Revealers Dialogue | Eternal Self-Awareness |Roald Boom, Ziad Elias Lily Kolosova and Aug Tellez

  • Eternal Self-Awareness

    • To Find True Identity Beyond Just the Body-Mind

    • Many Deceptions and Awakenings

    • Eternity, Degraded in Artificial or Temporary Time

    • One Source, Eternal Time, One Reality, Then Non-Reality, Artificial, Projection Experience

  • Hologram, Flat-Earth, True Identity, Nature of Space-Time, Nature of Consciousness and Self-Awareness, EGO and True Self

    • True Self-Knowledge Comes BEFORE Objective Reality, The “I”, Source Consciousness

  • All Suffering Derives from Lack of True Knowledge of Self, Lack of Self-Awareness

    • Recognizing the Primordial State, Before any Shape or Thought, Eternal Self-Aware Consciousness in Principle, Not Objective or Thing, Energetic Principle that Is Limitless to Entire Universe, All That Is, Ether-Verse

    • Separation from that All, Division, Loss of Identity, Lack of Identity! Loss of Identity as a Non-Limited Undefinable Identity, A total and All that Is

  • Awareness, The Self, DNA Containing Ancestors, or Environment as a Reflection, or Thoughts, or a Combination

    • Connected to All Other Beings, Are We Also Other Beings that We Are Connected, Awareness is an Illusion in Itself, No-Dimension

    • No Symbols, No Name, No-Thing, God-Kingdom, Womb of Mother, Eternal Body, Fetus, Energy

    • People Are Lost, Trying to Find the Pieces of the Mother and God’s Kingdom, Everyone’s The Same, But Also Not the Same,, Differences Is What Creates the Layers, The Created Layers Become Different Realities and Different Selves,

    • The Vessel Fuels the Higher Energy

    • The Source is Infinite Until The First Thought Takes Itself Back

    • Higher Self, Lower Self, Vessel, You Are the Driver and the Car, The Vessel Acts as a Machine to Create Friction for the Higher Self, The Compassion, Kindness and Deeds are the Reversal of the Separation Fracture of the Cosmic Mind

    • Who You Are, Is Who You Are When Your Eyes Are Closed

  • The Only True Form is No-Dimension

  • Evolve the Mind and Not Material, Evolution is Through The Few, The Many are Simply Followers

  • Know thy Self, A Reason For Being Here, There is something more than Want, or Material Changes, If One Is Interested in The Truth, The Truth is Revealed, Everyone Has a Different Sized Reservoir For Knowledge

  • Suffering, Energies and Entities Desire Suffering to Control through Fear

  • The Reality like a Spider Web Rather than a Single String or Pendulum

  • Each Person has a Vessel and the Vessel has Similarities but Each Path Back to Cosmic Reunion is Their Own Journey, The Car, Stripping the Ego, The Fear, Desires, The Illusions Backward

  • Move out of Reaction, Move Out of Seeking Constant Control

  • Self-Acceptance is Control, Acceptance of Self-Control is Acceptance of Self

  • Victim, Victimizer

  • Words are the Program of the Confined Consciousness System, Use the Tools to Capture Hidden Knowledge that Is From Outside the System

  • Using More Words, Makes the Knots Tighter or More Entangled

  • Interpretation of Words, Can and Can’t

  • All Are Traps, All Definite Definites Are Traps

  • Self as Ego Mind or Pure Observation

  • The Eternal Moment, The Original Moment, The All, True Time, Eternity

  • This is the Reflection of the First Thought to Create Separation in Time and Self

  • We Are Only Speaking to Our Selves, That is the Reality, All Else is Illusions

  • Programmed Language, Synthesis of Answer, Mind Control

  • Always Answer with a Question

  • Source and I and Self and He are Mixed

  • What Version of Me?”

