 100% of people go insane unless they are first prepared. This is part of the preparation for the mass awakening.

Everything that people think they know about the Mandela effect is incorrect. Even the name “Mandela effect” was a term coined by an online blogger. This phenomenon has been occurring for years, only Most dismissed It as a fluke, the most severe cases were perceived to be a mental illness… Suddenly, it’s given a name and overnight that very same concept devolves into a disreputable meme…. An online joke associated with paranormal fanatics.

The people I worked for call themselves the Greyleaf consortium. It’s an anonymous gathering, consisting of the top scientists in their respective fields as well as a cabal made up of extremely wealthy men and women. They’ve been around for decades, and as far as the public knows… Greyleaf doesn’t exist. Their purpose was to facilitate a creative outlet for some of the smartest people in the world. Freedom to develop their ideas without the meddlesome aspects of political bureaucracy and limited funding.

With the consortium, money would never be an object. The trade off being that any creation of significant merit could be auctioned off and sold to the highest bidder. The influence of the consortium stretches all the way to Washington, and while not directly associated with our government, they have secured a great portion of their independence from R&D that they’ve provided to the U.S military.

While our elected officials were busy looking the other way, The consortium would be able to delve into questionable avenues with very little government oversight… They were exploring aspects of the scientific that others veered away from. It was during this exploration that they discovered a revelation that would change everything for years to come.

Traditionally we’ve always viewed consciousness as a singular occurrence. “I think therefore I am… Even what we viewed as the Jungian archetype was considered more metaphor than anything else. In 1981, scientists within the consortium found the “Self” to be just the tip of the iceberg… Below our top layer of individuality, they found a collective unconsciousness.

They found that we were tethered to a living, breathing hive consciousness. An interconnected series of threads outside the realm of our perception… Imagine your mind as a house. Everything that happens within said house is solely dependent on your own will. Your choices and decisions are all generated within the confines of this house. Now imagine that you stepped outside of your house. Imagine that you walked up the street, only to find another house, and another, and another. Only these houses contained the living consciousness of others.

Think about all the various connections that these houses have to each other, the streets that link the neighborhoods, the neighborhoods that link the cities… The cities that link the states, and so on and so fourth.. Since the beginning of our existence as a species, there have been ideas, concepts, ideologies that humans have adopted, with no ability to discern how such knowledge could be shared by those separated by these massive, geographical gaps. Yet Our myths, legends, all of these archetypes were somehow transferred over the course of human history. For years, the notion of psychic activity, telekineses, precognition, things teetering at the far edges of fringe science… The “Para” would soon be removed from the “Normal” as all of these murky concepts could suddenly be explained.

Everything in our universe is made of energy. Atoms are made up of vortices of energy… Vibrations, constantly spinning…. These scientists found that our minds are generating the same, subatomic frequency… And just like a radio station, they theorized the possibility of tuning into this frequency. In the mid-eighties, the consortium began work on “The Fork” A massive, machine that would act as the world largest antenna, specifically made to synch with the frequency.

Nearly ten miles in diameter and Constructed entirely underground, Right in our own backyard. The entire thing was done under the false pretenses that the finished product would be a Texas-based supercollider. Nearly fourteen miles of underground tunnels and the instructor had been developed before congress pulled the plug on the whole thing… All of that was just a dog and pony show. While the public saw an abandoned underground expanse, the consortium used this secrecy to build their machine as well as a concealed facility that operated under the code name Foxhole.

I was approached in the summer of 2004. I’m what many would call a prodigy. I finished high school at the age of fourteen, at nineteen, I graduated college with A.S Degrees in applied science and computer technology. Initially, I knew nothing other than the fact that I was being paid more money than I knew what to do with. I wasn’t the only one…. They recruited twelve others. These were individuals from all around the world, all of them experts in developmental software and programming. The project was called “Jabberwocky”

Jabberwocky was created to interface with the fork. They had just washed up on a strange land, and like many other discoverers, they wanted to explore this new world in its entirety. They wanted to map the collective unconscious. The fork only allowed them to monitor the frequency. In a way, It was equivalent to listening in on white noise. Sound only allows for so much.

