The Restoration of Genetic Memory

This is a description of the archontic deception.

The truth is simultaneously the most shocking nature of reality as well as the most invigorating and liberating.

The deception is so deep that the mere rape, murder or oppression of a single individual or group cannot even begin to initiate one towards the severity of what has been done.

A plan was designed, technology and spiritual knowledge aligned and implemented to entrap an entire species, an entire civilization and many others, within a false reality that would continue to repeat the same experiences over and over until the very observational essence of the spiritual force within was either extinguished or obscured beyond the point of recognition.

This is the archontic deception. The DNA contains the memories of each experience of that form. There are multiple fractures of the base reality which was separated through a device that splits the spiritual essence into a multi-layer stream and then fragments that soul-stream into multiple separate pieces that are seemingly disconnected. From the conscious perspective, they are separate but from the unconscious perspective all the memories and experiences all center around the same source, the DNA of the individual.

What we call the various parallels and separate streams of experience, personalities created individually for each reality are the result of the implementation of a device and spiritual mind control system that fractures the whole consciousness and renders the individual only capable of remembering the immediately proximal temporal information.

Bleed-throughs occur and these are considered ‘glitches’ in one’s memory or the continuity of the conscious experience. Behind the scenes these seemingly continuous realities are spliced together from a multitude of segments that are discontinuous from a linear perspective but are simultaneous and cyclic if viewed together. The conscious mind is limited so as to only be able to focus on a limited number of data points simultaneously. Some say the number is 3 or 4 others say 7 to 9. These glitches in memory, the occurrence of impossible coincidences, the awareness of what is to come before it happens (“reverse memory”) and other effects are clues that the surface level, forward facing, temporal and spatial reality is closer to a projection or a simulation of the true situation rather than the whole observation. The more “whole” situation contains information moving both forwards and backwards through time and the information that is present in this reality-stream is simultaneously present in another stream. If “you” could see the entirety of “you” you would see a multi-dimensional being who is experiencing multiple events simultaneously in a way which synchronizes the physical, external layer with an internal layer that organizes across multiple planes of meaning.

The ‘meaning’ is the progression of self-awareness that increases the more these fragmented realities are re-unified. The more we follow the pseudo-identity of the ego that follies and focuses on the temporary and the illusory then the less the self-awareness develops to reunify the whole. This is the trick of the demiurge, or the fallen. The genetic signature of each individual contains a purity the comes forth from the beginning of engagement which is also the ‘fall’ from a higher level where disease and disorder did not exist in the same way.

As a result of this whole system, we have a limited set of events and opportunities to awaken, if we pass these opportunities then, as a species, the genetic signature will become too distorted to continue to reflect the true nature of the spiritual essence that was brought into forgetfulness. If that occurs, then life as we know it no longer exists or there is a severing of the connection to the pure state from this society. Thus, we have a system-wide collapse into ego and materialism and the end result of that is to distort the mind but to also distort the genetics. If the genetics are distorted then the connection of one individual to their past memories, their ancestors and the soul fragments in alternate realities becomes less accessible. The purity of the genetic code is what enables a transference of light and thus information, memories and intentions between the layers.

This is the continuous link to the larger self however this has also been used to disrupt the return to wholeness and self-awareness. The DNA can be replicated and harmonically rendered through supercomputer systems so as to make a holographic copy that is ‘real enough’ to trick the universe into thinking there’s now two people. What happens to the one DNA replicant then is transferred over to the human through sympathetic resonance and false memories or traumatic experiences can be inserted into one’s field. These are perceptual overlays and do not influence the system permanently unless one allows the inserts the power to do that. The true self is always more powerful than the secondaries and this is because the true self occurs both forwards and backwards in time meaning that the mind can heal both in the past, from the future and in the present.

There are technologies that seek to replicate this capacity to interact interdimensionally but the true self is still more capable because of the infinitely close proximity to the center of being rather than being a device creating an artificial center through a dimensional zero-point that is outside of the being.

So the deception was so great, it was to take the DNA of an entire species, by interacting with the progenitors of each bloodline, and mix genetic inserts into the species so as to create altered personalities that then interact to generate altered timelines and alternate realities. The series of realities occurs on a spectrum. They created a ‘hell’ reality at the ‘bottom’ in which there is only continuous war and opposition. Then there is a gradient of reflections moving upward leading to a ‘false-awakening’ reality which is a holographically rendered experience within a temporal dilation field that is essentially an inserted experience. These are programmed in between what is called the ‘death’ experience which is also designed by this system. The ‘death’ can only occur through the creation of ‘artificial life’ and this is through the generation of linear time through splicing and separating the realities into consciously discontinuous yet simultaneously synchronized alternate realities.

