Soft-Disclosure: Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 5 The Whirly Dirly

The immortality field is real. This is one step beyond cloning repeatedly to jump from life to life. The field is a Teslian generated field that ‘stamps’ the harmonic resonance of every cell of all bodies within the field at a specific arrangement that is selected before any activities. All activities from there on are reversed given enough ‘time’ where the energy of the field can permeate the entire body.

Basically, all effects are rendered nearly instantly reversed and this can go on as long as the field is maintained or the person’s mind has not fractured from living in the dream-like.

If you research Donald Marshall you’ll see that another version of this field is entirely temporal and will revert every ATOM of a given area within the field back to the time when the field first began to interact with the environment. That field overlaying over the area creates a fold in ‘time-space’ which is then unravelled when the ‘stamp’ or the sustained frequency is disengaged and each atom returns to the previous state before any activities. This creates ripples in the universe which can be hazardous and therefore has a limited set of uses in a given area or time. After so many ‘folds’ and ‘snap-backs’ the quantum arrangement of the universe becomes unstable.

Now, look at the temporal containment system and the ‘wormhole’ technology in the episode. As a result of the shield being disrupted, all the bodies therein enter into a fluid-like state of being neither wholly organized or completely disoriented. The minds of each individual enters into a state of quantum uncertainty, neither dead nor alive, neither here nor there into a void of quantum invisibility without a material presence nor a strict temporal locality.

Now read the first chapters of “The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge”. I may or may not be comparing the information in that back to a cartoon show, however these individuals may or may not be utilized to release sensitive information to the masses in a way that their conscious minds won’t reject but will unconsciously initiate them to see the truth. These are the effects of time dilation fields, that is the effect the lost sailors went through whereby time stretched into infinity and the material organization of their bodies became fluid-like and unmeshed from the grid of reality we call the atomic structure of space.

Oh God, I feel like our souls are united and we’re all one with eternity.

Our bodies unchanged yet our minds have lived a thousand lifetimes. Is that enough time for me to forgive you?

I’ve seen it before, cosmic apotheosis wears off faster than salvia.

I’m starting to believe you, because I just finished merging with your essence for an endless epoch and I’m already back to thinking you’re an asshole.

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