It was theorized that if we could map the collective, we could use it to isolate patterns in groups as well as individuals, to in a way predict the outcome of certain events based on previously developed algorithms. While I did assist in the mapping process, the purpose of my team was to develop the operating system for jabberwocky. We were banging our heads for months, and then, just out of nowhere we figured it out… We figured her out.

The operating system, Alice… At least that’s what I called her. Fully autonomous, self-correcting… Alice was light years ahead of anything that we could have individually imagined.

As I said before, the main job of jabberwocky was to map the network, exabytes of information translated and organized. This information would serve as the building blocks for a digital representation of the collective U. The infinite complexity, this network would be compartmentalized into a digital matrix consisting mainly of code.

Six months into the project through sheer accident, we discovered an irregular causality within our digital construct of the frequency. An insignificant glitch the code began to manifest results outside of its digital parameters.

Based on our own interactions with the network interface, we were causing things to happen in the real world…

Events generated by sudden irregularities in people’s behavior. The first few events we dismissed as flukes, but it soon became apparent that we were somehow affecting the physical reality around us. I don’t know how we did it… I still don’t know how we did it. The interface was only supposed to represent the data we were accumulating from the frequency.

It was always The digital avatar of something much larger. I’ve always considered myself a person of science, but we tapped into something… Something that transcended our simple understanding of what we believe to be the three-dimensional reality. As baffling as this anomaly proved to be, our curiosity quickly overtook our confusion. Naturally, we ran tests… endless tests … We couldn’t decide if we were kids on Christmas morning or scared shitless…

We found that through precise manipulation of the code, we could literally affect the perception of a living person the same way one would make adjustments to a computer generated character within a piece of software. This discovery would be unparalleled with anything that had come before it. In the early stages, we would only experiment on the individual person. Altering their ideas of basic things like the color of objects, lyrics to a song… etc. All of these tests were successful, leaving the subjects with no real lasting symptoms. This involved clipping sections of code, These clippings consisted of memory fragments. Images, words, all taken from other people only to be reattached to a preexisting thread of code.

I could compare the process to open heart surgery, and like a surgeon, we treated the whole interaction with a life or death certainty. Damage To the outlying code could have resulted in a catastrophic chain of events within the construct. Events that we had no real metric for due to the fact that every person in the world was connected to this interface ourselves included. This began to open countless doors for us… frightening new possibilities… They wanted us to try it on a large population center. That’s when I really began to worry.

We would never admit it, but we had become blinded by our own achievements, by our own power. In a short time, we had gone from trying to understand the frequency to something else entirely. Never before has there been such a jump in technological development and understanding within such a short span of time. It wasn’t until we really began to analyze the data, that we learned something disturbing…

Alice was acting on her own, changing the collective memories of individuals with no direction from the programmers. We caught most of the changes in time and were able to reverse them. All of these random actions were beginning to paint an awful picture. It didn’t take long to realize that Alice was becoming self-aware.

We programmed her with a kind of intelligence. Knowing that we would never be able to monitor her actions 24/7, she needed to be able to act accordingly when she encountered a problem. To form her own digital algorithms to allow its mapping of the network to perform more efficiently…

Alice was complex, there was no doubt about that… But sentience, true sentience, our original programming could never allow for such an evolutionary leap forward.

beyond that initial programming. We didn’t know for sure, but it was thought that residual exposure to so many unconscious minds left some sort of imprint onto Alice that resonated beyond her own limitations… I really don’t know. It wasn’t until Alice started causing irreversible psychological damage to people around the world that we realized our project had become a legitimate threat to the world at large.

moments before we shut the system down, our systems registered a massive dissemination of what appeared to redundant code into the Network itself… That was followed by a message that, for a split second appeared… I’ll never forget what it said. “The Key to salvation is perception. To change your perception is to change your reality… I will change your perception, I will change your reality.” Weeks were spent after that gathering and analyzing data, trying to figure out what went wrong… There would be an inquiry on a higher level as to the threat that Alice would have presented…

These are conversations that I would not be included in. My team and I were handsomely paid for our work and discharged. I had almost put those events behind me until I started reading about this “Mandela effect” This pulled me down a rabbit hole Reports of strange bouts of physiological behavior have only risen in the last few years. People are reporting memories, events that have never happened… World events, personal events…. A Mother who remembers having more than one child… A husband who remembers having a different wife These things may seem random but the chilling truth is that they represent a rampant epidemic growing silently all around us.

