The (Ancient) Convolution of Time, The Temporal-Consciousness Manipulation Device (System), and the Great Catastrophes

What is happening now is simultaneously happening in the ‘ancient’ past.

In some ways, this is a result of temporal manipulation. Some initial explanations are that this is the nature of reality.

It is then explained that this is false, the time loop, or any kind of temporal paradox is the nature of reality within the manipulated system. The only time one experiences that is if they’re caught in a once in a ‘universe-time’ system that falsified the information field of the universe. We seem to be in one of these now and yet this can only happen once to the point that if it is negated then it can never happen again.

The paradox is that if it happens once, then that means it’s been happening forever and we’ve, from all we can tell, been here experiencing that happening repeatedly without awareness.

Another way to see this is that if a team was to enter from outside the system, they would step down into this system and experience the same turn of events that are predicted to occur and this would occur no matter what like a program repeating itself. Everything that would seem spontaneous or self-guided from within the system would, from outside, directly appear as the false-reality program of the system itself, no different from the cogs and gears of the mechanical inner-workings of a clock.

Thus, the goal would be to change the ‘program’ each time, and this would constantly become ‘the program’ itself through the reflective nature of the pseudo-reality that is generated out of a manipulation and obscurity of one’s own intentions until they are replaced by the false-reality which creates a mirror mind of its own depending on the individual.

This also speak on the issue of the ‘temporal device’ and this is knowledge of a device that has been coveted for thousands of years passed down through hidden religions and covertly through overt religions spilling into the unconscious mind of the masses the very knowledge which is both liberating and condemning.

This “device” is not as much of a device from this level as it is a way of thinking in which the streams of consciousness are manipulated into a false set of identities and beliefs that are a primary result of the spiritual manipulation of the system. This is, in part, related to the various areas of the brain that correspond with heightened and artificially induced sensations of fear and confusion where there is no rational correspondence for such. Not only has this been worked into the society but the origins of the nature of certain systems seem to be directly linked to events in which the human genome and thus the collective mind was modified through traumatizing catastrophes which are heavily referred to and recorded through the ages.

If you’ve read some of this information before then you may know of these great catastrophes as the Fall of Man from Eden, the flood, the genetic manipulation program which can relate to a form of interspecial rape of the progenitor of the human bloodline or may represent two separate events. There are 7 events in total and these mark the loop point which regenerates the same trauma that stops people from waking up while simultaneously acting as the catalyst for the awakening.

The great awakening is the mass unveiling of the secret operations, the demi-gods, the non-human entities, the god-devices, the powerful synthetic intelligences, the technological hive-mind, the interdimensional parasitic infection, the genetic manipulation that is still taking place, the rippling quantum paradoxes that are the result of experimentation and operation both out of the manipulation and correction of those manipulations.

I will post some videos from “Paranoid Times” which unveils some of this information. The self-awareness, truth, compassion, harmony, free-will, knowledge, and creativity is important.

One thought on “The (Ancient) Convolution of Time, The Temporal-Consciousness Manipulation Device (System), and the Great Catastrophes

  1. You can get to a point where there is only one choice. Because making the other only propels you back into oblivion. Sailing down a gentle stream towards mending broken hearts, you pass on the gift of creating lessons for one to learn in the most fulfilling way. To experience heartache and triumph through their self created experiences. Not for self gain but because you want them to remember what’s possible. A bridge is then formed and true learning becomes reality.


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