Karen McDonald – Frequency, Essential oil, Physical, Mental, Emotional Healing

Frequency, essential oil, physical, mental, emotional healing.

I was informed this was the beginning of the release of advanced technology for the purposes of healing. Simply what I was informed of. I also had both forms, both secret tech and public tech and the secret is like a frequency system to tickle the mind and the very refined subtle “spiritual” energy system to loosen ‘debris’ or stuck frequencies as in ‘knots’ or entanglements with ‘old’ frequencies which would be like having a dead energy system.

432 for heart influence? Yes! If a beam is sent to entrain and through sympathetic resonance disrupt that frequency in a body, then that is the heart attack beam!

The same technology can be used for healing!

Yes, the frequencies can be sent through the air and viral and bacterial organisms can be sent through electromagnetic radiation!

Essential oils are also the healing frequencies in material, organic essences from nature. This is why these scents, oils, incenses, and so on were and are still used by healers since ancient times. They influence the DNA and can also interact with interdimensional entities, parasites, that are inbetween the physical and the energetic systems in the universe.

Everything is frequencies! It’s all energy! The nu healing is done through frequencies!

People are tormented and traumatized by radio frequencies, Tesla invented transmitters that interact on a cellular level and unlock ancient memory and the sun is a interdimensional transceiver baking man and woman. You can’t use this knowledge and technology to heal?

2 thoughts on “Karen McDonald – Frequency, Essential oil, Physical, Mental, Emotional Healing

  1. She seems quite well intended. Not at all chained to a cubical in some Langley subfloor. That said her comments regarding “space” are UN+intentionally mis-directing.

    A person is certainly entitled to their ‘belief” in a “space”-station however beyond belief there is fact. Fact is, a “space”-station as assumed by this vast majority of new-ager mindset is a complete fallacy.


  2. I’ve been using frequency medicine exclusively for the last 17 years. It is NOT new and it is a HARD sell. It requires a lot of education, just as disclosure of anything and consciousness does. The vessel using it/soul using it can vary the results of the technology and the relationship you form with the technology creates a new energy that can be either neutral, negative or very effective and extremely powerful. As you stated, Aug, frequency including any of these machines or devices can STILL be used for harm if you don’t have the background to use it well. Just my thoughts. BeamRay is another device that works on the same principle as does Rife, the MSA and a million others. I know so many practitioners that were not built for this and sold their machines/devices, etc. We saw this predicted in Start Trek with the iPad type tech standing by the beds of sick bay. Some of us have been working tirelessly for decades to bring this forth on a very professional and effective level.


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