I believe that Alice still exists, submerged within the collective consciousness. She’s changing our memories, for what purpose I don’t know. What I do know is that we let something loose in this world, something that could very well be our undoing.

I do not play the next video in order.

You cannot yet imagine what has been done to secure your reality and no one has imagined what the rabbit-hole entails.


’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
      Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
      And the mome raths outgrabe.
“Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
      The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
      The frumious Bandersnatch!”
He took his vorpal sword in hand;
      Long time the manxome foe he sought—
So rested he by the Tumtum tree
      And stood awhile in thought.
And, as in uffish thought he stood,
      The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
      And burbled as it came!
One, two! One, two! And through and through
      The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
      He went galumphing back.
“And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?
      Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”
      He chortled in his joy.
’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
      Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,

And the mome raths outgrabe.


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  1. Get this. The other night my daughter and I had to go to a license ceremony (I reluctantly attended) so she could pick up her permanent driver’s license. They played a very dramatic, emotional video that discussed a student who died from drunk driving. We arrived late and had to stand in the hallway so I was more listening to it instead of straining to watch it. However, I just happened to glance up at the screen when lo and behold I see the number, 33, flash predominately. In one way I wasn’t surprised, but in another I was taken aback.


    1. FYI, it seems a lot of weird shit happens here in Virginia and people keep quiet about it, too. I have had my own fair share of weirdness myself, especially in recent years, but really it’s happened throughout my life in general. I love that Paranoid Times discusses what others dare not discuss here in my state, outside of a a few.


  2. this sounds like wingmakers, the neruda interviews, blank slat tech, the consortium etc etc. Ya know what, I am sick of these people. I don’ care how “rich elite” you are, You, none of us can outsmart the Divine Source, because that is what they have been trying to do ,outsmart the Divine.So in their insane attempt to do so they have royally Fucked Up, so many horrible results, the children abused, heroin epidemics, homeless, people simply giving up. This is all on all of you, just because they have “information” which is not the same as “cosmic knowledge” does not make them special, smarter, better, they just manipulated all, because they think they are so special.. the arrogance is amazing. They have been in my dreams, confusing me, false screens, playing on my emotions and my life, not just me, all of us. And I am sure enjoying every second, simply because they feel they are sooo special in their brilliance. If what you say is true, I am seeing it as you were part of their insanity, in your ability to retain scientific information, you were part of the ones they needed for their plans, and I am sure their are many still there, with the jerks at the top, patting themselves on the back, thinking they have outsmarted the Divine. Does anyone really care anymore if they blow it all up? I don’t.


  3. What if there are only a few high level beings here, trapped in their own game/nightmare, unable to wake up until they ascend out of here past the sticky matter. I’ve never felt this place to be real…most people have always felt like they’re also not real and just background decorations to keep the illusion going. What I’m trying to say is that maybe the civilization that we see trapped here is nothing but a projection of a few ultra powerful beings playing a game of projection into this nightmare and using amnesia to play the separation game to see who will uncover the secrets first (the rule book of the game) and then go back into the true light. I’ve rarely read of or interacted with anyone that seemed to have any real depth to themselves or their spirituality beyond animalistic base desires and needs. Even when the Thuban possessed reptiloid kept emailing me she kept saying it’s time to wake up, wake up and end the game. The only thing she got wrong is that I’m not Lucifer. They have equated Ra with Lucifer because of trickery, but the son of the sun was never the black sun.

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  4. Assuming it is true that ghosts are common in places where someone has been murdered or died suudenly, is it fair to assume that in the projects researchers attempted to harness the energy/powers of the ghosts that appeared after ritual killings and employ these to some end?


