The Criminal Scheme

Some secret groups discovered it’s all a dream. So they decided to rape everyone, because to them that is reasonable. This is a form of cosmic insanity and results in recycling or ‘deleting’ of the information that represents that from the baseline reality.

The solutions for these problems are easy, but they aren’t being done.

Affordable housing isn’t being built to meet demand, while property values have sky-rocketed to protect banks, which own most of the property. The house I grew up in was $25,000 in 1965. It last sold for $850,000 in the nineties. That is not natural.

But apart from that, cheaper forms of housing aren’t being built. There used to be boarding houses, where single people could rent a bedroom and share a bath with other residents. Where are they now?

Dorm-style housing can be built.

For emergencies, official campgrounds could be built, and abandoned malls could be converted to massive homeless shelters, with very little change in the existing facilities.

What do they do? They build fancy apartment buildings, where no working person could afford an apartment, and they give vouchers for some families to move in. It is really welfare for the rich real estate developers, who get inflated prices guaranteed by tax payers.

Fraud and corruption everywhere while people suffer and the working poor have few options.

Zerohedge, declared that housing is not a right of the American people.

One train of thought says that the real problem lies in the PEOPLE. That once the masses get a little wealth, they get lazy and forget politics and their values. They start voting for bread and circuses and support any crooked politician that will continue their cushy lifestyle. You can not allow the people to become lazy which is what has happened in the USA / EU.

The other side of the story is that the criminal entities that control and run the financial system, have a “right” to be protected by the government entities through collusion, so that they never fail. Communism for the financial system is a “right”, but communism for the people, is a crime. The people have no rights to the land and natural resources. This is declared by “law”. There solution to the collapse of the entire system a decade ago, was to paper over the collapse of the financial system through inflation. Property “owners” have total control to demand, that which is impossible, so as such, housing is impossible and people become homeless. Couple that with the flood of foreigners to buy up all the “property” therefore creating demand, which is all part of their criminal scheme to save themselves, at the expense of humanity.

This is just one area of the global war, to save themselves, at the expense of humanity. There is war everywhere.

The problem is and are the psychopaths that use and abuse everyone. Con everyone. Lie to everyone and create elaborate schemes to exploit people, for their own best interests.

True Americans are the victims. I cannot tell you how many old people, that have lived here their whole lives, now find themselves on the street. Yes, the children are victims of the psychopaths, that created this scheme that does not work and force it to remain. Yes. They are victims of the local and global wars, to save a criminal scheme.

What you do not understand, is that most people come here to get a piece of the easy money and exploit the financial schemes, for their best interests. That means that essentially there are psychopaths everywhere, just trying to “get theirs”. Allowing it to crash, rather than saving it would have been in the best interests of the people. What people need are land and natural resources, food and shelter. What people do not need, are elaborate schemes that do not work, so the few can have power and control and riches, and never have to work.

The “owners” of the land and natural resources, corporations, property, etc. clearly state, that it is their job to execute profits. It is not their agenda or responsibility to create jobs. Nor is it their responsibility to pay a living wage. Their agenda is profits. The people have absolutely zero rights. The “owners” of the land have total control, to demand whatever they want because the alternative is that you will be a victim of the police state, that declares that it is illegal for you to exist in any capacity. It is illegal to sleep in your car, it is illegal to park an RV everywhere and anywhere. All land is either publicly or privately owned. The. ” homeless” are 100% blocked from the land and natural resources by government declaration and government criminal schemes. If you are found on the street, they will shoot you up with drugs to kill you off or kidnap you. Total crime. Total corruption. This is all to save a criminal scheme against the world, that collapsed a decade ago.

Are children the victims? Yes. Does anyone care? No. It’s total war.

It’s the same game. Always. Until there is a global war. An escalated global war, where those that force this crime against humanity are overthrown. Is this what is happening now? Time will tell.

The opportunity already exists to save the children in the USA. If the government does not honor the law, and the contract between the government and people, via law, then all law and all contracts cease to exist. The scheme collapses.

The law has been broken, the contracts are ended.

5 thoughts on “The Criminal Scheme

  1. and the scary part is even guys like Aug need money to survive in this world were most people just cant really grasp what is going on all around them or they can ..and guess what They cant do jack shit about any of it . Maybe we are all in Hell as Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall said ( the returned Christ).. i reckon he is right , but he states we will be getting out soon and the psychopaths with out any feelings for people like you all here and Aug have got it coming ..he says it will be like that seen in the movie Ghost when the dark beings come for the murderers after they die ….hence now you now why they want to live for ever


    1. Yes, this is hell. This is the darkest dream dreamt up by a usurper god. When Lucifer fell from grace, due to archontic parasitic influence, he became the demi-urge creator and to sustain himself and not go back into the fold he created an environment with maximum suffering. This place is almost rectified and cleansed. It won’t be like ghost because both sides, angels and demons, are part of their system. Almost all belief systems here are part of the control mechanism. Just because a being shines doesn’t mean it’s a shining one. Expect big things now at the end of all times.


  2. My carpenter dad was able to somehow support us from the pay of his hard work. Mom may have worked a few part time jobs more to keep her busy than anything else. We were not rich but ate, had clothes and we owned the house we lived in which cost dad $17.5K to build back in 68. I’ve seen the evil done as you mention above and the freedoms taken away. It is all about laws. Maybe one law should stand. Don’t hurt others.


  3. Add to that loopholes within the construct of law. Such as EEOC laws only apply to companies with 15 employees or more. We think we have laws to protect us yet the corporations killed off small mom and pop businesses, then initiated limited liability companies to section off and comply with the loophole of 15 employees. Franchises also come to mind, like corner stores. Suddenly even with laws, justice by those laws becomes a figment of illusion. Most people dont realise the law doesnt work as they have become to poor to use them. And the lawyers all work for the queen anyway so any form of justice is compromised and an illusion. But if this itself wakes us up then the illusion can only crash. And non profits phew, I could go on and yet it must be an individual ahha moment. Rant over!


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