How to Help Others

How will we spend our time together? It’s not about you, even though it always is.

When someone throws hate, it’s not you that caused it, it’s something in their own life, you just became the trigger, the catalyst, the channel for releasing it.

Know this and know how to better handle situations. Yes, we are to handle these situations, not let them run away with unchecked emotion or destructive tendencies. Each catalyst can be used for growth and strength, knowledge and self-awareness.

The free-will you express and experience is within. It’s not about the outward occurrences, it’s about what you allow yourself to feel within and what these feelings then lead to in the physical reality. If the feelings are always from a whole standpoint, then partial or disruptive vibes will not be able to disrupt you, and you will be able to counter these by providing a whole and nourishing perspective.

Imagine the most powerful shock to someone having a bad day, being a general bully, expressing hate, stuck in a downward mind-set. A gun? A punch? A slap? A curse? A laugh? A smile? Or a mental hug or physical hug and true care coming from someone who’s internal space, the “temple” or “palace” has been swept clear of debris and distraction from the one true purpose which is to know the self and to live in complete and full awareness of the true self which is beyond all partiality, all temporary existence, all pain and suffering on the physical or mental level.

Think about that when someone seemingly warrants a complete blow-up or an insulting response for their insulting behavior. Do they really require that to become aware of how they are wrong? Will that assist in the growth process? Or would simply explaining things plainly, describing how what they want to impede upon is not under their control and that they have to accept that in life. That other people who are around them doing worse things than imaginable get no such response from them!

And if you really want to go to the fringe section that there are also interdimensional parasites that feed off of such suffering and draining mental activity and that this is a closed-loop universe so that everyone who feeds parasitic entities must eventually reharmonize all the energy of the universe that they assisted in the disruption of meaning that the more we respond with hate and anger in an attempt to ‘stave off’ these dimensional bullies the more we feed into their games! Is that not obvious! There is only truth, compassion, knowledge, harmony, self-awareness and free-will, all else is illusion.

you do not have to agree with what does not make sense and what does not create a benefit for everyone.

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