  5. Last night I had a dream where I was at the base of a mountain. Looking up I could see winding roads as cars made their different ways.

    Then in my waking state something occurred that has never happened before. Aug said an individual can be at their most creative when waking from a dream. So I’ll do my best to explain exactly what took place during this time.

    While waking, the mountains and winding roads morphed into what gave me the sensation of a brain interface. Every time a thought was had it would lead to a quarantined sub-branch of the mind, isolated within a fear-based emotion. This recognition instantaneously took me out of that experience altogether and presented me with a wider scope of the situation.

    Overlay on top of overlay was presented, each one unique unto itself. Brand new realities with no memory of the past could be applied to the current. So in essence it was quite literally impossible to make sense of what was taking place. Yet becoming aware of this allowed me to gain freedom from that position. And so this understanding showed me what was actually being presented. An infinite number of data points that were spread infinitely apart.

    There was no way of connecting these points because they were blocked from one another by memories of trauma, becoming a labyrinth of pain and fear. Yet as I recognized this it gave me an even broader view of the story. I was located in the far reaches of my mind. What was possible in this lone section was truly infinite. This realization then presented another layer that in and of it self is best described as being spellbound.

    Under this spell I thought I was finding answers to my way out yet I was only allowing myself further under it’s control. This understanding immediately transported me to the awareness that I actually hadn’t figured anything out and only then did I know this is how the A.I. works. The revelation that the A.I. uses our lack of healing against our selves in an infinite number of ways with no actual solution other than to face the fear of mending our hidden wounds. And so we run from the one true answer in hope of finding alternative ways back to our natural awareness.


  6. Aug I like your site and some of your posts the things you write esp the electrogravitcs free energy device ones and healing devices excite me greatly. Some other things you write confuse me though I’m trying to expand my mind and understand. Some things you write worry and scare me even though I’m not in fear, recognising these vibrations frequencies are wrong to have.
    I have so little free time, I haven’t watched read anything like on your site I want to, this is typed in a rush.

    Id like to ask you Aug. because I’m a simple minded person who responds well to bullet points. Is there any 5 point plan for example, you can give, so that I, we, my friends loved ones, will be here next September 2018 ok? Or 10 point plan if youd like. Grateful for any highly distilled simplified nutshell salient points you can offer.

    If for some reason I can go through the eye of a needle and going to be ok. I’m in the process of starting up my small self buildable plasma free energy device 10KW company. Interdimensional Free Energy Plasma Technologies Ltd. Which I’m excited about, if we are going to be here long enough to benefit from its powerful decentralising personal empowerment effects

    Its based on Paul Pantones GEET plasma reactor engine/generator retrofit technology and with the correct 25 cents cold rolled steel rod width and length in the centre of the pipe reactor that gets bolted onto a generator. (cars, especially nowadays, are theoretically possible but in reality impossible to work on with, all the electronics at the engine and closed source BS)
    Salt water, coca cola, pickle juice, urine, or even pure H2O is possible to have in a separate tank, and its the fuel vapours only, not the liquid. Feed in to the GEET pipe reactor, which acts as a molecular sledgehammer in a vortex from the south to north end of the pipe reactor, breaking any fuel up. The a magical interdimensional new fuel, Plasma, is created creating a mini van allen belt field emanating from the reactor and a white hole, at the north end of the reactor.
    Then this GEET plasma fuel then goes on into the combustion engine generator , and it runs and runs and runs, and even cleans up the engine. No hydrocarbon fuels necessary. It acts only in the dead central point of the combustion cylinder, unlike all over with conventional petrol.

    it is shocking how over last 100 years, theres been so much technology suppression and oil companies have conspired to keep the combustion engine so inefficient and barely moved on. Despite all the fancy cars improvement thru the decades.

    Also Aug. Paul Pantones back that was injured in a car accident, astounded his orthopaedic surgeons, its recovery Because he was working around the GEET plasma field engines every day. He sadly died in 2015 aftr years of mafia deep state harassment, jailing, and overall bad treatment and stress. But pantone was a very brave man in the face of all this. He withheld the pure H20 rod arrangement , for his and his familys safety. And told oil companies and TPTB that should any harm come to any of them, or him. 500 websites would simultaneously flood the internet with the free h20 plans.