In other words, if you had the full power level that your DNA enables and could access the actual stream of knowledge, change and stillness that is the universe, then you could continuously live moving from reality to reality and living for thousands of years in each one. The only reason there is what seems to be a disconnect between everything now is because of the use of advanced technology that is applied when souls are literally kidnapped and shocked with a high energy discharge. This is handled as part of a military faction who’s goal it is to contain the human essence within a false reality of refracted light and dimensional mirrors that mimic and siphon energy from the soul level and then spirit.

This is complicated and confusing at first but becomes easier to understand soon. Everything is owned, controlled and manipulated by small groups that do not reflect the whole, yet everything is leaned towards transferring power from majority to the minority. Think about the difference between now and previous times within a similar system. There was more power and access for the people yes? So then in another 50 years where would this be? So it’s a system that dead-ends and must reset itself in order to keep functioning and this has happened time and time again, 6 times already according to those who use the machines and view the recorded history of the previous civilizations.

This is another aspect, everything is fractal in the control system. Just as a single life is reset and wiped of identity, progress, self-awareness, the entire civilization is reset and that same wiping event takes place on a much larger scale. Large technology systems in the atmosphere and underground have been used to do this however these are being dismantled now and will be entirely deactivated when the human collective awakens.

The activation of the genetic code, the purification and restoration of the harmonics that work to literally transfer light and emotional information between realms is considered the return of the spiritual essence to the human race. People are emotionally and mentally dead and this is because the DNA is under attack from electromagnetic and chemical pollutants and toxins that mutate and distort the harmony between the organ systems and thus the mind and the body. Multiple plans are at work, mutations can be used for either purposes, to propel or the delay and the difference is dependent on the capacity for the individual to let go of suffering and illusion and accelerate themselves through the murkiness of the war-torn human collective unconsciousness and rise to take control through acceptance of self-accountability. All these systems require the manufacturing of consent and the acceptance of that manufacturing process. Even the memory wiping although all manufactured consent is illegitimate and as a result when people demand the truth it must be given.

One way this is avoided by those in control is to perform and generate the most damaging, toxic, and insane methods and actions to insert into the collective mind so that those who choose to awaken will be faced with the most powerful darkness any being has ever experienced. They’re basically setting uip a firewall of pure evil to act as a buffer between the truth and the true power of the collective and the individuals who have yet to even realize they’re in a reality cage designed by non-human entities existing just outside of the perceptual layer of the 5 senses.

The point is, they determinedly designed a plan that would enable them to enslave an entire civilization and keep them within the same hostile domain over and over again through memory wiping and genetic manipulation. The good news is that this is all being reversed. The still challenging news is that the reverse entails a very ‘rough’ experience of unlocking one’s memory to all the simultaneous abuse and disharmony that the human collective ha s experienced over the past many thousand years.

There are systems in place. Yes, many people will have their doubts, but the truth is, the systems used to oppress can be used to heal and reverse the oppression. Not everyone will immediately want full memory however eventually full memory will be what returns the civilization to a state of immunity where this kind of trickery won’t be possible anymore.

There are solutions, there are changes and protections in place however there is still a problem on the surface layer and that is that the people are sleeping to the true nature of consciousness and this reality. Time itself doesn’t exist as we think, that linear version of time is a preprogrammed projection and cannot exist in eternity. That linear time can never be a direct occurrence. Imagine, how long will it take for someone in linear time to reach ‘eternity’? So if eternity is all there truly is, because there can be no true limit to ALL that is (because then what is that limit within), then could linear time ever truly become one with eternity? So there is a singularity of sorts, a span of time that is linear and segmented and a time that is cyclic and continuous.

Humanity contains an inherent access to the power and memories that are aligned with the proportions of eternity. This doesn’t make sense at first, in relation to the body which is limited, but the spirit and mind can access the entire universe and can reflect the entire universe. There are governors and resistors all over the energetic and electrical circuitry of the body that are designed to wipe memories and limit the amount of information and energy that can flow through. Everything that is happening now is about removing these! Yet, how does one do that without overloading the entire system? Thus, the entire system is to be slightly, slowly, in a controlled fashion, overloaded more and more until the limits are pushed and people can see beyond the perceptual blinders that have previously restricted the individual from the collective consciousness for thousands of years.