  • Titles, Names, Outlines, Physicality, Concepts, Defined Aspects,

  • Answer? “The One You Are Speaking To.” “The One Who Observes You” “The One Who Listens”

  • Mathematical Algorithmic Control System

  • That Which is Beyond the Words or the Physical Expressions

  • Freedom to Be Individual, Individual vs Collective, Automation vs Free-Will, Most High, Secondary, Self-Awareness VS, Body Awareness, I Vs The I

  • The Life Makes as a Realization of The True Self, Life Then Becomes a Chance to Become that True Awareness

  • Christ as the Ultimate “I”

  • Within Nothing There is Everything,

  • Always a Step Ahead of the Definitions, Close, But Never Fully There

  • 99.999999% Total Source, Never Actually Remain Here and See it

  • Same As Viewing the Self as the Viewing Device While Also Being In the Device, Impossible to See the Full Thing, While Still Having a Self,

  • Viewing Requires a Self-Perspective, Self-Perspective Creates Division, Division Means that Whole Thing Can’t Be Seen At One Time

  • Nothing Becoming Something, The Gnostic Story,

  • The Body as an Entire Universe, In One, Meaning With the Proper Preparation, Full Awareness of the Self IS Possible, but This is Impossible to Define for Another Person Other than The One Who Sees This, The Path Back to Becoming the Source While Being Here

  • Nothingness is actually the Highest Peace That People Seek, Not Death, End, Void, Destruction, but Return, Healing, Wholeness, Before Timeless, Unification, Etc

  • If One Whole Was Here in the Projection, The Projection Ends

  • Every Thought is a Journey of Self, An Aspect of the Self, The Way They Unify is How they Become the Larger Version

  • Parts and the Whole, The Passing Through a Layer of Abstraction to the Whole.

  • On the Whole, We are One “I”, On the Lower Level, We are All Parts of the One I

  • Heavenly Host, Different Ingredients Same Personality

  • The Coma is Not the Person

  • Only One Speaking To Ourselves

  • Self-Awareness and Free-Will Are

  • Waking up is the most difficult thing one can do

  • Easier to Swim Downstream, Rather than Into Truth, Pollution, Shift, Clarification, Dissolution, Return to Wholeness

  • No Effort to Truth, All Suffering is the Illusion Invented for a Show

  • Quantum Resting

  • A Self-Spark, Spark of Self-Awareness

    • Give Up The Need to Diffuse, Work, Define, Fight, Suffer, Doing, Identifying, Conceptualizing,

    • Sensation, Sense-Machine, Eternity Fracturing into Linearity

    • Secret Projects, Event had Occurred, Allowed These Delusions to Take Place, It’s all an Illusion, Humanity is Eternity, Truth, Selfless All-Self

    • No Think, No Mind, Chatter Mind System, AI, Imposter, False Self,

    • Trying to Get out of the Trap Makes the Trap Tighter, Stillness

    • Joy Is Free-Will is Free

    • Energy Efficiency, Inefficient Form, Always Tired, Opposite, Abundant Form, Always in Peace and Energy and All Empowerment

    • We’re in the Underside of the Universe where someone built a fake playpen for limitless spirits to get stuck as people’s

  • Solution in the Middle, Can’t Just Not Move Forever

  • Perfect Equilibrium, The Magic Middle, The Eternal Balance, The Ghost-God

  • The Journey Forward to Stay? Or Return to Help Others?

  • That’s the Sacrifice, Ultimate, The True Self, That’s the Ghost-God

  • That’s the Sim, Everyone Gets There, It’s like a Game, Infinite Time Seemingly is Required but It happens Discreetly

  • Clear the Mind, Like A Sponge, Can Absorb and Bring Back more from the Void

  • The Individual and Collective Story is the Game. Without Each Other, There is No Individual, Without the Individuals There is No Collective

  • The Body Changes, The Persona Cycles, The Mind Is The Midwayers, the Spirit IS unchanging

  • To Explore, To Do Everything and Nothing, Helping others is the Key, The Signal of the Awakened One, Spiritually Fulfilled

  • Being Nothing and Something then Everything is The Highest

  • Going through Both Extremes and Being Neutral, The Sacred Path, the Middle Door

  • Action and Reaction, Switching the Script,

  • Switching the Roles, Leader-Follower, Teacher-Student

  • All at a different duality, the common is neutral zone,

  • Perception is the Only True Reality, The Definite come after the knowledge of the mind perceiving

  • Clean Your House, You Are the “I”,

  • Sincerity, We’re Speaking Through Scalar Physics and Feeling from Electromagnetic Impulse, Not Words