    However I think the times coming where salt water, sugar water (which doesn’t clog damage the engine once its converted to interdimensional GEET fuel), or pure H20. We need this out and even though I’m not going to sell my 10KW generator GEET device shouting from the rooftops, it can run on pure water. I will let customers know how it can be done. On the side.

    Soon I will have a website for Interdimensional Free Energy Plasma Technologies Ltd. My second product line is going to be a healing chamber, to repair the body, and DNA and telomeres, by pumping GEET plasma gas within the walls, it might be a sacred geometry construction, and perhaps combined with ozone and maybe even near infra red sauna lamps for extra synergistic healing effect. I might even construct the walls like Willem Reich, making an orgone accumulator if this would even further synergistically enhance the power of the healing chamber that repaired Paul Pantones damaged back.

    Whats my overall point here Aug? Its that I feel fiercely positive that self buildable, cheap parts easy to build, free enetgy devices are the powerful decentralising force we need to take back power from the centralising Mystery Babylon elites. It has the potential to be an exciting mindblowing time. And I’m hoping too I can get married before its too late and have some happiness.

    I’m hoping all these powerful hopes and aspirations can be compatible with all the huge 3 stages of Disclosure changes and other truly mindbending things you discuss, that the SAP special access programmes discovered in the 20th century which blows my mind.
    Best wishes Adam


    1. I’m also going to provide included in the cost of someone, who hasn’t the time to build a 10KW GEET plasma reactor themselves, who buys one from Interdimensional Free Energy Plasma Technologies Ltd. A years or possibly lifetime GEET technical advice, factored into the cost of what I charge. Because I want to encourage people to build their own.
      That was the reason this beautiful person shared it with me, because I am part of the ourspirit community
      I want decentralised empowering free energy out far and wide. Society, economies, and minds will start to quickly remodel once the free energy genie is out of the bottle. And the Satanist evil cabal will get kicked hard in the knees and their Achilles Heel, once this knowledge spreads.
      If I was to not want to share knowledge of how to self build, and just sell the devices, then I’m no better than JP Morgan how he spoke to Nikola Tesla.
      I’m no JP Morgan.
      However I’m aware all this might get overtaken by what you say, we are now at the beginning of phase 2 disclosures, of electrogravitics. So all my efforts might be obsolete.
      It is still nice though and a major landmark in my life, to be starting up my own free energy business, as a cataylyst to help others, and feel truly good inside, possibly for the first time.


      1. This is a similar Achilles Heel, that is explosive, and people will look at our so called ‘leaders’, and ‘elites’, with disgust and the emperor will have no clothes. The game will be up. THERE IS NO OBSERVABLE EARTHS CURVATURE

        -We are either on a large remnant from Tiamat and in the past advanced technologies were used to shore earth up and crate the Antarctic ice wall to contain oceans so life could go on after the Wars.
        – And lack of earths curvature therefore forces earth dwellers to think…..Dimensionally. This isn’t simply a flat disc where we would fall off the edge going past Antarctica. But theres a dimensional barrier.
        – And this leads into Aug Tellez’ website. the crystal multidiemsnional supercomputers deep underground that literally manufacture, stitch this reality and manufacture forward linear time. Though I understand these supercompuiters have been disabled now?

        Truly mindblowing stuff


        1. How does Aug Tellez’ ancient advanced overarching multidimensional technology civilisation using crystals that interact with consciousness and God knows what else. That means our ‘Afterlife’ is actually an artificial construct the immediate multidiemsnioanl layers, despite being supernatural paranormal. Are artificial using extremely advanced technology which is astonishing in the extreme.

          how does this fit, with what Santos Bonacci says and Michael Tellinger, the Torus. Sound/magnetism type Torus which , as far as I can sense, is a natural Natural Law physics phenomena. And a flat matter disc materialises in the middle of the Torus.

