The Truth of this Society: The Truman Show

  • Fossil Fuels are not from ‘dinosaur bones’.
  • The internal combustion engine was chosen in place of magnetic drive engines that could potentially run for thousands of years
  • There was a committee to handle non-terrestrial affairs on Earth
  • That committee sold out humanity for technology and in my opinion this was all a trick of the unconscious mind being played over the ego
  • Sexual intercourse was used per “Beta” programming to transfer and receive covert information by adept, psychic operatives of secret groups that infiltrated every major authority establishment

  • Interdimensional parasites, literal etheric viruses are the cause of the spiritual disruption on Earth
    • These systems infect the energy bodies, the mind of Humanity and control impulses in the same way fungal-candida or a viral or bacterial overgrowth can disrupt hormonal levels and influence neurochemistry and behavior
    • The early power groups figured this out and used this as a means of power passing “the mark” on to one another as a means of secret control and manipulation of the entire civilization
  • This civilization is one of many, forwards and backwards through time as well as parallel to others in hyperspace
  • We are in a quantum extra-dimensional reality which produces experiences and variation based upon the thought input on an individual and collective level
    • This fundamental knowledge of reality along with advanced knowledge of how to communicate directly to the unconscious, bypassing the conscious mind, has been used to control the minds of the masses and direct events for thousands of years
  • There is advanced technology which enables the projection of a mind into temporally non-local planes and thus the viewing of the past or future possibilities is a technological and spiritual ability
  • Genetic Hybrid experimentation has been ongoing since previous civilizations and many aspects of this society, many ‘people’, are actually the result of these hybridization experiments
  • Mitochrondrial DNA/RNA is under attack as part of the hybridization experimentation program. The goal of the program is to induce stress to catalyze mutations in the biology of the human and result in a new kind of organism that is immune to the problems that currently plague Humanity.
  • Advanced scalar grid technology connects with the minds of people and introduces new behavioral patterns and these are often to manipulate and delay progress.
  • Every aspect of the mainstream, surface-level society is literally highly advanced technology disguised as every day objects and utilities. The technology is literally all highly advanced and capable of interacting with the mind to introduce entrainment signals that manipulate consciousness. For instance the wavelengths of light that monitors emit aren’t just ‘annoying’, or disruptive of biorhythms, they can literally create feedback loops and control the mind of the viewer. The TV is the same and TV’s were initially built with a small computer chip that would emit a frequency that would entrance the mind. The chip was removed but all communications signals tend to have some form of this technology.
    • There is technology that can use the exhaust of vehicles to entrain the mind through sonar frequencies that are consciously undetectable to the untrained mind.
    • There is technology to coat the entire surface level of society with an electromagnetically conductive film that renders the entire civilization a giant supercomputer remote viewing system.
    • There is superconductive technology in crystalline structures that act as a hyperspace highway and enable near light speed travel with electrogravitic craft across the surface level.
    • There are underground high-speed magnetic lift pods that can traverse continents in minutes.
    • There are multiple hybridization projects and underground ‘societies’ that house these races.
    • There are multiple rebellions that have disrupted command.
    • The true authority has no face or name and is completely hidden from public view.
      • Everything that happens on the surface level, every event, every public show down, every new introduction, all is planned many years in advance and played into the situation through the manipulation and preparation of the unconscious mind.
    • The dark faction is playing the role of pure evil in this realm.
      • Upon the destruction of the last universe, there was a search and rescue operation to reinstall the current universe. During this operation it was concluded that all aspects of the previous universe would have to be ‘re-initiated’ including the worst aspects that those in the know had already moved past. Thus, some became the “light” group or the white-hats and some became the “dark” group or the black hats. Both sides agree to play their role as thoroughly as possible. The problem is that the dark very easily became controlled by their own unchecked desires as this is kind of like a ball rolling down hill and growing, a snow ball effect. Energy goes to the least resisting area and the body is inclined towards decay and ignorance. Thus, the world became primarily darkness. Then, the white-hats, in being absolutely pure in their role, would have to entirely reverse the flow of darkness and convert that ignorance into knowledge and wholeness, thus this too became a task that was difficult because the dark-groups simply use any attempts to assist them against the white-hats. In short, this became true insanity on a cosmic level and developed its own advanced technology and cosmological backdrop to reflect what was happening in the human genome.
      • The limit of “can this really be happening”, and “could playing the best role ever be to really destroy the entire universe again?”, and “is this exactly how the universe keeps ending up in a destruction cycle, over and over?”, and “how long have we been doing this, how many cycles have we been in this game?”, “can we break the cycle?”, to “is this what is required to bring about, to catalyze the purest healing group ever who will come forth once it is realized that this game has destroyed countless of our universes and without intervention it will surely destroy everything, forever?”



7 thoughts on “The Truth of this Society: The Truman Show

  1. Do you feel this insane amount of energy being poured over the EArth now to polarize beings here? It’s kept me up like the past 1.5 months, barely been able to sleep. Especially now, it’ll only intensify. Do not give in to this, remain neutral and withdrawn from world politics and divisions. Once you’re drawn in they will feed on your emotions from the passion.

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  2. Hey Aug. I can’t really imagine what you’ve been through. While reading this post I saw a lot of darkness. Just remember, none of this is real. Your true nature is oneness with source, the absolute, god, whatever you want to call it. Everything else is fake. You are an eternal being of love and there is nothing that anyone or thing can do to change that.


  3. Humanity deserves the right to experience life that is not inexorably infused with layer upon layer of never-ending deceit, oppression, distortions, covert manipulations, and the like. All such destructive elements and those entities that perpetuate them need to go to where they belong, which is to say away and isolated from humankind. Now and forever, world without end.

    Humanity deserves the right to experience the freedom to explore the true universe, a loving universe, to experience the unfolding of our long-enduring dreams of living in a wonderful, friendly world, to learn of ourselves, others, and realms, without being under the relentless barrage of an unfathomable amount of physical and spiritual destruction and degredation, every waking moment and every sleeping moment.

    Creator of all, we are needing some additional leverage. We have become so immensely encumbered and are in need of assistance. We are calling to you, silently crying, screaming out loud, bravely soldiering, collapsing in exhaustion. Are you here? The time is upon us. The time is upon this universe of contortions. We are deserving. We are here. I mean it.

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    1. Keep working at your connection and development. The creator of all doesn’t handle things directly, but there are beings here who are fighting on your behalf.


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