Technological Accelerated Learning Systems

On a side note, there are technological systems that work pretty much like an accelerated educational course. One is shown visuals of pretty much every single chemical reaction, every physical law, an example of every kind of “scientific” (mental magic) physical, energetic, chemical, mathematical, geometric, and conceptual organization that results in experience, consciousness, the universe, or the system we know.

This is literally like a series of movies that one watches that play out the process of creation, destruction, time, space, biology, through visual, animated displays of information that directly present how things work. When a person goes through these courses, in a short amount of time, they gain access to the knowledge that was protected for thousands of years.

4 thoughts on “Technological Accelerated Learning Systems

    1. Not so much how he does it, but for me in the beginning of my awakening most, if not all, of my de-programming and re-training was done through the sleep level. Hard to explain, but once you have a need…a yearning to know, the universe supplies. You just have to connect with the right energies and do lots of meditation so that you can be aware of when you learn. Aug’s experiences are more technology based as he has had experience within the system, mine are more spiritual and energy based as I had to fight my way in…or in this life’s case play my way in to be accepted by them first so I could do as I please. Prophetic dreams, dream visions, and regular unguided dreams are some of the ways your higher self talk to you, or how you receive training from the other levels. Some can do astral projection and do it while awake (hypnogagic state), but that hasn’t worked for me so far as my will has to bring down the info here vs going out there to do things seeing as this place is the only place that matters now.


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