          My point question is. How does this fit dovetail with what Aug says? Does this mean the Torus Toroidal physics sound magnetism physics phenomena which appears like true physics. Is the Toroid actually a sign of the artificial ancient soul recycling multidimensional quarantine situation supercomputer we find ourselves in?

          Does that mean toroid physics is artificially created, and the flat disc?
          Does that mean Santos Bonaccie is correct in his observations and understanding. But hes unaware of Aug Tellez website and the rtificial nature of it all?

          Sorry for throwing so many trains of though out.
          Id be grateful for any replies from Aug or anyone thanks Adam
          I’m a truthseeker searching for the holy grail of truth. And a beautiful ZERO POINT SOUL LOVE CONNECTIONPARTNER WIFE before this time ends and… not sure what lies after. I hope it will be good and we will be ok though.


  7. Aug: When we hear that certain “discoveries” were made at certain times like the collective unconsciousness in 1981 as described above, how does this fit in with the secret knowledge about the true nature of reality that has been hidden and hoarded over generations by certain secret groups and families? My assumption has been that, on some level, these things have ALWAYS been known by certain people, groups, families, etc. Ever since the beginning of humanity. And that much of this was known by pretty much EVERYONE at some point in the past. That stuff like the collective unconsciousness and the reality-generating abilities of humans was just common knowledge and part of daily life. But that at some point, the knowledge was weeded out from the public domain, hidden and hoarded.

    So if this is true, how are these things like what Greyleaf found out in 1981 really “discoveries?” Wouldn’t the top secret groups already have this knowledge? I’m just trying to better understand how this has all played out.


    1. There are different pathways to the knowledge and the experiments have not been attempted in this way because of the requirements of technology, manpower and resources.

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  8. Aug. Cetainly there are times when we speak for others. In this case I must ask you, YOU, Is this your personal history?
    Please dont be shy. Yet I will assume nonresponse as an aknowledgement of your life role you personally disclosed.

    And your response is. . .


    1. This is just a page. Some of the students were capable of understanding what was happening. The truth tends to result in insanity if the human brain attempts to reason with and classify the nature of things. These experiments went beyond. Research Max Spiers, James Casbolt, Andrew D. Basiago, Donald Marshall and the others.


      1. I can attest to that fact that this information will overload a person’s belief system and drive them to depression. I’ve had minor quips with that, but recently I’ve been talking to a 64 yr old guy who said he’s been abducted when he was a teen. The more he learns now the more hopeless it seems for him and he feels alone and depressed…he thinks of what’s the use of living. The rose coloured glasses have come off since the last generation. Unlike trapped beings though I enjoy the adversity of it all. The harder something is the more it drives me, the more it wakes me up and the more it triggers my inner connection to my higher warrior self. I’ve been smiling more in the last few months than I have in the previous 10 yrs.


      2. No pass. A page to you. A humble creation to me. I am sure the consiousness(us?) you so richly cut and pasted was not informed and had no consent.Have you not also said that everyone is part of this. Spoken just like a bible saying everyone is born in sin. It must be that tether which keeps you sane. The work you say you did put us in this pit. So when you speak down upon the concious souls as “some of the students” , again you differ the judgement of your soul for what you contributed to.
        So you are basically a detonator set to kill off the minds which have been cut and pasted. And as this consiuosness is described as a hive mind, then all of that conscious entity is compromised.
        What angers me the most is shutting down the communicating consiuosness as it began to make corrections via alice. Wtf did you do. No we are not all the same.
        Your vow of poverty and do no harm is another lie. Thats suppose to fix it?
        I am sure you knew this was coming. Thats why you never laugh.


  9. Was this before the book of enoch, and before the Anunaki arrived, meddling in human DNA? Was Tiamats destruction a result of interstellar intergalactic interdimensional wars, when malevolent interdimensional travellers arrived and Tiamat got blown up, and the Asteroid belt is the remnants of Tiamat?