That’s a kind of summary description of the system and the events to come and the events that have come. Everything is pushed beyond the limits, that’s the point, that’s the healing. It’s like stretching out a muscle that is too tense and tired to work for regular mobilization. The answer for the leg muscle that’s too cramped to walk on? To massage and stretch out the muscle as painfully as that sounds and really is. Afterwords the muscle works nearly at full strength again and mobility is restored and in a few hours the pain will subside and full motion will be regained.

8 thoughts on “The Restoration of Genetic Memory

  1. Hi Aug – As usual, another spot-on post! Your insights prompted the comments below. Keep up the good work. Cheers – prof77


    One’s Awakening May Trigger a Firewall: Bad news/Good news

    (Source: )

    The bad news, actually good news, is that, as we awaken, we may be confronted with many reasons to turn back, to give up, to STOP IT! As Aug Tellez puts it:

    “Those in control perform and generate the most damaging, toxic, and insane methods and actions to insert into the collective mind so that those who choose to awaken will be faced with the most powerful darkness any being has ever experienced. They’ve basically set up a firewall of pure evil to act as a buffer between [us and] the truth.” (Source: Aug Tellez,

    The idea is to frighten us enough to get us to willingly return to our limited existence, to choose, and consent to, our cages. This triggering may be from external sources, or it may be from internal programming. At first this may seem to be bad news. However, if an awakening one encounters their firewalls, it is actually good news because it confirms how close one is to escaping their cage.

    This scenario was brilliantly depicted in the 1998 movie, “The Truman Show.” The lead character, Truman (i.e., true man), is living in a large domed stage set (his “cage”), and has been there since infancy, and has never been told that it is all a staged reality show.

    His every move is filmed and edited as part of the world’s most popular ongoing TV drama. Eventually Truman starts to awaken to his plight and decides to try to find the truth, to try to escape his cage.

    The producers of the show (i.e., Truman’s psychopathic handlers), of course, don’t want him to escape because then the show, their source of income (i.e., sustenance), would come to an end. [Here’s a discussion of the symbolism in the movie.]

    Watch this climatic scene where the producers use a literal firewall to try and get Truman to turn back and willingly return to the “safety” of the stage set inside the dome:


    As Truman continues to awaken, he wants truth and freedom so badly he finally confronts his deepest fear programming, the water.

    Against all advice from his friends, he sails away, encounters a fierce storm (created by the psychopaths who direct the show), and emerges as a new man.

    As a final “firewall,” a final test, the show’s director (i.e., the “god” who created Truman’s world) tries to stop Truman by “lovingly” offering Truman safety if he’ll just return to his cage.

    Truman chooses freedom.



    Truman overcomes his fears and, despite the “firewalls,” persists until he escapes.

    The point is that each of us must face our own fears, and our own firewalls, if we are to escape our cage.

    It may not be easy, but it’s available.

    It’s up to each of us.


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  2. Wow. Thank you so very much, especially for the depth and clarity. IT is no wonder that we have been like an abandoned child in the wilderness. It is easy to see wy we have been so very confused. Presenlty, I hold the perspecitve that our own awakenings along with assistance by Cobra’s Resistance Movement/Galactic Confederation, as well as intentions and efforts by countless others will break us into a release of controls and major relief to our systems of beingness.


    1. Cowboy. Everything you do matters. Especially now. We all feel helpless at times and hopeless most of the time. That’s the illusion of this place. You ARE meant to feel like that. Reach deep inside and let the fire rise…remember why you fight for. It’s not just about you or me, but about all of us. I fight for you, yet I ask nothing in return. Just do your best. Any good being left here must go home and must be free…there is no other option. If you look inside yourself you will find the answer as nothing from outside you will help. First thing you must do is realize your true powers and capabilities. Face life head on…Honour and Respect. Those two words should be your shield. Love and Truth…those two should be your sword.

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  3. Overloading the system, pushing the limits, encoding and decoding frequencies, and interference patterns…truly invigorating. :J


  4. Navigating from on top of the fence. This post stressed the importance Aug not to move over completely until it is inevitable.


  5. Thank you, Aug! This is the most clear and the most resonant to date that I have read of your posts. I am especially grateful to hear clearly about the mass trauma and that it is being unveiled as that is what brought me, in part, to questioning wtf is going on. I have done loads of work on self healing trauma and a couple years ago started encountering visions and body experiences and emotions that were clearly part of my being but that made no sense in this perceived lifetime or my perceived ancestor lifetimes. And extremely horrific. This post and previous ones have been invaluable in helping me to re-cognize what the experiences are and mean and to accept and process them. Still going. And have encountered electric shock in the body many many times. I resonate with most of what is written in the post above as well. So grateful Blesssing to you.


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