They Have Created A Programmable Afterlife!

This is like a sandbox arena that replicates the original physical layer through a collective cybernetic communal experience!

By creating this layer as a transitory period the souls can go through the necessary processes to reach atonement before attempting to move through the capture grid and being recycled back into the same system!

They have created an artificial, programmable afterlife to wake people up within in place of the artificial programmable afterlife that is designed to wipe the mind and cast people back down into physicality!

Technicians motivate the individual mind to move through the phases of acceptance and reorientation until they see how to navigate the levels of lower reality into higher awareness!

Yes a team of operatives literally monitors the soul-level and ensures that the individual will pass through the intended frequencies and awakening process so that they regain full awareness of their self and environment. This is an ancient process that began long ago.

Here one goes through these kind of bio-feedback spiritual-mental analysis and resonance systems until one fully ‘blooms’ their awareness back to being cognitive and ‘upright’ again. The ancient civilizations drew this process out and the result is a person who can navigate the interdimensional pathway of death and being reborn to the higher levels.

Fears, forgetfulness, desire, the animal ‘beast’ mind and the lower dimensional self must be put into it’s proper place otherwise the entire structure pretty much collapses in on itself and so the fastest way to understand this is for a person to be broken down and then assisted in being built back up. That is the sacred process.

The mind itself breaks down and the process of death and being reborn causes the necessary stress to challenge the conscious mind to producing the resulting stress fractures which grow to be cosmic level strengths. The process has been customized for the human race based on the particular personality system that humans experience which is a potential platform for “God-Consciousness”.

One thought on “They Have Created A Programmable Afterlife!

  1. I don’t exactly understand…How can they by-pass “them”, in helping humanity to be better prepared to fight the grid and soul capture/recycle?..why would the evil ones allow this transitory period? Just trying to understand..thanks Aug


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