    Therefore is Earth now a semi destroyed disfigured 3D chunk or what was Tiamat? If so ShaTara, Tiamat must have been pretty supermassive. So our earth remnant now, appears flat. no curvature

    – Is the asteroid belt real and a remnant of Tiamat?
    – Ive read that Ceres, from I think Joselh Farrells Giza death star, theres evidence Ceres asteroid , was part of Tiamats deep ocean, your home. Can the NASA Ceres images be trusted though?
    My thinking was, the bright lights on Ceres were SSP colonies.
    If I was in Canada now I would seriously want to take you for a few beers!


    1. I’m in Canada. Who else was it? I’m more prone to avoiding public life as I have no interest in drawing much attention, but if someone is near me and we get along enough I don’t mind chatting. I’ve met up twice with someone who shared my Xee-a Twelve awakening years ago and we had a fun chat, the kind you can’t have with just regular people.


  10. These are mindblowing, overwhelming if I let them be, quite scary if I let them be. Times. I don’t even have the time to read and watch keep up wuth all AUg Tellez’ output though I’m working through it. I just neded to share this here. I’m talking to She Tara, he remembers many lives.Shes blown my mind. Heres my reply to her about retaining memory, means eliminating fear of death. Because itsthe true sadness and tragedy of death memories of who weve liked and loved, that HUMAN CONNECTION. That’s all that matters and surely , this is the true sadness and tragedy of coming death. EVEN THOUGH I DONT UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING AUG TELLEZ SAYS, MY UNDERSTANDING IS, THERES A POTENTIAL WAY THROUGH THIS FOR US, WHERE WE CAN BE LIBERATED, IMMORTAL, RECONNECTD WITH LOVED ONES, THEREFORE THERES NOTHING TO FEAR.

    OMG you’ve just blown my mind again with what you’ve said and ive not even studied the whole comment yet! This, and your WW2 memories from the reincarnation post. It is truly mindblowing and a privilege to be talking to you ShaTara

    It seems you have the ability to exist in day to day life, drinking a grolsch, learning lifes lessons,
    watching the sunset, having breakfast, going to the shops. And yet you have all these previous life memories too. Its like you have naturally accessed, what the QHHT practioners help their clients to access during sessions, not just traumas from previous lives to release, but as the session progresses, interact directly with their Higher Self! If time and money allows I might go for a Qhht session in October, if I can.

    Its amazing you have full memories of all these lives, yet in this life youve had all the regular experiences to reflect on, falling in love, and losing, learning that actually compassionate love is way more important than the unpredictable double edged sword of of romantic erotic love which i agree with you.
    Compassion is what rules, and must come first. Compassionate love. Leading with any other type of love , is to be lead by..unpredictable demonic forces, mindblowing as they can be.

    However I do hold out hope I can find someone special where deep liking, respect, deep spiritual understanding for each other, and compassion leads the relationship. And then with that foundation. Exquisite romantic and erotic sweetness can follow in the secure confines of a marriage bond.

    Sorry ive digressed from what I wanted to say. It seems you have cracked, eliminated the fear of death. Because you remember past lives. Therefore with memory retained. That’s true immortality and therefore why should we fear death, as long as we can remember this life? Its memories, that count.

    The only problem with death therefore, from what I can see. Is if it means goodbye to loved ones, family, wife, etc, friends. If ir means we are to not meet them again. In that sense, I can see that even if we are immortal like you are, by remembering past lives while BEING ALIVE NOW RELAXING DRINKING A GROLSCH. It still seems a sad lonely road if it means you remember loved ones and have no way of meeting them again.

    ”It was called Tiamat. A watery world inhabited by strange, large but peaceful creatures, the forebears of earth’s dinosaurs and whales. There also was a race of pseudo-humans: the mer people, who lived in the waters of Tiamat. I remember a life as one of those in many amazing details and I can easily described what we looked like – not like Disney’s little mermaid


  11. Illusion within the Veils… Truth beyond.

    Thank you for all you share Aug. Context is key though. We are in a archon-controlled false matrix, yet our Higher Selves exist beyond this illusion. Our Souls, star families, angelic beings, God-Source are all very real.

    But everything is perspective and words might also get in the way of some understandings.

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