  • Living in Projection is the Coma of True Self and True Controlling

  • Limited Number of Times

  • Duality is Illusion, Neutrality is Peace, Happiness is Sadness Inverted and Neutrality is the Only One that is Real

  • A Cosmic Society, Aware of the Shadow Mind, the Dark, Knowing the Truth, Fearless and Capable, Ready and Active Yet Silent and At Peace Within

  • The Universe Gives Them That

  • Eat Your Preferred Meal,

  • Nothing is Everything

  • The Human is the Coming together of the Two Universes, In One View the Human is the Trap, In The Other View The Human is the SOLUTION, THE CURE, THE JOURNEY TO THE UNIVERSE HEALING ITSELF OF IGNORANCE AND EVEN BOREDOM, LOVE, DUALITY, SOMETHINGNESS, EGO

  • We’re anti-bodies for the universe

  • Fix It By Healing the Whole Universe, or Fix it By Coming Back, Both Are The Same Journey

  • There is No One To Return, Preserve a Piece of the Self to Reclaim the Illusion to Share that With Others

  • Both Is Happening, Nothing and Everything. If you make the something, then that’s fine, return and have that experience. If there is loss, it is your loss. If there is nothing, then fine, return and dissolve your illusion and never be broken again, if there is a gain, then it’s your gain.

  • Why Have the First Half of Life if It’s Just To Awaken and Disappear into Nothing?

  • However We Can Give Hope, Without Image or Illusion True, But Still Hope

  • When Too Many Know the Truth The Truth IS An Illusion, It Hides Itself Behind a Buffer of Selflessness

  • The Question is does one path or another serve the universe better than the other? Is there an answer? Who Is Asking? It’s a paradox where the solution is to ask another question or ask the question differently. Here to Destroy as well as Create, Sustain as well as Undo

  • Both Sides are Necessary, How To Return if there is Nothing To Depart From? How To Depart If All Have Already Returned? The Both Are Necessary, Same With Past and Future,

  • Go There Go Anywhere, The Theory Represents this Truth, The Material World Must Reflect The Truth!

  • The Loss of Formulas Is the Formula, Or the Use of a Cosmic Formula Without Name or Specificity

  • Joy is Free-Will

  • You are the Pristine Reality, You are the Truth

  • You Have to Empower Them First, Otherwise The Truth Will Destroy Them

  • Expand To Get to the Top, Moving Just Up, Brings One Down To, Happiness Is Sadness, Expand So There is No Relative Motion, No Change of Center

2 thoughts on “Revealers Dialogue | Eternal Self-Awareness |Roald Boom, Ziad Elias Lily Kolosova and Aug Tellez

  1. This looks like it’s gonna be awesome. I’m looking forward to this part in particular:

    Why Have the First Half of Life if It’s Just To Awaken and Disappear into Nothing?


  2. I’m sure you’ve done this exercise before; the commands of the programming are encoded in the English language, and probably others as well.

    Cell- prison cell, cell phone, cellular network, biological cells (that’s one you know all about), battery cell, self (cell-f) selves, sell.

    The fact that we are in a prison is clear to anyone that cares to see. The metaphor for which it is explained is ever changing. It used to be maya, illusion, then it was sin, or the fallen, now we have simulation and matrix and programming. As our consciousness evolves so does our understanding of the prison.

    Are you aware that the human electromagnetic field can extend out at least 15 feet? Science has confirmed this but I do believe there is really no limit to how far one can send their energy and consciousness. This is a profound discovery. Consider filling your energy field with a singular focus; LOVE. This love extends at the very least 15 feet in either direction from your heart. Every biological being (humans, animals, plants, water, etc) you pass will have their energetic field imprinted with your vibration of love, even if only for a passing time. Now consider one million humans filling their energetic fields with LOVE. At some number a tipping point is reached and the ONE human consciousness is enveloped by this love energy. Then this whole program/prison/matrix that seems oh so real will literally find it impossible to exist in the same reality. When THE human concsciouness vibrates love in a singular focus this reality will become real, eternal and timeless.

    Thank you Aug for sharing your understanding with the world. We are going to make it.


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